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  1. God yeah. When I was really young I used to chunder in the back of Dad's Mini Countryman (Clubman, mock wood panelling) frequently. I was ok on motorways, but unfortunately we had a caravan in the Yorkshire Dales so driving on those bendy Dales roads played havok with me. That car must have bloody stunk.
  2. Yeah, me too. My swimming pool has turned green, which means it's filling up with dodgy bacteria and shouldn't be swum in. Oh poor baby, I hear you chorus , but wait: a twice-daily swim has been doing my beloved a lot of good both physically and emotionally, and now she can't go in, obviously both of these factors are deteriorating. It'll be relatively easy to fix. I just need to buy some chemicals... oh wait a minute, buy? Doesn't that involve giving someone actual money? Oh bugger. You can bet the chemicals only come in a pack size that would last me 12 months, too; we're not here another 12 weeks. We fly on September 12th. Also, I need to spend money on my little barn-find, more money I don't have. I know, this is a recurring theme in my grumps, sorry. It's life. Once we've moved I'll find something else to grump about. The rain, the NHS, the job market, BT, there's bound to be something. Is your better half able to swim in the sea, or would that be a bit daunting for her?
  3. Not exactly scientific, but looks like n minimum age: http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100613122323AAI1Qxf
  4. Can't be arsed posting a photo, but this Princess (with MOT & no reserve) looks pretty tidy http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AUSTIN-PRINCESS-2200-HLS-MET-GREEN-WITH-GOLD-VELOUR-INTERIOR-LONG-MOT-48K-/221069146568?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item3378bf79c8
  5. Whats the logic in offering the money off just for an MG or Rover? Why not any other makes? In fact surely it would be better to have non-MG/Rovers as other makes would have higher resale values.
  6. Also, Quentin W states that its boot space is bigger than that of a comparable Focus/Astra....but surely the MG is a larger car than either of those & shoukld therefore be compared to cars such as the Insignia/Mondeo etc.
  7. The current Golf looks a bit narrow & high as well - but I can imagine it probably looks weirder on a saloon car.
  8. I'm quite suprised at the complete lack of marketing of these MG's. OK, so I don't buy much printed press these days so I might be a bit wide of the mark, but I certainly haven't seen a single TV advert/billboard/internet ad etc etc. If MG have gone to the bother of designing & building these things then they obviously think there is a market, so why not advertise the bloody things?! And I'm sure there could be a market for them. OK, its no oil painting - but its no worse than an Insignia/Jetta/Hyundai/Kia etc etc. Plus the MG badge/made in Britain thing must still mean something to some people.
  9. Nous n'avons pas le petit dejeuner! Don't mind me, I'm just jealous that I couldn't come. Next year maybe.... [pendant] Surely its just dejeurner, not petit dejeurner, as it was dinner they were lacking, not breakfast [pedant] Sorry.
  10. There must be shitloads of VAG models sharing the same platform as the Golf. Off the top of my head: VW Golf/Golf Plus/Jetta/Touran, Audi A3, Skoda Octavia, Seat Leon/Toledo/Altea (I think the last 2 Seats are Golf-based anyway) That beats the AD016 badge engineering by a country mile!!
  11. I suppose the 800 was kept going because the Rover/BMW management assumed that a so-called 'prestige' brand should have a large car in it range, no matter if the thing was woefully dated & inferior to its rivals. Size matters!
  12. I'm really pissed off that I listened to Radio 5's weather reports with there flood warnings etc etc. Gutted I didn't come. Really gutted.
  13. H) Use your indicators once in a f**king while.
  14. The R3 200 should have been badged as a 100 & been marketed as the replacement for the Metro/100. There would then have been no need for the dreadful CityRover. The Civic-based 400/45 Hatchback should have been badged as the 200 - the Escort/Astra rival. The 400/45 saloon should have been released before the hatchback (thus distancing itself from the Civic) & badged the 400. An estate version would have probably been a good idea too. No need for two larger cars (600 & 800) so happy for the 75 to effectively replace both. That 75 Coupe is bloody lush and should have been produced. Sorted!
  15. After checking the weather forecast early this morning I decided to stay at home as it looked a bit grim. I've got a feeling I've made the wrong decision now as the weather here in Leicester has been ok/dry today. How has it been down in Wiltshire? Pleeeeeeease don't say warm & sunny............
  16. And the bottom one looks like its been in a pretty nasty accident at some point. Cut n shut job.
  17. Designed by a bloke called Mark Adams.
  18. Yep, just been on the Vauxhall website & it is indeed the forthcoming Adam. It looks shit. And has a shit name. From said website: "Due to arrive in UK showrooms in January 2013, our unique supermini will boast materials, apps and safety systems usually found in premium cars". Apps??? Apps?? It a bloody car not a phone, Grrrr. "Classy, sophisticated and glamorous, the three-door, four-seater ADAM retains key Vauxhall design signatures – the crisp line around the door handle, the wing-shaped chrome grille bar and the blade shape in the lower doors" So the only exterior design features the manufacturers believe are of any note are the door handles, the radiator grille & a crease in the door. Good God. "ADAM boasts a ‘floating’ roof that’s visually disconnected from the body, making the use of two-tone colour schemes more impactful than ever before" Eh? What? Load of bollox.
  19. Excuse my ignorance, but what car is this?
  20. 5 Live only for me. Would listen to Radio 6 but don't have a DAB radio & don't listen to radio on my laptop (Except Test Match Special) as I don't have decent speakers.
  21. Really glad you have stuck it out here on Autoshite Mr 1300. Just glad to see someone with a passion for keeping old motors on the road. Not everyone's cars can be to everyone else's taste....& I must admit that your Triumph is growing on me. It does look quite menacing from the front! Mr HS So-called 'Management'
  22. I bought CAR religiously back then. I remember each and every one of those photo's like it was just yesterday.......
  23. 'Madness on Wheels - Rallyings Craziest Years'. Documentary about Group B rallying in the 1980's. Looks to be some great footage.
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