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    CreepingJesus got a reaction from rml2345 in Truck Shite   
    Spotted doing showman's duties recently: a pair of Iveco Stralises! I've got a soft spot for the bloody things for a few reasons, but I'm not blind to their shortcomings. Presumably the short journeys and long lay-ups work in their favour: less opportunities for them to go bang, more time to fix them when they do. And they do. I once inherited a Trakker (the tipper version) that went like snaw aff a dyke until it shat its' head gasket on the M876 one afternoon.  According to the fitter, that was the second replacement. It was under three years old and had 90 thousand k's on the clock...
    On the other hand...imagine my delight to hear this roaring up the road...Newtyle Commercials' 'Dragon Wagon' which I've been after for ages. Think the plate on the grille says 'EC12' (but don't quote me on that) which means the Perkins (ex-Rolls) Eagle, unless it's a Cat or a Detroit DD60, which were options. It's not a Cummins anyway, but what a racket! Glorious...

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    CreepingJesus reacted to artdjones in Mk1 Panda: Can you identify this endangered species?   
    A friend of mine had a black 45S new(A639XBO). He was a terrible driver and managed to write it off after two or three years. I don't remember it breaking down at all. In about 1990 my brother had a black 45 Comfort (TTG727Y) , which was the base model. Not terribly reliable, but it did get driven to Berlin and Prague in 1991 and Budapest in 1992. The engine expired four  days before the 1991 trip, but we changed it for a 903cc 127 engine in the street without an engine crane. We just tied a ladder to the top of it , rounded up a couple of extra bodies and lifted it out. When reassembling we found out that the 127 engine has an extra pipe stub sticking out of the head. We tried to screw it out so that we could block the hole with a bolt, but it snapped off flush. No problem! I cut the end of a paint brush handle off, banged it into the hole, cut the protruding bit off and slapped a layer of leak putty over the top. It wept slightly, but went around Europe with no problems.
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    CreepingJesus reacted to wesacosa in Mk1 Panda: Can you identify this endangered species?   
    I think the Marbella was effectively the mk1 Panda with a mild facelift, so not just rear suspension but the dash, hammock seats, drivetrains etc.  
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    CreepingJesus reacted to J-T in Mk1 Panda: Can you identify this endangered species?   
    I went round my Mum’s on Christmas Day and she got a load of old photos out. I was made up to unearth the only photograph I’ve ever found of a big part of my childhood…
    My mum and dad split up when I was about 5. As you’d probably expect, I stayed with my mum and for a couple of years we didn’t have a car. My Nan took pity on this situation and decided to get a little car for my mum. Safety and reliability were paramount for ferrying around her beloved grandson, but despite this she bought her a Fiat Panda:

    I was so pleased to see that the car looked just as *well kept as I remembered. That pic would be about 1993, on my nan’s drive - that’s my mum showing off her new car.
     I’ve got so many happy memories attached to that car and also remember it being the most unreliable pile of shit I have ever encountered. The slightest bit of damp weather and it was an absolute bastard to start, requiring a full minute long procedure of choke bothering and ever more hopeful cranking. There was the occasion where it totally failed to make it up a steep hill in monsoon rain and had to be abandoned and retrieved later when it had dried out. Or the time when, after pulling into a space at Asda, a guy came walking after us, carrying something which turned out to be the headlight lens which had fallen off. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t last too long, maybe 18 months before an impending weld fest come MOT time finished it off. (We then *upgraded to an equally shonky 1979 Fiesta)
    Anyway, the reason for this thread is, after studying the above image, I’ve gleaned that it was, in fact, a special edition. Yes, we appear to be looking at a Panda ‘Masquerade’ - at least that’s what I think it says on the door if you zoom right in and the image near the word looks like a masquerade mask. A Google around this fine limited edition has turned up absolutely no information. Literally nothing. So I thought I would ask the Autoshite hive mind to investigate. Has anyone ever heard of it? Was it a random dealer special with its funky coach line below the window or was this a Fiat endorsed, highly sought after collectors edition?
    Here’s what I do know about the car which may narrow things down:
    It was an ‘82/83 on a Y (so only about 10 years old in that photo!)
    I think it was based on a Panda 45S (for super) which was the slightly posher version. It definitely had the uno style grille, rather than the pressed metal one.
    It had the hammock style seat in the back, no rear seatbelts, but did have a radio cassette on the front ‘shelf’
    As hopeless as it was, I’d absolutely love one now, complete with comedy ‘Garfield’ cuddly toy stuck to the rear window, which looks yet to make its appearance in that photo! I’ve often wondered why I’m drawn to shite old cars, but I think I’ve found the answer.
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    CreepingJesus reacted to blackboilersuit in Blackboilersuits Bodging Blog   
    I'm working Mon-Fri this coming week so Hogmany will be the last chance for drinking heavily while in charge of an ebay account.............

