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  1. Oops yes forgot. Civilian Dinky Mk1V Zodiac is in the list too, but any condition will do, therefore even a Police with roof bits knocked-off
  2. Have a 1/33 Smart here too. Did that sort of thing to it ^ That way it does look right with something 😀 @Justwatching
  3. Shopping list includes: Matchbox King Size K-22 Dodge Charger Dinky Dodge Charger Dinky Ford Galaxie Well you did ask…. Can’t say I’m happy about the situation either 😑. After the ‘talk’ at work last week, I may well be having a fire sale of my own in the new year anyhow
  4. A Thompson Mongoose opening has happened The original Corgi example popped over to check out its ….umm …niece?
  5. Sorry to hear this Eddy. The plastic Rolls Royce from Terrahawks comes to mind A good Dinky FAB1 ? Did you ever replace your childhood one I have here (and rebuilt) Lets hope you sleep on any decisions though
  6. Also another trigger finger episode of Matchboxes also arrived Chevy Van ‘Vanpire’ was what I was after The IMSA Mustang and Dinky/Kidco Chevy Stepside seemed nice enough condition to make up the postage weight Never had any of them before. All seemed a good idea at the time for the couple of quid each
  7. CORGI MODEL CLUB DELIVERY IS IN Thompson Mongoose Wow this took me back! The first one that has arrived and the presentation box made it feel like I’d just opened a present as a child Daren’t open it !
  8. And so it is! It's that gawky snout that threw me. I need more absinthe. Pretty obvious its RHD too!
  9. I think I might have found the BEST LLEDO DAYS GONE EVER Hang on. What am I saying !!
  10. Is Denis's Zephyr available? It does have some pubic hairs on its wheel Only got a Lone-Star one, see And its a bit of a Lonely-Star
  11. Went Charity shop at lunch. Came back with: - A Corgi Chevrolet Van, 'Spider-Van' earlier stickers and wheels version - An unbranded Camper Van with opening things and probably makes a right racket along with flashing lights if I put fresh battery in it - An unbranded generic R/C car that will be robbed of its chassis complete with motor, gearing, axles, wheels - A Scalextric Audi TT that looks like all it needs is some braids and a scrub! - A Matchbox Superfast Fork Lift Truck from 1972, which I had one or two of as a boy. Because Lansing and Bagnall were probably some of my first complex words - A Matchbox MBX Motor Home from 2006, which has a lowerable tailgate for when you take your Oxen on holiday with you I shouldn't be allowed out on my own
  12. Can see right through where the hinge lug would be held What a shame It was incredibly steep for those poor cows anyhow, although the exercise did help thin out all that effort put into fattening them up
  13. Hang on, how did a Croke Park sign, taken 5 miles from Dublin's big stadium, end up in Belfast? Were subversive Crokers involved? Bet that has the best story of the lot
  14. I think @bunglebus has a keen interest in those. I'm pretty sure he has two sets and a third would expand the collection and achieve that AS hat-trick and be the envy of us all Apart from that, that ribbed-for-pleasure submarine on the Charity Stallᵀᴹ looks interesting to me. Well, from a non-physical and special interest point of view.
  15. Another questionable purchase was this Dinky Jaguar E-Type 2+2. Had one as a boy and wish I'd looked after it (I remember it fell to bits), fancied getting hold of one in recompense, but hadn't realised until recently how valuable they are in any condition. The Firebird I'm sure knew this fact and popped over to say hello and gloat. Surprisingly for one of these, it's all there apart from tailgate and one door. Still has all the fittings usually missing, such as bumpers, mirrors, headlamps and seat backs. Felt sorry for it. Not only that, it has the crucial spokey wheels and not those ghastly plastic mag wheel things on the later releases. So, another fiver in parts off Mr Flowers would complete the rebuild kit ...the plan is to turn the body to that orangey colour of my old original, give it the matching light blue interior to hide the small boot repair and not have those ghastly wheels to contend with. library pic* Then get some sleep once completed.
  16. Tall Post Lady has been replaced by Short Post Man The multi-parcel delivery included some things that I forgot about. Yes I succumbed to the eBay trigger-finger. It's the Corgi '67 Pontiac Firebird. So put it out to meet one of the three-wheeler Corgi '67 Chevrolet Camaros found in Belfast earlier this year The first 'Red Wheel Centre' Corgi in this household no less. For some reason I expected the castings to be the same bar a few plastic features tacked-on to Pontiac-ize, but no, they are quite different Did know it needed two seat backs and a screen, which seemed worthwhile as getting roof and screen for Camaro off Mike Flowers Pops anyhow. But clearly I didn't look at the photos properly the other week as both bumpers and the rear roof part are chipped. It was fiver. Well, it was there, had been losing sleep of them and this was the cheapest available by some margin - it's a bit of a rarer beast and more valuable than the Camaro it seems. Was never going to see a repeat of the @bunglebus £2 price point! And it's all your fault you lot for getting me interested in red centres and Corgis I've never had
  17. Don't Google 'Hot Bird' It's eye-watering what goes on
  18. Please tell me you have one of these. It's lush and from Chennai
  19. Very likely a fantasy, but to be fair it's got the looks of something French, Indo-China region. After a tot of Absinthe. Logo is used by Sun Star ; Sunnyside ; Superior. Depending on the market and the proximity of the moon
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