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  1. well done - the oil was below the minimum when I checked - topped it up straight after buying it with the remains of a bottle (about 250ml) and just before it went to you, it got topped up properly with some 5W30 fully synth I had lying about. I'd recommend a little bit of body fettling. I think you're on to a winner with it, and you'll see a good few thou miles before a big bill hits.
  2. You obviously got rid of the Safranes when steel was over £100 a ton. Cheapskates want to charge me! What was fascinating and the XM friend round today said so, was that, having cut it into pieces, you could see how it was constructed. There are a few parts with four sheets of metal making up things like the door pillars and roof. have seven cutting discs left out of 22... Tomorrow, I'm going to trya and get the remaining bits moved across the garden so I can move the UMM, then get the van on the driveway!
  3. I didn't want to do it, but it was sensible and about three other XMs have parts which live on!
  4. it's like Indian shipbreakers. Nothing is wasted! One car load went to an XM owner last week and another car load this week. Most of my spares have now gone to good homes.
  5. Well, I have had this Citroen XM - dead and rusting - outside for over a year. The engine came out in the summer, and she was looking sorry for herself. I couldn't find a scrappy that would take it for nothing. In fact, with no wheels at the front and engine- and interior-less they wanted to charge me £80 to remove it. I'm Scottish and I went out and bought an angle grinder and twenty cutting discs instead. As I dismantled crudely i removed everything that could be salvaged and the wiring for recycling. So, we went from nearly a car, to a much reduced car in about nine hours over two weekends. Having bought a transit, I'm going to pop to the scrapyard now with the bulkhead and subframe without cutting them any more. In the meantime 1/2 a car has gone to the tip. A couple of parts of body went to a friend whose car needs some welding.
  6. lol - already worked out where the microwave is going and the two ring gas cooker - first thing to do is tidy the pigsty in the back. There's been a diesel spill over the ply floor - it stinks so it's coming up and off tomorrow. Has one of those water heater sinks in the rear too - which is useful!
  7. hi-viz vest and flashing lights = park almost anywhere! They're brilliant and there's a huge spotlamp at the back too on the roof to annoy Audi drivers.
  8. XMs are slowly being eaten away like the Titanic - especially the ones in Belfast!
  9. you're speaking to the man who is cutting up a Citroen XM to find out just how rusty they get! It has flashing lights - sad to say, they are staying!
  10. Lol last iveco I drove wasn't bad. Apart from the 56mph limiter. Heading home in a transit.
  11. The iveco is too big. Our house is smaller. A Trafic is too wee. I'm on a train, though.
  12. they can go there - not too difficult to weld a patch in though. One of the Club XM guys has just done that on another car.
  13. I'm Scottish - living in the only part of England exactly like Cumnock & Doon! Only the accents give it away...
  14. they were blue - it's nearly green! Logistics wouldn't have been an issue - I'd have had them autoshipleyed, starting with getting them closer myself.! They went to a home where they will be used - at least one was needed for the XM that collected them!
  15. doesn't surprise me - these things were solidly built!
  16. collectioning a non shite Transit van tomorrow - it's not even white!
  17. Sadly, I sent a car load of XM bits away last weekend including a pair of superb strut tops. Theyre a very quick swap over - probably 90 mins for both sides! - that's 40 mins to do it and 50 mins to clear up the lhm on the deck. Both on that car look rough! The rust isn't too bad - the wheel carriers always go - just like that one! It's pretty late and the later ones aren't as good - basically the 1995-8 ones in 2.1 flavour are the best of all. Locally, I would - the rebuilt strut tops are good and at least one XM Club member has a stock now, I believe! You have to watch for rust in these places: sills - from front to back especially on the jack mountings front bumper mountings on inner wings subframe on front inner wings at rear and chassis rails along the car. Metal is thick but protection is thin ... You may find the abs is simply a duff sensor - and should be able to tell which wheel by the flashes as it goes through the check. Tidy looking but those struts would give me a heart attack ...
  18. I'm in it to win it! Thanks Phil - no need to ... but of all the raffles in all the world, it's the one I'd have entered!
  19. Yes it is a car therefore has car speed limits. I have had two bikes inside. A third would fit at a push.
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