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  1. Electric Leyland, Siestaboy, Mr H Sceptre you have pm re backups etc



    Hi Dave - very interested in this. Will need to speak to Mr Leyland first, plus my laptop is broken so prob won't get the chance to PM you until tomorrow........

  2. I agree, although it's hard to think of a car where I don't think the first ones looked best.

    Definitely has to be a late 70s 3 door with the plastic seats and in a period BL colour. 8)




    My God, thats a thing of beauty.

  3. Fair play dude. Glad you managed to recoup a bit of cash......shame you couldn't keep it on the road but, as they say, you win some............



    Hopefully, when you are a bit more flush, you'll get another nice old motor on the road.

  4. Which one of you fellow Shiters lives near Rutland Water? I remember someone saying they did but can't for the life of me remember who.


    I ask, because I was driving through Edith Weston this afternoon after a days cycling & passed a chap in a dark coloured Triumph Herald (on alloys), & we checked out each

    others cars.....thats when I remembered there is a Shiter from round those parts. Was that you????

  5. Well, after spending the last for-what-seems-like-ages bumming around & going on countless holidays & watching my savings go down at an alarming rate, I'm finally starting a new job tomorrow (I think this is the right thread as opposed to the Grumpy thread). Landed myself a position with the Institute of Occupational Safety & Health on their Web Development team, mainly looking after their web content & dealing with user queries.


    Quite looking forward to getting back into the rat-race if the truth be known. Also looking forward to rolling up in the Simca to the delight/horror/confusion/disgust (delete as applicable) of my new colleagues.


    Actually, I think Autoshite helped me land the job, oddly! I needed to emphasise in the interview that I'm in no way a teccy type person & have limited experience in maintaining web content in a previous role, but I did start prattling on about the fact I have my own classic car website etc etc which really impressed the interviewer, esp when I told her we get over 3million hits a month (true)....

  6. OK, just trying to get a general concensus here....


    Picture the scenario: there is a rare old European saloon for sale (we're talking Simca 1501/Lancia Gamma/Pug 604 type thing here), no MOT, a bit of a shed, & nobody appears willing to take it on & save it. The owner therefore will just scrap it. Would you rather it went to the banger boys for 'one last hurrah' before getting cubed, or would you rather it just went straight to meet its maker?


    This is just purely theoretical by the way & I just wondered what everyone's thoughts are on this.



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