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    My local friendly motor factors is opposite a slightly pretentious "exclusive" food market. I park in the food market to go to the spares place so am there quite a bit. The car park itself is the usual liberal middle class jumble of new Minis and X5s, the only car in the place that is between the lines of its space and reversed in is mine....you get the idea. Anyway the people who shop there read the guardian, go skiing or on cultural excursions and avoid the NHS. They are naive enough to pay vast amounts for produce that cn be obtained in the local corner shop. They generally have a large brood of sticky fingered children dressed in ethical clothes (fairtrade cotton stitched by a happy child in a fairtrade sweatshop). These children are called things like Daisy, Archie and Sweet-Pea.I was there once and one fell over for no reason at all, bursting into tears soon afterwards. I laughed so loud I could be hear outside my car, and got an evil look from the child's mother.
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