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    CreepingJesus reacted to blackboilersuit in Blackboilersuits Bodging Blog   
    Very long time without an update, my bad! Not a lot of tinkering has gone on at boilersuit towers for many months as work has been really busy in the second half of the year and I've been focusing on long overdue work on the house and garden when I wasn't working. A month ago though I noticed some uneven tyre wear on the Accord and investigation showed an upper control arm ball joint had a bit of wear.
    Arm was pulled out with greater ease that first inspection suggested would be the case.

    Then the ball joint was removed with the assistance of fire and an air hammer.

    New giant g-clamp style ball joint tool was procured from eBay. A snip at £50. 

    Despite the kit coming with a "comprehensive" set of sleeves to suit "most applications" a 3/4 whitworth socket still had to be added to the mix to press in the replacement joint.

    To finish the repair a scrappy special wheel and tyre combo was added. Rim was in mint condition and the rattle can repaint is a perfect* colour match for the rest of the wheels.

    It's a few days away from 1 year since I bought the Accord and thus far I've racked up 11k miles in it. It's now got a weak clutch that slips if you boot it from low revs in a tall gear (like I used to do all the time - doh!). Apparently a very common problem with this model. Changing driving style to drive with a few more revs and not touch 6th gear below 80 means it still works ok and returns 42mpg. 1500 miles like that with no further deterioration so we'll see how long it lasts. Clutch is a mare of a job and would be £750 without flywheel and £1350 with at a local garage so hopefully manage to keep going as is for a bit. It's a great do everything car though so I'd still be tempted to fix it if it came to the crunch.
    Sonic the Toledo has been used a fair few times during the year and remained 100% reliable after getting some love through last winter. Off the road for the winter now to keep it away from the salt unless some emergency transport is required. Still gets started every 4-6 weeks just to warm through and charge the battery. Always fires straight up as if it was only used the day before. I do love having a second car that just works when you want it to. That's a bit of a novelty for sure!
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    CreepingJesus reacted to Metal Guru in Lazy spotters thread   
    Hope the headlights are adjusted properly! ( one for ABBA fans).
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    CreepingJesus reacted to juular in Juular's scandi dramas. Ovlov 240 / C70. A Volvo in its element.   
    Mission accomplished. Dad was over the moon with a wee tear in his eye. 

    Seen arriving at Volvo towers (central).

    Merry Christmas folks.
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    CreepingJesus reacted to myglaren in Lazy spotters thread   
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    CreepingJesus reacted to sutty2006 in Lazy spotters thread   
    Xmas day shite spot while out with the pram. 
    isuzu! On the H plate. Awesome. 

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    CreepingJesus reacted to bunglebus in Shite hearses   
    Well why not 😁 seemed appropriate 
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    CreepingJesus reacted to Yoss in Lazy spotters thread   
    This has just driven past our window. 

    Somebody is enjoying their Christmas. 
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    CreepingJesus reacted to Metal Guru in Lazy spotters thread   
    Did you know Princess Anne had one of those?
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    CreepingJesus reacted to catsinthewelder in Six Cylinders Motoring Notes   
    A C15 must be one of the only things that won't overload that beavertail.
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    CreepingJesus reacted to bunglebus in Shite hearses   
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    CreepingJesus reacted to Crackers in Truck Shite   
    Spent all day yesterday with these nice old motors. Great to see some older wagons still out daily earning their keep. 

    ERF isn't upside down, just the forum software having a fit. 

    The ECX's sister went into retirement just a couple of days ago, apparently. 
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    CreepingJesus reacted to chaseracer in Dyane: 720 build nearly complete...   
    No, really...

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    CreepingJesus reacted to chaseracer in Dyane: 720 build nearly complete...   

    ...is finally booked in for some TLC from this man...

    ...who drives this...

    ...very quickly, and is also famous for this bonkers idea...
    This can only end well.
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    CreepingJesus reacted to aotb in Lazy spotters thread   
    Spotted at a small village garage in Hampshire
    Yes, It’s the V6. From the street view it’s been there since 2008, the RX8 has been there for at least five years. 

    Starlet & early RAV4 hiding behind the Stag.
    SA Defender. 

    I wasn’t the only MR2 there. 

    Spotted in Membury Services, a functioning Quattroporte IV! A late one on a W plate.

