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  1. Pretty much anywhere cars are used. The film Sideways is an example. I enjoyed the film; it's about a wine tasting trip through California. The protagonist drives a Saab 900 drop head (classic one). Nothing wrong so far. There's a sequence where he is supposed to be driving along and doing a crossword puzzle at the same time. It's funny. He rests the newspaper on the steering wheel. The dashboard is fully in shot for a second or two and it is clear that all the instruments are reading zero. The engine is off. Cut to outside of car bowling along freeway. Still a good film though.
  2. I watched it; found it sporadically amusing but nothing more. It wasn't as good as previous episodes. Unfortunately modern television, across the spectrum, suffers from the concept of mass market economics. In the old days it was perfectly acceptable to make a programme that catered to a minority of the audience and existed wholly to serve them. They were the principles upon which the BBC was built, presumably according to Lord Reith. Remember the cheapo documentaries of thirty years ago? I wasn't even born back then but have seen the re-runs and they were interesting in the right context.
  3. I take back my earlier comments! I'd give her a cock up. Ha ha ha.
  4. My first comments were tongue in cheek. But dare I mention drag racing? I turned up at the Pod in a Nissan Bluebird and they asked me if I wanted to race. No insurance or high costs involved. No helmets or special licences; just puttering sedately up the strip. And if it blows up they don't care. I think a RWYB autoshite day could be great fun. I've been a few times and there are brave souls with old bangers just there for fun.
  5. It goes like this: Get new job and move back in at home - DONE Move a load of stuff to my lockup and make it suitable to work on the GP100 -DONE Realise I have no interest in said GP100 - DONE Fix up bike and get MOT - TO DO Sell GP100 bike at profit - TO DO Clear out lockup to make space for car - TO DO Buy new and proper shite car (rough sixties or early seventies saloon please) - TO DO Get rid of BMW and obtain reasonable everyday car - TO DO Urgently
  6. Trackdays? Seriously? Surely a proper shite daytrip would evoke the youth we are all slipping away from; dragged down the path of age by time's unstoppable force etc. Back in the old days a run out meant loading blankets and maps into the Family 2 propelled Cavalier and headong on to a motorway laden with richer families trying to force their way through our oil smoke. The destination would always be some disappointing beauty spot followed by cold tea in a draughty cafe and a foray into a creaky gift shop to buy a pencil. The return journey would require the assistance of an AA beavertail an
  7. Further research has shown that I can add the Mazda 6 to this list. The budget even covers the 2.3 SPORT version. This has added OMG SPORT and is probably the most powerful in the line-up. Unless I can find an Accord Type S or V or something.
  8. Greetings all, and merry Christmas. That's the festive bit out of the way; the rest of this is shite. Not autoshite really. I have a new job. Hooray for me. It only took about eight months and several hundred applications; but finally someone recognised that my five years' experience in claims administration may make me an ideal, I don't know, claims administrator? Maybe? Others thought not. This also means a new commute. This means a new car. This is where I need help. The new car shall ideally be a five door hatch or four door saloon and Japanese. I like Japanese cars. They work. My
  9. Interesting point Felly; but I have heard a probably apocryphal story about those. They were coach built for UPS on Mercedes 308 running gear; however rather than scrapping they recycle bits from old ones at a depot somewhere thus a fleet of variously rebuilt vans are kept running for much longer than normal. Almost like the old Checker cabs in New York - they lasted for years by being almost fully re-built every decade or so. Shows the benefits of separate chassis and simple mechanicals I suppose. Plus I think the UPS vans have alloy bodies so there really isn't any reason why they should be
  10. I'm not sure it was the BINI they were copying, it looks like the pre-Landcrab prototype! That appears to be an enlarged Daihatsu Sirion with added gash factor.
  11. According to this, it's considerably more than 2.5p. In fact, it's more like 3670000000000p, bigger than the education budget and over 3 times the transport budget. And the DVLA closures are trying to save less than a thousandth of that! [Off-topic, but that site is very interesting. Doesn't anyone else think that SIX FUCKING BILLION is a bit much for running the system of the Law Courts, especially considering that you have to pay for most civil claims?] Law Courts, by which you mean those that hear criminal cases I presume, are the most bloated, sickly, cancerous money wasting machin
  12. Just take a moment to think about it; if you are of average intelligence, honest and hardworking, of smart appearance, own a car or van and have a mobile phone, then you could EASILY be making £950 plus per week. That’s at least £4,000 per month and almost £50,000 per year! Is that enough? Well, it’s here for the taking. SCAM!! I shall re-write it as the truth: If you are of above average intelligence, hardworking, wear Armani jeans, own an Audi and have a variety of pay as you go mobile phones, then you could EASILY be making £1-2000 per week simply by selling c
  13. Possibly dressed up a tad. No piston would have meant no compression, or indeed induction when the pushrod opened the intake. There would have been no sump smashing explosion. The bit of wood is believable; though it would have probably been glued in.
