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  1. The driver's side sun visor on my Simca 1100 knocks into the rear view mirror when pulled down. A very minor gripe, granted.
  2. Contraversially, I actually quite like the matt black bonnet. I think it can look quite cool on some cars. Reminds me of a car I had on my old Matchbox Powertrack (possibly an Avenger Tiger) that was light blue with a black bonnet if my memory serves me well.
  3. I had an H plate BX 14TE as my first car. Loved it. Would have another.
  4. The way this thread has gone from a discussion about the rights/wrongs of the tanker driver's situation & the subsequent Gvt'spublic's respone to a load of pictues of old tankers has made me chuckle.
  5. Grrrr, bloody OMG FUEL CHAOS......... I'm going away to Abergavenny in the morning, so a bit of a drive from Leicester & hardly any petrol in the Simca. I didnt want to leave it till the morning so decided to fill up this afternoon. What a ballache! Walking up the main road near me (I'd left the car at a mate's last night so had a 25min walk to pick it up)I noticed that there were big queues at the Tesco garage near me & both the Total garages further up the road were pretty busy & some of the pumps were sold out. So I got to the car and decided to go to a little Texaco garage near where the car was parked. Completely sold out of petrol! Oh, & my fuel warning light was starting to flicker on a bit (never got that low on fuel before so no idea how much left in the tank). So got to a BP garage nearby, not too busy & all pumps had fuel. Bingo. In just opened the fuel cap & realised I left my bank card at home (no cash whatsoever on me) so had to drive all the way home to pick up & back again, trying to preserve fuel, by which time the BP was a lot busier. Bided my time & filled her to the brim - £50. Oh, & I timed it really badly coz its school-run time so lots of traffic everywhere (The Simca doesnt like stop-start traffic on hot days - the temp guage starts to slowly rise). And the strike hasn't even been confirmed & wouldn't be for another week anyway. Thanks a lot Cameron you fucking prick.
  6. 2-Tone is kinda nice though. But I agree, with a Wedge in particular, a darker top half is favourable.......
  7. Yesterday I washed, T-Cut'd & polished the Simca. Its looking good.
  8. So what would happen if I have an insurance policy for my car that also insures me to drive any other car 3rd party (which I have)......so if I am then driving for example a mate's car (totally legally & insured, but my docs. are in my own car, obviously), where would that leave me? Also, as mentioned before, what about foreign registered vehicles? What about company cars? What about hire cars? God I hate Cameron & this shit-tip of a Government.
  9. All I know about the Winnbago thing is that it is a Hymer........
  10. Some recent spots in Leicester
  11. Yes, overkill is better than regulations that are too slack when it comes to looking after nippers I guess.
  12. CRB's can be a bit OTT indeed. I worked in the Facilities/Health & Safety Dept for a leading energy supplier a few years ago. A good company to work for to be honest. But, part of my job involved signing in any Mums/Dads coming into the office with their kids. I didnt even talk to the kids, it only involved a parent signing a Disclaimer but I still had to have a CRB done. I was quite embarrased when an old conviction for Criminal Damage came up from 15yrs previous.....
  13. Do it & reach instant Autoshite legend status!!!!
  14. BX for me. My first car was a povvo spec 14TE 'Rendez-Vous'. Loved that car.
  15. Terrible terrible news. The next week or two will be pretty hectic with all the necessary arrangements, but sometimes that can be a good thing as it keeps your mind occupied. Best wishes to you and your family.
  16. 14 July is good for me. Count me as a definate.
  17. I'm up for this. Any excuse to have a nice long drive in the Simca. I'm sure m'colleague Mr E Leyland would be keen to put in an appearance too......
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