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  1. I wasn't talking about leasing or HP.

    I meant hiring. You can hire vans for 30 quid per weekend.

    yep - 20 miles to the hire place, 20 miles back, both of which are on public transport and then a long walk, having to be done the day before (Friday) and return (Monday). And something like a £1000 excess - which eats out of the profits if anything happens. Van hire is cheaper and easier in an orange van in Salford... ;-) It's a nightmare in the sticks.

  2. How often is a van required?

    Wouldn't a long term hiring contract make sense?

    A vehicle capable of carrying 2/3 of a ton is required pretty much every weekend of the year. Whether that is the Merc or a van, it doesn't matter, but the Merc is incapable of carrying the load for some of the two days shows I do, when I am carrying perhaps 3/4 ton on board. I always like the option of two vehicles - that makes unwanted FTPs less of an issue as I can simply use the other vehicle. The Dispatch has been a useful tool for the past three and a half years but is too wee for that '3/4 ton' need.


    Frankly, leasing is never something I want to do. HP Is bad enough. I like to own what I drive and have no restrictions as to use, mileage or worry that much about condition. I'm twenty miles from a decent and cheap van hire place and the hassles involved in hiring are a pain in the butt. And frankly, fifteen hires in a year and I am up at the cost of buying an old vehicle.


    God forbid, though, in an Autoshite hero kind of way, I punted a cheeky offer in on the 1990s Hiace this morning. If I'm going to have a shagged out old van, I'd rather have one I like and that has a 'bed', making outdoor mid-week antique shows a possibility.

  3. I love the Hiace too (had two of the earlier models) - not quite what I'm after but more me than a Transit! Am sleeping on it overnight and will do a cheeky offer tomorrow, I think. Am fully comp any vehicle not belonging to me so no problems collecting and a Puma for a week would be fun! Can store on drive or on one of our rather quiet streets.


    And Skizzer's idea should be considered - why not chuck the Dispatch and buy a tow bar and trailer for your Benz?

    The only downside to this is that trailers are made by the devil and should be avoided like the clap...

    having sold a 2004 Mercedes 416cdi motorhome at nine years old as it was LEZ non compliant at age seven, I know the tfl site.


    Unfortunately, I like the idea of the stock being undercover and not in a trailer. Next month I'm doing a show in Perth - only 400 miles away and I'm not towing and being limted to 60... Asked questions of that Hiace - I do love them, and I like the early Trafics too.

  5. Ian,


    The bridge have odd rules. Don't they charge you as a van if you're in a car with the rear seats folded down or something ridiculous? I just ignore the bridge myself. The toll is bloody ridiculous for the tiny stretch of water crossing. 

    Ian, you live in mid Wales, so it's really easy to avoid the bridge but I'm 30 miles via bridge or near 60 via Gloucester to get home. I think the tolls are electronically worked out from your vehicle reg - so a combi counts as a car but a van with only front seats is a van.

  6. I'm finding that my Merc estate and Dispatch Combi are getting too wee for the stock I am carryimg.


    The dispatch has just (at 216,000 miles) shat itself again with a £250 repair required to the induction system (again, and with the part lasting a mere 3 months) so it is heading to the great garage in the sky shortly.


    This leaves me with a dilema. I need a new van - but budget is tight.


    I also require occasional use of four seats and the ability to get over the Severn Bridge for car rate (as otherwise it isn't worth crossing the bridge into Wales on a van rate), so it's ideally a combi with a set of three seats in the back. It also has to be LEZ complant because I go there every month without fail.


    Remit: Something up to £1500, swb or mwb, but definitely not a lwb. Six seats, LEZ compliant, can carry a tonne in comfort without looking like its arse is scraping the ground.


    Are Renault DCi vans as bad as the cars for eating their engines?


    Should I just by a trannie?


    WIll Billy recommend an Iveco?


    Are Toyota Hiaces any good and will the diesel engine eat its headgasket for breakfast?


    Are VW transporters purchasable in decent nick without a surfboard on the roof?


    Any suggestions?



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