  14. Possibly dressed up a tad. No piston would have meant no compression, or indeed induction when the pushrod opened the intake. There would have been no sump smashing explosion. The bit of wodd is believable; tough it would have probably been glued in.
  15. It's not snowing at either end of the A Dozen. It was a bit cold earlier when I did some gardening (clearing up mess that Fatha Futuramic claims to be too busy to sort even though he works fewer hours than me). But no snow. Bah.
  16. Her young adult residence would be better. Assuming they never washed the sofa cover....
  17. I take it that was the 1.8 16 valve. I had the same engine in a Xantia and that flew. Passengers always commented on how quick it felt. Probably not that fast overall but certainly nippier than it looked, or indeed should have been. Nice and revvy too. Yours looked to be in wonderful condition. Shame they never put the 110 Hdi in the 306. It's a great engine. I still hanker after a Xantia with one. Either that or the 2.1 Td semi electronic. Bliss.
  18. I agree about the door loom. I had a Xsara Coupe for a very short period (before the terminal disaster induced by a woman attempting to drive a car) and it suffered the same issue. Except being the high spec it was even worse. The driver's door had a microswitch built in to instruct the auxiliary ECU whther it was open or shut. This worked intermittently. When it failed the car thought the door was closed when open causing complete failure of the following: Headlights on warning chime Key in ignition warning chime Remote locking system Alarm and immobiliser Boot That was the worst. The dea
  19. Presumably the previous owner mixed up his Chinese takeaway leftovers and used black bean sauce instead of veg oil.
  20. With you all the way on the Vitty and Superpoo ImpressHer, but can't agree with you on the E46. Still, meat, poison etc. Interesting. I've driven an E46, not a good one mind, but it was an E46. It just didn't feel as nice as my E36. The E36 was perhaps the last of the old fashioned BMWs; badly equipped but fun to drive and had numerous quality touches like metal control stalks and a satisfying clunk from the central locking. It is as I always imagined a German car should be. The E46 didn't feel anywhere near as planted or confident near the limit. In fact it felt like an ordinary car. The fa
  21. just becasue the fuel pump wasnt connected, or the fuel lines connected to the tank, and i was running a pipe from a can to the return line, why wouldnt it start? Obviously duff HT leads. Replace the HT leads and it'll be fine.
  22. I only saw the aftermath of this; but it was funny for passers by. A man, and his nineties type VW Golf, had gone shopping for fence panels. Such an item would be too large for his hatchback so he thoughtfully fitted a roofrack. He bought one of the cheapo type made of single layer rough sawn timber with 1x1 battens. He put it on top of the car. For safety's sake he tied it down. Anyone would have used string. This man, wanting to go one better, deployed a set of orange ratchet straps. This put the fence panel under significant tension. As I drove past he had stopped and switched his haza
  23. It's a scam. I have spoken at length to somebody who fell for a similar thing involving a VW Camper Van. The words "tool" and "complete" can be applied to this man. He asked to go and see it. They said no. He wired them a few grand's worth of his parents' money anyway. He never heard anything again. No shiter, or indeed anyone who knows the value of classic cars, would even entertain that.
  24. I know that there's already a discussion concerning how much we dislike other road users and their vehicles. Such as black BMWs and blue sidelights. Which is nothing at all like my black BMW with blue sidelights; but I digress. Anyway good or amusing things happen on the roads each day so here's our chance to brighten up Auto Shite with good news from the two lane blacktop. Here's mine. This started off as a bad incident. I was approaching a junction on a fast country road. I was going quickly. A green MG ZT (the big Rover 75 based one) estate had stopped and should have given way. The law
  25. You appear to have outdone yourself. Where exactly is that? I might have to take a drive out there. Appears to be a Winnebago style body on a purpose built chassis. Those things had a fearsome spec when new. Better than most English houses in 1980. As for the engine it's probably a de-tuned 455 Chevy connected to a three speed auto. That would be worth DOLLAR. Some of the later ones had Cummins diesels; but I'd guess at that being petrol. Nothing but a big block was strong enough in those days.
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