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  1. Plenty of em cheap on eBay.

    thanks but I will never ever give Ebay any of my money ever again!
    You'd be giving the seller your money not eBay. Buyers don't pay fees as far as I'm aware. Depends how badly you want something I suppose.
    By buying something on ebay I am directly feeding them money as they get a fee for every item sold - I won't do it, certainly not after I had a £340 chargeback for an item that that was delivered and signed for by the high bidder! Neither Ebay nor paypal would accept that I had sent the item, it had been signed for and the person who got it (in Portugal) was a lying, thieving git! I used to sell about £1000 worth of stuff a month on Ebay and simply stopped when this happened and have never gone back. I have managed without the need to use it!
  2. my next gripe is about the panic-mongering newsreaders and broadcasters that will be going on about the thaw-induced flooding we're getting in two weeks time! ;)I'm just getting in early before they think about it themselves!

  3. weather forecasts on the BBC? Where is my snow? You promised me snow all night and none fell? You're promising it now! Where is it? You can't even look out the bloomin' window and write a wee thing saying grey skies!In the past ten days, you've cried Wolf about six times and the time we did get snow you didn't forecast it!If you can't get today's weather right, what hope is there for global warming!

  4. Phonecards.Used to collect anything and everything, but then decided to specialise in Landis & Gyr optical cards for BT.I have a few model cars, I used to collect all the corgi minis, but my kids sort of nicked them so now I dont bother.

    I used to get them from phoneboxes - I remember getting some good ones quite a few times in succession from a box in Dumfries - including two Open Golf cards (both £10 ones IIRC) - think I sold them both for about £75 each - but I also used to love the £20 cards - for years I never paid for a phonecall as I used to get them half used in boxes in Glasgow.I still have the 1993 Messerschmitt one, a Bond Bug one and another Messerschmitt one somewhere.
  5. In amongst a group of hard-core car nuts, the thought sprung to my head. What do we all collect? Car-related or not!Me, I have a pretty large collection of ocean liner memorabilia, from postcards and photos to things such as a window from the gymnasium of the Titanic's sister ship, Olympic. I also have the engineering blueprints of the Queen Mary, from the Queen Mary (brought back in 67 by one of her engineers), as well as china, silverware and other such items from ships.I also collect old postcards and deal in them too - and have about 40,000 at home from the 1890s to the 1960s. I used to collect bubble car models, but I'm alright now ...and I also collect books, especially about cars and ships.My wife's dad used to collect army vehicles from World War Two.

  6. Welcome! you definitely need to put some pics up of your fleet, sounds very interesting! glad there is another microcar perv on here finally!

    I'll try some pics soon - the bubbles were an obsession at one point - I had twenty or so at one time back in the days when I could buy them for £200 a time.
  7. My favourite in my collection is by far and away the messerschmitt - bought in 1987 for £200 and it will never be for sale. Of the microcars I have owned, the one I am most likely to buy another of is a Goggomobil Coupe - they are superb cars, well built and well engineered.The one least likely to own is anything powered by an Excelsior talisman twin - horrible engines!!I've owned lots of other stuff from sh*te to classy, but tired, classics. My favourite classic car that I have owned was a 59 PA Cresta in silver and blue two tone, the worst a Citroen XM 2.0i that destroyed itself a week after I bought it.

  8. I don't like advertising on my first day here but ...Seriously, my wife's disgraced punto cab was replaced on Monday with an Astr convertible.One of c. 50,000 Fiat Punto cabriolets hand-made in Italy by Bertone.Mine, a 1998R, has disgraced itself on the driveway with what I think is a dodgy ignition switch.It is a 1600cc 90 ELX in a forest green colour with colour-coded bumpers and mirrors. It has electric front windows and an electric roof (which operates but needs some hydraulic fluid topping up). It is fitted with foglamps and has done 74,000 miles. Bought with 49000 on the clock in January 2006 so mileage is genuine.Currently, it is sitting on four good tyres, the rear of the exhaust was replaced for its MoT last year. The Mot runs out on 12 January 2010 and the car will be untaxed (currently on disabled tax class) upon collection.It will start with a bump (or Russian roulette using the key) and runs well, if a little noisily, as the front of the exhaust is blowing. The car has the odd parking ding (no - not huge dents - teeny, teeny dings where doors have caught it in supermarket car parks) but is essentially rust free. The roof is good apart from a slight tear at the seam on the rear window (currently held on with about a five inch length of black gaffa tape).A good project and probably easily put back on the road. Car located in Gloucester. I refuse to use Ebay to sell it, even though I would get over £200 on there. I have neither the time nor the inclination to strip it for parts. Car is for sale at £150, cash on collection.The Punto is a good-handling and quite sporty cabriolet and now becoming rare on Britain's roads. This one is a solid wee car that has given us four years of fun motoring.PM me or call me on 07768 268919 to discuss.If you've read this far, I may advertise some other classic tat soon - although I am duty bound to enjoy myself here first reading some posts, replying to them and generally being a nuisance until I decide what to do with the Honda Zs and the Hiace.Campbell

  9. Hi! Thought I reckognised the user name. What do you think of the Smart Roadster?

    The smart roadster is a pile of crap built by Frenchmen (badly) but it is a fantastic car - drives well, nippy, easily tunable, returns 50+mpg and runs 115bhp at the moment - for a 700cc engine (albeit a chocolate one) it does 124mph two up with luggage on the autobahn.Mine is up at 74000 miles, gets serviced by me, leaks horribly at the moment, eats brakes (a set of pads every 20,000 miles), but it stands up well in a crash (smart roadster 3, fallow deer, Vx Astra and VW Golf nil) and is economical, parts are quite cheap and it is easy to work on - takes two hours to remove the panels and is all-bolt together on the mechanicals too.Would I recommend one - in a word, yes! But with the caveat that you need to be a bit mechanically minded to work on it - for it is fragile, but dynamically great! It will surprise you in its practicalness and its fun factor.
  10. The Prinz is a single seater used in a 1966 Doctor Who series with the cybermen in it.The Mochet is the only camionette in the UK - swapped a T60 for it with a man in germany. My current berk is a B95 racer.The Hiace is a 1981 - very rusty but it has given us a year or so of fun.The Zs are going to be for sale soon!

  11. Hi just joined after seeing a mention on another forum - and with a lack of practical classics forum thought I'd come and join.I've had various classics over the years but am currently running a smart roadster, Vauxhall Astra convertible, Toyota Hiace Devon, Mercedes 416cdi motorhome as well as my Messerschmitt, Bond, Berkeley, Mochet Camionette, NSU Prinz special and three Honda Z600s.Have owned land Rover Dormobile, CA Dormobiles, almost every bubble/microcar you could mention, as well as numerous small Fiats and various 1950s Vauxhalls.Campbell

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