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  1. Just logged in to see if/how the old Ami was going. I’ll have to hold my hand up for this one. Couldn’t work out what the clicking noise was on the seat and I remember finding this when I took the seat apart. Another Hairy Dave bodge which I was tiring of finding by that point. I bodged some more weld on and hoped it would go away when I put the seat cover back on.
  2. What in the what? I sign in on here for the first time in months and my 10 year old chod flogging activities are back to haunt me No, I didn’t get the pie in the end. Thems were the days though, £240 for scrap!
  3. I don’t think you really understood my question. My concern was that I’m driving around with a 15+ year old airbag in front of me. Which is a 15+ year old box of explosives. I used to work in pyrotechnics and there’s no fucking way you’d even handle 15 year old pyros, let alone store them in a box in front of you when you’re driving. I probably wouldn’t sit on my sofa with a 15 year old box of fireworks stored under it either. I don’t think it’s just going to go off by itself but we’ve had no definite answer to that yet other than ‘it might not go off’ and some anecdotal musings that are little more than opinion.
  4. Something doesn’t sound right there. The old motor would pull both wipers across the screen dry with no problems. It shouldn’t struggle at all.
  5. ^ Are airbag units a standard fit box or specific to each car? I know they share connectors but that's about as far as I know. I come from a generation where safety devices means actually having a seatbelt fitted to your car.
  6. I think about this fairly frequently. I'm basically driving a car with a bag of 15 year old explosives right in front of my face. Many of you in older shite than me with earlier airbags. Should we be worried about that? Do they have a 'use by' date? What do we do when it comes to 25, 30, 40 years old? Will they even trigger by that point? I don't think I've seen this brought up on here, but I do tend to dip in and out of the forum a bit so might have missed it. Can't see anything obvious in the search.
  7. Reposting this picture because the new kitchen floor made the dining room floor look completely fucked and I went back and bought an identical amount of laminate flooring. SWMBO then went down to her folks and did 45+ miles on the fuel light. I know with her driving it’s probably got ~70-75 miles left in it with the light on, but I still did a sweat.
  8. Smoll car pretending to be floor fitter’s van. Loads of space.
  9. Grid charging. The batteries in these are all old gits now. A grid charger is just a mains charger for the hybrid battery, for use when the battery gets out of balance and starts to throw errors. You can cycle the battery by charging, discharging and recharging a couple of times. This re-balances the battery and you'll get most of the original capacity and performance back. Honda never made chargers or specified charge/discharge routines, so all grid chargers are either aftermarket or home made. They prefer to be used but it doesn't do it a lot of harm sitting. Mine has sat for over a year when I couldn't be bothered to sell it and then 5 months over lockdown. I'd say using it every day is fine, once a week is fine, once every two weeks is pushing it a bit if the battery is a bit tired but will probably be fine, once every 3 weeks is probably not enough, once a month will probably make it force charge itself quite a lot and might hit fuel economy. You can just start them up after they've been standing. I put a new 12V battery on mine after it had sat for 14-16 months and it just started on the hybrid battery and ran like I'd last used it the day before. Probably because Honda. Self-charged itself for a bit to see where the battery was and then ran as normal like nothing had happened. But it's kinder on the hybrid battery if you can trickle charge it first if it has been standing for months. Buy the bastard.
  10. Wow, that looks unexpectedly huge inside! I hope take it the toilet folds out next to the cooker. Sit there squeezing one out in front of the kids while the wife cooks breakfast. Ahh, doesn't get much better than that.
  11. What's going on with this then? I drove mine to work yesterday. At the current rate of fuel consumption and general not driving, I estimate I'm going to finish the tank of fuel I put in it 2nd week of March before lockdown in about early mid October.
  12. Grid charging and carrying out a set of maintenance discharge cycles usually fixes this. When I plotted my charges and discharges, I'd regained around 40% capacity in mine.
  13. What about early Honda Civic Hybrid? Won’t run the same numbers as the Insight but it’s not far off. 55mpg should be easy and hybrid makes a lot of difference round town. Should be able to pick one up for £1500. I think they might all be Jap imports, so you’ll have £160 tax and higher insurance. You’ll have to number crunch that one because it’ll quickly eat up the difference in fuel savings between 50mpg and 55mpg.
  14. Yeah it’s hybrid all the time. The motor is part of the flywheel, so it can’t drive on electric only. Put your foot down and it does the bulk of the accelerating with the motor, then charges back up when you brake or coast down. It works really well. Mine is an auto and I get about 60mpg commuting in London burb traffic and mid 70s or higher on a run. Manual is much better for the empeegees but the auto is the faster car. Hypermiling mine, I’ve done 114mpg on a 50 mile journey, but the manual will clear 120mpg on a run with a bit of practice.
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