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    Top Gear

    Yes, I'm horrified & disgusted in equal measures at the foul & abusive language. Tssssk.
  2. Sorry gents. one that slipped through the net. Deleted & banned.The 'Management'
  3. Mr H Sceptre

    Top Gear

    So whodo we all reckon will have wich car? Clarkson=SD1, May=Dolly & Hammond=Ambassador?God I wish May would stumble across this site, my life would be complete...
  4. Must admit I've had a Facebook account for a few months now. Originally set up to (wholly unsuccessfully) promote Autoshite, but I like it for sharing photos/keeping in touch with friends abroad etc etc. I also agree that all that throwing sheep/vampires/poking stuff is a load of old rollox. Also, when someone you maybe aren't too keen on invites you to be their friend I feel a bit rude declining their invitation. Therefore you get the odd random ex-colleague dullard able to look at photos of you bladdered on a night out. Not ideal.In fact, I've got a rather sad confession to make (I feel safe coming clean, so as to speak, with you guys) - I've got Catbook profiles for my 2 moggies. They chat with other cats around the globe. Think I ought to shut up now.
  5. Welcome sir. Anyone is welcome on Autoshite - we're not car snobs on this site so all manner of vehicle owners are more than welcome. Enjoy.H Sceptre & E Leyland(Autoshite 'Management')
  6. Superb episode. Glad to see the Beta was true to form & packed in the most. Shame it wasnt a Beta saloon though.
  7. Glad to be of service.As I've previously said, when I get the requests for new members I have to make a decision whether or not they are spam etc, so sometimes when a username looks a little strange (apologies KruJoe!!) I take a 'better safe than sorry' approach & dont authorise. I know this isnt ideal but we have had a couple of incidents in the past where we've had porn link etc posted on the forum.HS
  8. Minder=THE BEST TV SHOW EVER. Fact.
  9. So what exactly is the point of welding the rear doors shut? Is it purely a cosmetic thing? If so then its a bloody waste of time. Idiots.
  10. That last photo of the Citroen & the Simca is quite superb. your Simca looks to be in decent condition.
  11. Great scott, I'm lost for words! Is the yard full of Citroens anywhere near Amsterdam (I'm just thinking ahead to future 'Dam visits)?
  12. The bargain of 2007 so far I'd say.
  13. Those buttons probably didnt operate anything, knowing Rover's build quality in the mid 80's.
  14. And lets not forget the E-Type Jag.
  15. http://citcity.citroen1.info/Postoffice/postcard.htm
  16. Not arsed about any of that lot. If forced to pick one, s'pose the Stag because its Leyland.
  17. I must admit I've got a bit off a thing for commercials myself. A very tough choice there. I was very close to agreeing with m'colleague Mr E Leyland with the Simca but in the end went for summat different - said vehicle being a Commer Van. I love them. They are the true Autoshite of the commercial world. A high roof Commer camper van, now thats special.
  18. I voted for turn the bugger off in the end. If I was piloting a mondeo then keep it on, but generally 'classic' car motoring doent need any artificial noise polution.
  19. ..........hang on, i thought rugby & light/moderate buggery was for sailors. Oh well, shows you what I know living in the land-locked midlands.
  20. Muffled results service begging for attention over the strain of a Rootes Arrow's 1725 twin carb belching for air. And dear life.
  21. Yes, Practical Classic every time for me. I agree that the more technical atricals may as well be written in bloody Chinese as far as I'm concerned. Rust in Peace speaks for itself, but I also like the section you refer to as having the old photos in - its called Memory Lane. I get as much enjoyment trying to name all the cars in that as I do reading Rust in peace. Saying that, it does piss me off when the scene in question is from the 1950's/early 1960's.Any old photos from the 70's are worth having, its well worth trawling a few junk shops/market stalls for them as they often have old cars in them, plus 70's scenes are just worth having in their own right.
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