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    CreepingJesus reacted to JimH in It is just so Super (Sentinel).   
    Aye the wood in kiln dried and I didn't know that the 1 hour per inch guide was supposed to be doubled if you are using kilned stuff. That means these things are going to have to stew for four hours. The other thing I took from the carriage maker chap is that he was doing it under pressure to get the temperature up. 
    One thing we are not short of is steam and while it would be a bit annoying to do it because they are drained down for winter it's not much of a biggie to drag one of the Sentinels out to use as a steam generator. Last time we used one of those daft Karcher things which at least you could run them continuously rather than the wallpaper strippers that you needed to turn off to refill. We have a piece of 4" aluminum pipe that is long enough to take the beams  - attempt one with the 4" soil pipe did not end well - but now I'm wondering if we need to make something a bit more butch that can be pressurised. 
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    CreepingJesus reacted to mitsisigma01 in Lazy spotters thread   
    Better battered Brighton shite
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    CreepingJesus reacted to Fumbler in Fumbler's Crock Passes The MoT   
    Part Two
    I arrived home at 15:15, weary but pleased I got back. So naturally I then embarked on changing the alternator. Easy job..... right?!
    It all started so well... I firstly went about loosening the wrong tensioner bolt

    ...this one's the locking bolt for the hydraulic pump. I found out after I tried to push the altenator down and off for 5 minutes.
    So that was a good start. Then, when I took the old alternator out of the vehicle, I discovered it was absolutely pooched.

    So that's not going back in again. The rear bearing was dry as a bone. The front bearings on these are sealed but the rears are just normal unsealed ball bearings with a plastic grease cap over them. As you can see, this one had the cap busted off.  I wonder if  the bearing started rumbling or something and someone attempted to repack it with perhaps the wrong grease. This was futile as A. the grease would have been flung out owing to a lack of grease cap and B. this side is right next to the hot exhaust manifold, so the grease would have evaporated if it were the wrong type.
    By this time it was 15:50 thereabouts and light was fading fast. "Better get the fresh new alternator in!"

    Oh. I can't. Alright then, Lucas, you win for a second time.

    This is on the fecking compatability label on the damn box.
    Does it fit? Does it fuck.
    Here's the issue. The alternator I've got will fit on a Suitcase engine, but, for some strange reason, they also claim it'll fit on a TU... either that or Lucas engineers thought the 1.4 BX used the Suitcase engine throughout its production run. I didn't take a side-by-side picture of the two (and I wish I did but oh well) but not only is the hole for the hinge bolt lacking in width (so it flaps around when bolted in), the hinge bolt hole is on the opposite side to the old alternator, so it won't fit in the first place! What a fantastic waste of my time.
    Unlike the starter motor, which was cheaper and had no hopes of ever fitting, I noticed the actual alternator portions of both were the same, with both being made in France. So, instead of throwing in the towel, buying another (but correct!) alternator and living in misery, I threw caution to the wind and made a modernist art installation.

    I crown thee: "Trust* Lucas"

    Violence was used to get the front cover off the old alternator

    Which involved cutting the alternator shaft, using a puller and other violent instruments. This part alone took about 1 hour. In just getting to this stage, I was whacking the thing, I sheared one of the bolts tieing the the alternator parts together... Basically it was a fight.

    I then tried to remove the NOS bearing, firstly by hijacking the cooker so I could heat up the cover and not the bearing. This ultimately failed.
    By contrast, I stripped down the new alternator in a fraction of the time. I then retreated into the warmth* of the porch which had a little more light than the Anglepoise lamp I was using:

    The good news was that the innards were well and truly identical, so that's a win. I cleaned up the alternator front plate and rotated the bearing a bit to see if it was as ruined at the rear one was. The good news is that it isn't, although there's radial play and it feels slightly gritty. I can try to replace it but I doubt there's much chance of it failing anytime soon. I iused an improvised parts heater to expand things a little, and the thing slid onto the new alternator like butter*. Well, more like a block of lard you've just taken out of the fridge.
    Fast forward a few more minutes and there's this:

    Good, good. Now, onto the slight* problem of fans and pulleys. Because I managed to cuntfuckulate the old one and couldn't reuse it. Yep, I bent one of the pulley sheeves and fucked the fan up completely. This is wonderful, because the new fan and pulley don't exactly work with the engine, either. Of course not, because fitting perfectly would be silly.
    The old alternator fan and pulley arrangement consisted of washers, a spacer between the fan and pulley sheeves, and the sheeves themselves. Once you undo the bolt that secures everything in place, they all fall off the shaft in a confusing arrangement to ensure you'll never be able to reassemble them again. The pulley was seriously, seriously worn anyway, so even if I did use it, It'd still be having problems in the future. I discovered that the fan on the new alternator was plastic and the pulley was metal, so I inserted a screwdriver and *pop* they separated and flew across the room. Once I retrieved them, I then used a combination of old and new parts to get it roughly similar to the old one:

    And a test fit on the car proved this would work. By this time it was well and truly dark and around 20:45. Oops. Now all would be well and good, but the shaft on the new alternator is shorter than the old one, and as it happens I've destroyed the old one and canae use it. Because of the new spacer, the pulley was resting on the threads instead of the shaft, so it was able to wiggle side to side. Bad. Very bad. So I did the right thing and made a shim out of a coke can I cound in the bin:

    And after 3* attempts (well, maybe 5 but I've forgotten) it was just about ready to put on the car. I tightened down the pulley bolt and washer, made sure everything still spins correctly, and bunged it in the car.

