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  1. I have no idea how I came to read an eight year old post.
  2. The same burgundy one that you had before? You bought it back?
  3. I was thinking that this is a good reason to only dip removable panels as it should be easier to get all the stuff out of a door and paint and wax it quickly. The shell is good so stripping all of the factory sealant etc might be counterproductive.
  4. I need to start stripping down the 604. My plan is to remove every removable panel (so bonnet, valance, bootlid, all four doors, front wings,sill covers) and strip them down to bare metal. The shell of the car is pretty solid so I won't doing too much with that. Some of my panels are used and are covered with an oily wax inside, but now that has to go so that I can repaint them. Once they are repainted I can rewax inside everything. I don't have time to be degreasing and paint stripping myself. I would eventually like to paint them (or have them painted) with epoxy primer. Is acid dipping the way to go? Can anyone recommend a good company for this? I can't find anything in London so I guess I will have to travel to the midlands, but to be honest I'm just off the A40 and sometimes it's quicker to get to the Birmingham than the other side of London anyway. thanks.
  5. The Jag (2.7 diesel XJ) started making noises from the front of the engine, including a loud squeak when the engine is switched off. It turns out that the clutch inside the alternator pulley had seized. It took a few hours to remove and few more to replace but it's done now and a local place put a new pulley onto the alternator for £100 so not to expensive, and another £50 for a new drive belt that needed doing anyway. They aren't easy to remove though as you have to jack up the right side of the engine an inch and ratchet strap the engine over to the left as hard as you can in order to get the gap between the block and the subframe big enough to fiddle the alternator out.
  6. A big thanks to Ken for lending me his lovely 45 for a couple of hours to reverse engineer the CVT diagnostic protocol. The car looks pretty good apart from an ill fitting front left indicator and some minor wing damage there. It's presentable enough as it is or with a bit of effort (like a front wing repair or replacement) could be perfect. I didn't drive it but I did run the engine and it sounded fine, and didn't overheat or anything. There were no current error codes in it either. I would love to have gone for a spin as I've never driven (or even been in) a CVT but I just didn't have the time. Personally if I needed a cheap auto right now I would have just bought it on the spot. But I don't.
  7. This might or might not be relevant. https://www.mini2.com/cvt/zf_vt1f_gearbox_description.pdf Apparently you have to be careful what oil you put in them.
  8. I'm pretty sure it's the same gearbox as the one called a Steptronic in an MGF. I have had a few customers ask me for this but I've never been able to find a car to actually try it out. Edmonton isn't too far from Ruislip.
  9. Yes it has Historic on the V5
  10. I hadn't realised that this is near me. Would it be possible to reverse engineer the Steptronic gearbox diagnostic protocol (it is a Steptronic right?)? Which part of London are you at?
  11. Anyone driven a historic into the ULEZ zone yet? For the 604 it says not compliant and has to pay £12.50. I think it should say not compliant and has to pay £0. How does the historic exemption work?
  12. My experience during normal working hours is that no one ever talks to anyone else. A huge quantity of commuters have headphones in which reduces the chance of human interaction to near zero. Last week a single central line train was cancelled and so the next one was so completely rammed that you could not move in any direction more than a few mm, and yet the train went along in total silence.
  13. The problem is that at peak hours the public transport in London is already completely rammed. There is no more room for more people to use public transport. London used to be 6 or 7 million people and now it's 9 million isn't it? Yet there are no more roads or rail lines than before. What we needed is 30% corporation tax proportional to the number of employees a company has that are London based scaling down to zero corporation tax for employees in say the North East of England etc. Although Brexit is worrying I was thinking that one benefit could have been a rebalancing of the economy away from London banks and more towards manufacturing etc. The economy as a whole (and particularly London) would suffer but maybe it would be more evenly distributed. We can't have the entire country only living in one city.
  14. Euro 4 for petrol. Euro 6 for diesel. Most diesels before 2014 didn't comply and I am guessing those after must have the complex EGR systems which will be loads of trouble a few years down the road. I just watched a mate trying to drop the cooled EGR out from underneath a VW Touran. It's sandwiched between the block and the cat and you can't see or touch half of the bolts. The unit is huge with both an electric and vacuum actuator on it.
  15. the limits for diesel are the Euro 6 ones so 0.080 for NOx and 0.005 for PM. The Euro 5 levels were 0.180 for NOx and 0.005 for PM so the Picasso would be compliant on PM already. You have to look at what the V5 says for NOx and if it is below 0.080 then you request an exemption with TFL.
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