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  1. Not a house, but at the Monaco Grand Prix a couple of years ago I spotted some folks loading booze onto my a pretty big yacht out of this bashed up €500 Renault.
  2. Currently dailying a 15 year old Honda two-seater, so I'd like to think I'd be bumbing around a 1963 Honda S500 If you'd asked me three years ago, I had a 50 year old Ford and a 50 year old Citroen. So we'd be looking at a 1928 Ford and a whatever Shitroen was being driven by the French bourgeois. Ford Model A. Bellybutton Ford from back then: This 1928 Citroen looks suitably silly:
  3. Just a tweak - and teh apolZ if it’s been asked already - on the old mobile version when you clicked on a thread, it automatically went straight to the first unread post. I’d kinda got used to that and had started liking that feature. Can the new forum do that? Or is it not doing it because I’m also stuck in the mobile/desktop version wormhole? iOS and Safari here.
  4. Uhhhh, remind me where I get the paper copy of the forum?
  5. Similar story to NorfolknWeigh, way back before the internet I went to have a look at a black Rover V8 100E 120 miles away in Bristol. Must have been advertised in Custom Car or Street Machine I guess. Got my dad to drive me down there. Immediately obvious that this thing was a complete lashup and pretty much un-defuckable. Drive back home and just shrugged it off No way I’d drive that far these days. Can’t believe we never thought twice about it back then.
  6. Saaf Lahndon car eh? Unless my fackin hint detection unit is right up the swanny again.
  7. £350? Wowsers, I had no idea these had dropped that much in price. I have an all-time new lack of respect for Bini Mini drivers (including you). Mk1's are great to drive, even when a bit knackered.
  8. I find the background concept of this car absolutely fascinating. At the time, I don’t remember there being any particular drivers for lightweight, fuel efficient cars, but yet both Audi and Honda felt the need to develop one. Both were so expensive they didn’t sell in numbers. As far as I can remember, there were no legislative pressures for fuel efficiency or driving down CO2 emissions - it wasn’t a thing yet. The only thing I can think of is that the companies were keeping an eye on what was going on in academia with regards to LCA and global warming (it was being researched and published, but it wasn’t mainstream at that point) and carried out exercises for future-proofing?
  9. Anyway, Ecosse. Are you picking something French up then?
  10. ^Mmmm, cheese and eggs. Bet it smells delightful in your carriage
  11. Don't think I've ever managed to get into a Cavcraft 2K*insert year* thread before the page count has got so out of control that I've not managed to properly catch up. Posting about this monumentous occasion.
  12. Yeah, that's my current problem - I now have a family and soon 2 seats won't be enough!
  13. I'll be selling near the end of the year. Car is in good condition and I won't be looking for silly money. I don't know who's putting them up at ridiculous prices but they won't be selling them for that much. I get almost 70mpg at that speed. I can get a tank below 60mpg, but only if I do most of my driving in Local traffic. I think the lowest I've got a tank to is 57-58mpg, but it's got to be really cold, only short journeys and only in traffic for it to go that low. Sounds insane I know, but because it's doing over 80mpg at 65mph and drifts between 90 and 130mpg at 50-55mph, as soon as the road opens up the average mpg shoots back up.
  14. I’m trying to think what other older hybrids are out there. G1 Priuses are properly obscure these days. The ones I do see usually don’t have a single straight panel left on them. G2s are getting on a bit and must be pretty cheap now. Amperas seem to have stepped straight into Autoshite material. Did the Japan market have others we didn’t get? I know what you mean about it just works. I don’t really have anything interesting to post about mine. I changed the front brakes at about 80k miles but, apart from fluids, it doesn’t really ever need anything. Typical Japanese (well, Honda) of the time. I think the Civic IMA probably is quite bland and I’ve got this deluded dream that its set up so it’s quite wafty. I think I want to try one.
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