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  1. saabhappy

    Simply red

    Just another couple of the Jag in question...
  2. saabhappy

    Simply red

    The Jag seems to be at a lot of the shows I go to, Rev, and I confess I think it's a pig to look at, although he's obviously spent years on it.
  3. saabhappy

    Simply red

    These two were spotted at Cromford Steam Fair last weekend, and I thought you might like a look:
  4. I have - I'll post a few tomorrow.
  5. Yep - I've seen 3 or 4 around, and this is the shabbiest.
  6. Snapped at Welland Steam Fair last Sunday.
  7. I learnt to drive in a Viva HC back in '72. Good cars.
  8. Anything small and French!
  9. Here's a few oldies to give you a smile:
  10. Saab has proper tailored mats (but not original Saab) and they fit perfectly. The Mazda 3 came from a dealership that used to sell Toyotas and has Toyota mats cut to size which fit like a dropped yoghurt.
  11. Is that a 120Y panel van? Next to the Laurel I mean.
  12. If that's the case, I'm in the doghouse. I just thought "Bluebird" and snapped away, knowing there were fans on here. The best laid plans always go down the pan!
  13. This was glinting in the sun at Capesthorne yesterday.
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