    ...with the usual tensioning nightmares because the belt is the wrong size. Even though it looks old it isn't cracking and isn't too glazed, so I left it be. I do have a replacement in my parts stash. The glazing may disappear now that a new pulley is being used.
    With fingers and toes crossed, I started the car, put the headlamps on and held the revs at 3000-

    We has an victoree.
    That was at 21:19 for crying out loud. I still don't know how I did it, but I did. Today I woke up super early to take my brother back from getting jabbed, in pain and stiff as a board from yesterday's palava. At least nothing fell off/exploded/caught fire on my journey.
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    CreepingJesus reacted to Fumbler in Fumbler's Crock Passes The MoT   
    I'm going to break this down into parts, because this went from 'meh' to OMGSOMUCHWORK!!1!!!111!!!!!.
    Here's an invoice of work done to peruse:

    They want it back next year so they can get to the bottom of the oil leak and fix the blown bulb in the binnacle etc. Lots of work was being done on it, but were halted due to Crimbo.
    The oil leak wasn't fully sorted as they were relying on getting a new distributor O-ring and then carrying on seeing where the oil was coming from. Despite buying from Citroen and then a third pary, neither arrived. They had the rocker cover back off again, adjusted the tappets, inspected the gasket and fitted the correct type of breather hose. A new leak has opened up by the timing belt cover which makes me wonder if the rocker cover is warped and pissing oil no matter how much I tighten it down.

    For now, they've cleaned the block and told me to occasionally inspect for fresh oil.
    I still chuckle looking at the gearbox problem-

    The rest of the work included replacing the rotten fuel return hardline with the big job being fixing the suspension goofyiness once and for all.
    I now haz new grenadez-

    The dark patch on the fuel filler hose suggests the old spheres were blown like I suspected. It now feels so good to drive, like, no longer stiff and weird-feeling, which is nice 😉
    They also removed the centre console, cleaned and lubricated the ride height lever linkages, set the ride height and fixed the clunk-no-full-height-for-you issue I had. Even intermittent intermediate height now works! Nice.
    The drive home was absolutely horrible, though. No fault of the car -it was great!- it was the Christmas traffic. On the A1(M), we were bombarded with arsehole van men doing racing lane changes and making everyone else panic and brake, then on the M25 we had foreign HGVs using every lane slowing everyone down. The sheer weight of traffic wasn't great either. Certainly wasn't the nicest drive I've had.

    I think it deserves a wash now.
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    CreepingJesus reacted to Fumbler in Fumbler's Crock Passes The MoT   
    The BX was driven to the venerable Chevronics. It's in good company:

    26000 miles no less. I spotted this absolute beast at FoTU and didn't think I'd see it again. Same age, same engine, same nearly everything apart from the trim and maybe the gearbox. I forgot to check the centre console sticker.

    15 minutes later and its having its undercarriage inspected by Rob, the owner, and one of the (super duper experienced) mechanics. Off the bat he noticed:
    Gearbox is separating from the engine 😲 Diesel pattern exhaust fitted, which is what I thought it was too. They'll fit the correct backbox to stop the bumper melting Tuning fork bolt on the front suspension linkage is fouling the height corrector- this may be our smoking gun with the weird height problems Subframe caved in (not too badly) because of a trolley jack being used in the past (not by me) Timing belt covers missing Fuel return line corroded but not leaking yet Body-wise, both he and Rob are impressed at how solid it is. They've given me additional places to point the waxy wand once I pull my finger out and get to work rustproofing it. He's going to give it a thorough inspection and diagnosis of the oil consumption, oil leak, stiff rear end etc. etc. I'm assured there will be a list of stuff he'll find which I then can sit down and see which ones need doing. Hopefully this'll ensure the car is mechanically sound for some time yet.
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    CreepingJesus reacted to bunglebus in The doom blue Passat - boxing clever   
    I've obviously had it a while, my forest is getting out of control.

    Just realised I've put 100,000 miles on it since I got it, on top of the 169,000 it already had. Turns 23 years old on the 20th too
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