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  1. Skoze

    MPG shite

    I live 5.5miles from my girlfriend, my Jag just about managed two there-and-backs on a tenner. It also emptied the tank at an alarming rate trying to cruise at 55mph rather than its preferred 90 70 on its last motorway run which leads me to believe all the trickery is bollocks beyond a certain calibre* of vehicle. I can't wait to pick up it's 306 turbot deasal replacement tomorrow.
  2. Sorry chaps, I've been absolutely flat out at work past week or so and as such only just got to check in! While I would've happily sent it in the direction of my right honourable gentleman's driveway, it's actually got a buyer and is already booked up for a trip to the Nurburgring. God speed that brave soul.
  3. Is the chodpark just a turn up and get stuck in job? May start a convoyyyyyyyyy with Angrydicky, always liked the idea of this show.
  4. Certainly seem to be a few people appreciating the old smokers at the moment locally! It is brilliant, I wish I had a reason to keep it. Think the 3.9 V8 is gonna keep my wallet occupied enough without this to add to the mix... As we're in June, i'm gonna drop the price to £500 - it's like Shite finance. £100 a month for each remaining month of ticket.
  5. Fully open to offers/ swaps for something smaller/ raffles/ Ninja Warrior AS edition/ Chess Tournaments etc
  6. Agreed, a friend had an XJ40 Daimler and this is genuinely better. Only downside is the lack of coke-snorting tables on the backs for when you're en route to do over a bookies'.
  7. Woah there, let's not go messing with this fine interior just yet! It's genuinely like going round your nan's house, so comfortable. Eddy, I'm no serpent but I do have a hand on the knob of the door to your future. Seriously though, offers considered, px/ finance may be available...
  8. Hello chodrades, With the imminent return of my Land Rover to daily transport duties I think it's time to find a new home for my best Jag. Bought it because cheap Jag at the end of last year and it's done a sterling service since, never let me down and done around 3000 miles in my ownership. It's got a certain je ne sais quoi about it but it's also very much a dirt cheap XJ6. Like a rescue pup pissing on a blanket at Battersea. As below; slightly beat up blue 1996 XJ Sport, 3.2 straight six, originally bought by someone who couldn't afford any of the optional extras (seriously just look at all the missing relays in the fuse box it's hilarious) Anyway, i'll start with the bad bits; It's done 170k and the history is MIA, a bit crusty round the arches, two pinholes in the bootlid and some grot on the leading edge of the bonnet that only ever closes on one side, there's also a few dents and scrapes just about everywhere, the paint on the roof and bonnet "needs some suncream mate" according to a guy in Basildon on Friday, wheels could do with a balance as it doesn't think much of 50-53mph, slight PAS leak (I top it up maybe once a fortnight with lots of round town driving) diff whines a bit as they all do (mate) and it gives a good hearty clunk to let you know you're in reverse, ABS light on, inhibitor switch can be a bit dicky so sometimes needs starting in neutral rather than park. Good bits; "it looks gangster as fuck though mate I like it mate" so continued our Basildon friend before he went and had a barney with the missus outside Harvester, it drives straight, the brakes are bloody good, the engine is smooth and it shifts well when you ask it to, gearbox is smooth in all forward gears, incredibly comfy half leather seats (I know, right?!), good set of Maxxis tyres all round, 8" sport alloys which seem to sell well should you end up pulling it to bits, electrics and instruments all work, alright JVC head unit in it which is currently locked in to a great pirate station for bigginitupjungliststyleind'aaaaaarea and the overall look of the vehicle gives you right of way over just about everyone. It's a very nice place to be when you're driving. Test til November. As much as I hate the phrase, it really is what it is; everything you'd hope for and more for a car up for less than 2% it's original retail price. Speaking of which, not sure what exactly to value it at but £600 is what it owes me, would be delighted to see that back. The shite is right; located in Southend, Essex, can deliver it to near the M25 if that's of any help. PM me or text/ whatsapp me on 07890766240. Big up yourself, Matt
  9. Ahoy! Not visited these shores for a while, wanted to catch up a little while a go but everything had disappeared off the face of the earth. Where's the garage gone..? Fleet update; Sold the Crapi after it refuse to love me back. Bought an XJ6 SPORT* for £300 (new owners/ PXs, apply within) Started doing this to my Landy because it definitely needed 4 times the power it left the factory with in 1952
  10. This week in "Skoze's engine-building by numbers" It only bloody works. Refusing to idle, intermittent rev counter, oil pressure off the gauge, perfect.
  11. You're not massively far from the truth!replace "show me" with "please for the love of Christ do not set on fire" while stood with an extinguisher ready to go and you're there. Hooli; as said, you could get proper Ford V6s until 81, mine's a pretty early mk3 3.0S. No progress yesterday, getting a barbed fitting back into old hard nylon pipe is really, really difficult. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Close, 3.1 Essex. Spent the past year rebuilding it after the timing gear went. I went to work like a total square today, can't wait to get home and see if I can get it running though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Too excited to sleep, well tempted to stay up all night on the spanners and pull a sickie.
  14. What kind of terrible attitude to modification is that?
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