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  1. There is a Japanese import in this video which appears to be compliant in the ULEZ checker I wonder how it works with imports?
  2. There is a set of Rover 25 leather seats on ebay in Choppington that look nice but I'm in West London. Anyone got any suggestions?
  3. anyone live near Choppington ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/223470399422
  4. Progress this week:- Fitted header tank with a level sensor in it but not wired it up yet. Changed front discs and pads. It seems slightly better but I suspect that the drums are not adjusting properly, the handbrake lever comes up very high and the pedal still has a slight movement before it does anything. I checked the vacuum booster and it seems to work, but the brakes still don't have as much "bite" as I would like. I guess some new fluid would be a good idea too. Took the entire clutch release mechanism and pedal to bits. Greased the cable and the pedal and worked some spray grease into the pivot on the gearbox. I think that it is quite a bit nicer. Figured out why the airbag warning light is on:- so it seems that the previous owner preferred the seats in this car to the ones in his new 200/25 and so swapped them. The only problem is that the connectors are different. He seems to have chopped the connectors off of his new car and put them in the glovebox so it shouldn't be too hard to sort out. I'm now curious what seats this car is supposed to have.
  5. Another thing on the to-do list is the clutch mechanism. The A40 went from three lanes to one on an uphill stretch last night that took about 20 minutes and it was purgatory. The clutch is quite heavy but I think that there is also a stiffness there as well. I need to take the pedal and release mechanism apart, free everything up, grease it and re-assemble. I believe that this car has the gearbox with Ford internals (the IB5).
  6. Last night I let the tyres down to 28 psi and SWMBO says it is now acceptable.
  7. The more I read about it the more I come to the conclusion that Rover tuned the R25 suspension at the 1999 facelift (from the R3) to give it more "youf" appeal, and that this is what the problem is.
  8. anyone knows how Rover 200 R3 suspension compares with R25? This article https://www.aronline.co.uk/cars/rover/200-25/the-cars-rover-20025-and-mg-zr/ appears to suggest that the 25 got what was considered "sports" suspension on the R3 but as standard. Maybe a set of R3 springs all round would give a softer ride?
  9. Drove into Central London last night and it did well. The only fly in the ointment is that SWMBO says that it makes her sick. I think that this is because she is used to cars with soft suspension. My Jag has air suspension and I deliberately have one of the smaller wheel sizes on it, and her Freelander is fairly compliant too. The 25 isn't. You do feel every bump in it. Did they by any chance just put ZR suspension on everything on the later models? Is it because it's a 1.6? What would be the softest sprung 25 that I could look out for in a scrappy to steal the suspension from? Also I need to see what the tyre pressures are, they might be harder than necessary.
  10. They used a slightly modified Ford Mustange engine ECU, and then had to create a whole new "Gateway ECU" to convert between the Rover electronics on one side and the Ford on the other. The diagnostics is interesting because the Rover T4 diagnostic tool doesn't "talk" Ford and the modified Ford ECU doesn't "talk" T4 and they didn't want (I guess) to push a whole new diagnostic tool to every MG Rover dealer in the country and so the Gateway ECU has to translate from T4 to Ford on the fly. At much the same time Landrover had exactly the same issue because they inherited the Rover diagnostic tool but the newer Jaguar / Landrover went Ford (my X350 is all Ford based). Ford just made all the dealers buy a Ford based diagnostic tool which is the reason why modern Landrover main dealers can do nothing with Mk1 Freelanders.
  11. and this V8 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/223716858968
  12. Interesting that this 1.8 turbo ZT is ULEZ compliant https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114023904211
  13. Electric front Electric sunroof Front fogs Electric adjustable mirrors Keep fit rear windows No A/C Steering wheel stereo controls
  14. Relays can be replaced. Water damage is not so easy. It seems that everything works one mine. That for the tip on the boot hinge.
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