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  1. They used to film quite a lot in the Rivoli Ballroom and there was always something interesting parked outside. I always assumed it was something to do with what they were filming. I had no idea what it looked like inside until those pics from Fabergé Greggs. Mind you, when I say 'used to' film there, this was back in the 90s. I'm starting to sound like my parents.
  2. Good tip, cheers. Will try that next time.
  3. Cross posting from Shiter’s Boots. What’s UP shite homies!!! Whats going on here at Shateau 69? Not much. Stuck at home during lockdown due to medical shielding and haven’t moved much. Insight has done one journey since mid March. Anglia is still sat in the garage. After the grid charging in November, the battery continued to give me problems. I did the charge/discharge cycle thing (see previous post) over Christmas and pretty much cured it. My current commute is quite hard on the battery and is all the things that these cars hate doing, so I figured I’d probably have to cycle it again at some point. Seemed like a good time to do it since it had sat for 3 months and looking ahead it’ll be sitting for some time further without use. May as well get the battery in good shape while it’s out of use and just top it up from time to time until I use the car regularly again. Last time, the battery was actually in pretty bad shape and the discharge cycling corrected it. I logged the charges and discharges and the battery gained around 40% capacity in the process. That’s from reversing the memory effect by taking the cells to a low enough voltage and by reactivating the battery chemistry which has a habit of going dormant when it’s not used. Here’s the kit in the back of the car. Black box is the grid charger, which is nothing more than a simple constant-current LED driver to do the charging and a voltmeter. The lightbulb thing is the discharger and is a couple of 60W mains bulbs screwed to a plank. I’ve lashed on a cheap eBay volt/current meter to log the discharge, with the intention at some point to integrate that stuff into the charger to make an all-in-one box. You can actually buy these pre-made but they’re expensive and not so much of a fire hazard very Autoshite.
  4. jonny69

    Shiters boots.

    And a yellow bungee.
  5. jonny69

    Shiters boots.

    Mine is currently sporting makeshift high voltage hybrid battery charging and discharge items, made up of light fittings screwed to a bit of old pallet and a combination of Chinese and American made electronics. Nothing can go wrong here, right? Storage bin is filled with my new secondhand cycling shoes, some nappies, Maxiscan ODBII reader, air filter, lots of flammable empty cardboard boxes and some skanky old rags. And nothing in here smells bad.
  6. jonny69

    Shiters boots.

    Thought this was going to be a thread about making CV boots out of gaffer tape etc. 1.7/10 Jonny fail
  7. Sounding more and more like a monthly subscription with worldofceri would work. Subcontract
  8. Why don’t you see if you can set up a monthly subscription with @worldofceri and he can do a regular but constant delivery of rubbish in and out. Hmm, thinking about that, what if some of it was surprise rubbish?
  9. Old horsey lady and her dog? Cor, bet both of those seats have been well pissed on! I agree with the above. Smelly old wax jacket, red nose and muddy wellies needed.
  10. jonny69

    Sierra V8

    Sounds like they might have been out in the sun a bit too long
  11. Do we know about this one? Egham/Staines area. YPG 145T Scuse the soft focus, I was [insert reasons] Edit: ok, I’ve worked out how this thread works now. It’s on the wedgister. Pretty sure the car has moved since the photo entry because I don’t recognise the previous house with the two parking spaces. I’ll wander down and take another look but I’m pretty sure it’s not the same place.
  12. Yeah the tall 7.50 whitewall crossplies for the back of my hotrod were £275 each! I decided to change the way the car looked and went for tall skinny blackwalls. All 4 tyres and the set of 19" wires came to less than the pair of rear whitewalls and once I'd factored in selling the 17" wheels it almost worked out free!
  13. jonny69

    Sierra V8

    Cor this is like reading Street Machine back in the day. Cor! Yeah I seem to remember a set of ally heads would drop the weight by about 25kg. You going manual or auto?
  14. Slightly disappointing spot today. I’d seen an odd-shaped grille or front opening with a chrome surround through the gap in a bit of a dilapidated garage. Couldn’t ever quite see what it was. Today when I was walking past I could see the doors were open. Nearly shat my pants with excitement until I got there and saw the opening was in fact the front of a pool table where you get the balls out. Bugger. Anyway, round at the park was this bad boy in metalflake pink and purple, Barbie decals and full sticky looking pink vinyl interior. Made up for my disappointment!
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