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  1. MOT pass for the Insight today. No advisories, as usual. I think that’s seven in a row since it’s been in my hands that it’s passed without even a single advisory. Still for sale btw
  2. I came in here for the Ami capers but got dreadful flashbacks instead. Thanks a lot
  3. Magazine-quality writing and top-notch shite. Replying now, but I’m keeping this tab open for later when I’ve got the time to spend on it which it deserves.
  4. They usually won’t let you take anything. I always ask but I was pretty surprised when the bloke said he’d look the other way
  5. Jesus H, wasn’t expecting the sills to be that crusty! Love the shot you took down the inside of the sill.
  6. One last trip to the tip to make some space in the house. Bye bye knackered microwave, dead hifi, old hoover, two Civic hybrid battery cases and some old clothes. Hello rusty old French bike. Er, What? That wasn’t supposed to happen
  7. No for sale thread because I’m hurriedly posting this while hiding in the shitter because there’s pandemonium downstairs, kids screaming etc. This is what my life has turned into. Buy my car please.
  8. Need to cheeky bump this as it’s technically for sale now the battery is fixed. Looking for £4500. Got like 4 days left on the insurance so if you want it and want to go on a razz and you’re somewhere near Heathrow give me a shout asap otherwise I’ll have to sling it on SORN and test drives will have to be restricted to the local roads where it’s out of view of anpr and the filth 👍
  9. I’ll have to look that up. I was a massive Christine fan when I was a kid and always wondered how they did some of the scenes. I spotted the Cortina when I got it on DVD. Seem to remember if you click through it frame by frame you can see it’s also on a trolley, but my memory isn’t what it once was so that could be complete bollocks.
  10. This is one of the gr9test threads on here m7. Love threads like this 👍
  11. Calling that fixed. Battery is working the best I think I’ve ever seen it. No issues on a 10 mile test drive with a few restarts thrown in the mix. Motorway fine and it’s healthily dipping in and out of the battery on acceleration and deceleration. Got a clear stretch on a local bypass where I could nail it for a good 15 seconds before I had to smash the brakes and it was happy putting out the full 100A of assist for all of that. It’s also using full regen on hard braking which it won’t always do if the battery is out of whack. I’m happy/relieved/drained Now need to clean it up because it’s absolutely caked in shite from the last 3-odd months of neglect.
  12. It’s in. Top-up charge overnight and test drive tomorrow…
  13. Comfort break update. It’s taking a spectacularly long time to do this today because I’m having to do this on the kitchen table and I’m getting a lot of help from little interested hands. Screws and tools keep moving and interested little faces keep getting in the way. It’s frustrating but at the same time I secretly want them to be involved so I can’t get too angry at them. So, the pack is now assembled and ready to put in the car. I chose to swap the best six sticks from the second HCH pack with the weakest six sticks from the original Insight pack. That seemed to be where the crossover point was in terms of stick performance. Then I put them all in order of voltage drop under load and paired them up one from each end until I got to the middle. The logic here is the car monitors them in pairs, so I want the pair voltages to match as closely as I can get them. Then it was just a matter of double check I got the stick pairs in the right places in the pack based on the connections on the board in the back of the pack which links the sticks together.
  14. Still working on this. I got the 3rd pack apart and tested on Friday. More of a mixed bag in that pack but plenty of strong-looking sticks and I’m more confident I can make a good pack now with what I’ve got. I’m planning to make the pack up today, so overnight I’ve re-charged one of the sticks I’m planning to use that I’d fully discharged. I borrowed the bench supply from work, set the current control to 0.5A and put it on a mechanical timer overnight (in the socket): Bit hokey but nothing exploded overnight. That also means nobody got hurt and nobody died, so I should be good to go.
  15. Literally no idea if this has ever been posted, but here it is again if so...
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