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  1. Good to see the Ami getting the TLC I couldn’t give it. I don’t even recognise the little lolwtfEVbbq. What is it? Edit: thanks .gov MOT checker! Aixam? Didn’t think we could register those over here? How has that worked then?
  2. Ah, this is the grandfather of the +500hp screw mod then. Get it done.
  3. Also parked next to this 205 Mardy Gragh. There were chequered blankets rolled up in the foot wells.
  4. This area is delivering. When was the last time you saw a Mini this rough still out in combat?
  5. Tell me about this Meatier. Is that just a trim level or something more exciting?
  6. These are all £1M+ houses down this road, but this place has lots of rubbish stuff!
  7. You've arrived just a little late to see that pub in its prime. If only you'd been there just a few years ago!
  8. Indeed, plus the smoke cloud doesn’t look big enough for it to be a van or Mk1 Scenic etc. Slightly curiously, that looks a bit like my road and I’m over the other side of that London, but I don’t think anyone here has a 164.
  9. Big enough to get a bicycle in the back in one go?
  10. @barrett doesn't post on here much any more, but it's amazing to think that he's gone from not actually being able to drive to having one of the most impressive fleets of obscure old jalopies out of all of us! Me? The environmentalists won. I was dailying a hotrod with a flathead back in 2010 and I've now got a hybrid - I'll still have that in 2020.
  11. Silver - check Base spec - check, there was only one spec Hybrid - check Manual - no, auto 14" wheels - I think that's a check Personalised plated - no, just fuck off, they're for twats Cloth interior 6/7 would grandpa again.
  12. I was being serious! You must have some pics knocking about in a drawer. The more denim and embarrassing barnets the better
  13. That is a veritable crock of absolute shit you’ve had there! There is literally nothing good in that list. Impressive! Shame you haven’t got any pics really. Could you not bore* us by going through each one to see if they still exist and/or are MOTd or insured?
  14. Funny how Rupert the Bear was such a popular kids' cartoon but Rupert the Ballsack wasn't.
  15. jonny69

    Crazy Trannies*

    I still can't see if the Lenco needs the clutch for the gearchanges. Doesn't look like it
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