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  1. I can't logically see a way to do it. Kinky has a council flat in Leeds, but then I'd need to rent an industrial unit there which would be £kerching.


    I can't buy my own house as self employed at a crap level, not mortgage material.


    The long term plan is KG has right to buy on her flat, and would get max discount (70%? ), so I buy her flat, flog for £££, buy house somewhere else. I've just about got enough to buy it for cash now, but at 1 year in it doesn't feel sensible.


    Maybe answer is wear ear plugs 24/7 and keep saving. Maybe Ma will calm the fuck down again.

    you can't rent? I would if my mum was so annoying. Have you considered that your mum is like this because she thinks you're old enough to be living on your own?

  2. Ok, yesterday I put the brand new Hankook spare on the back, hid the illegal (now) spare back underneath, threw a decent wheel and car tyre inside the load area, checked the fluids and topped up the power steering fluid and filled a one litre bottle back up with ATF for the power steering and placed that under the passenger seat. Today I squandered £25 on a V5, which should be with me early next week. She's pretty much ready to go and next week is being advertised to the great unwashed.

  3. To my shame I have owned this fine vehicle for almost a week and haven't found time to do anything with it yet. Work is very busy at the minute and I've no holidays spare.


    This evening I did do some citrobatics for fun and started poking around. A few things I didn't notice before have impressed me, most notably the lap belt has an inertia reel - I've never seen that before. And check out the blinds!



    It's SO comfy back here



    I've much to do this evening, if I do get time before bed I'll start stripping stuff out of the engine bay to get a better look at the coolant system.


    Niggle list as it stands:


    Wobbly speedo. Seems they all do that Sir. Some remedies on XM forum.


    Hydraulic pump. It's very rattly, and I notice the car struggles a bit to lift from its lowest height, if you try and go straight from lowest to highest the pump sounds like it's going to have a coronary. Also the PAS comes and goes. Jonathan supplied a spare pump which has a leaky input shaft. I've read this is about the only seal you can no longer get, and normal rubber seals are no use with LHM. I could try and make one good pump out of the two, but haven't looked to see if they are the same pump yet.


    Fuel pump. It's running a pump from a xantia, and to Jonathan's credit the car performs fine so he's done a good job setting it up. However It takes a fair few turns to start from cold as the (vacuum actuated?) cold start advance doesn't work with the xantia pump. Jonathan also reckons the on boost fueling could be whacked up a bit, in his eyes the car isn't as powerful as it was with the XM pump though as I've no basis for comparison it feels grand to me. Putting a caravan on the back might highlight any power deficiency though....


    There are lots of little issues I would like to work through that don't affect the use of the car, and are all to be expected of a 1993 Citroën with 280k!


    One thing is the sunroof - it's currently sealed shut with gaffer tape. I know I'm opening a can of worms here but I'd like to make it functional.....


    Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk

    there are numerous reasns for an inoperable sun roof! The first is that it leaks around the seal. The second is the metal frame has rusted and has pushed the seal, letting water in. The third is a drain tube has come adrift, the fourth is that a drain tube is blocked or split. They run down the inside of the door pillars (which are filled with expanding foam for good measure). The fifth is that the motor has malfunctioned - plastic gear wheels are never a good idea. The sixth is the electrics are wonky and it refuses to seal. Seventh is a microswitch has gone inside the switch/motor. There is a clutch inside the motor once you undo the interior lights and you can in theory wind the roof by hand. 

  4. Do it then, you only live once etc

    this - moved from East Ayrshire to English equivalent of Kilmarnock (Gloucester) and never once regretted it. Now live in the English version of Cumnock and Doon valley - except the people are less strange!

  5. Bare shell's can usually be given away on Facebook or something. Chopping up a shell is horrible work!

    didn't work for me - I tried that and failed!  :-(



    It is horrible work but not having done it before (well, I won't count the terminal Trojan bubble car I used a cold chisel and hammer on in a scrapyard to get the front axle out of about 25 years ago), it is interesting to see just how the car is put together.


    Just been out to look at the rear sills on what's left - one side totally gone, the other crusty enough to put my fingers through at the bottom! I knew the passenger side was bad but the driver's side front was OK, but the back has been against a wall. I'll take some pics later.

  6. right one side at the rear is OK - I think the back end on the nearside is too. I'll attack these soon. The nearside front went already but offside I'll cut out the area around the pedal assembly. Everything behind that has gone!

  7. replied to your club xm post before seeing this. 


    no.1 Mine is an estate too.


    I can check what is in the van to go to the tip tomorow for some of the front sections, I have spare wheel carrier, the two rear sills from the rear seat back (although cannot guarantee just how unrusty they may be) - and more importantly am in Perth in a month - driving up and down the M74...


    I have the remains of the bulkhead to be cut up but the front inner wing area is shot on the driver's side!

  8. I have a majorly chopped bulkhead and the back end left. Plus steering rack, which came out after my pal went home or it would have been in his car. It's an estate so the back end is different to the hatch. The back end is untouched underneath but will be chopped as soon as... The chassis rails were rusty at the front (from inner wing back for a bit), and one sill had gone totally (inner and outer - all the way to the passenger compartment. I don't know the condition of underneath of the back end.

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