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  1. I paid £200 for a 1.6 auto with full mot and it still worked properly when the mot ran out ! It needed 4 new brake discs and pads for the mot and the price to replace them was nearly £120 i thought £120 + mot price also 2 tyres would it last another year ? decided not to risk it still got most of it but i miss it
  2. I have fitted similar kits to this and the operation is different to normal manual chokes pull choke out and floor acc pedal and the choke will set , you can push the choke knob in but the flaps will stay shut until the pedal is pressed again I have never had a problem with them and they work fine
  3. Yes you can but have it through a big relay on a push button switch so only on when its pressed
  4. Yes unfortunately . There were a few yards around Tamworth back in the day Marston motors was opposite the Argos at ventura Tamworth Auto salvage was behind Tamworth accident centre at Two gates Taronis at fazely ( used to be humpries comercial breakers ) Bob Riley at birchmoor now moto services but Bob is still at Grendon Ask your dad if he remembers Charlie burns at Atherstone ?
  5. The hard thing to remember is most of the cars back then wouldn't have lasted another 20 years most were under 15 years old at the time . It is upsetting now though thinking about it The Escort was a freebie as it was the unpopular mk2 version and a 2 door ! everybody wanted mk3's 2 door cars were hard to sell back then
  6. Next to my Escort there is a Skoda this was scrapped in 1993 because the owner got fed up of not being able to sell it ! it did go back on the road though
  7. I sold it in early 96 but even in 97 it was still nothing special just a thirsty old car , shame though
  8. It was a good time to be doing the job , all we did was drain the fuel coolant oil and brake fluid remove the wheels and stack them ,
  9. It got a proper low bake respray and a GL interior too Back then a roll of camera film and developing cost about the same as 2 gallon of 4 star so unfortunatly diddnt take many pics of it
  10. Yes swapped the pinto for a 2.3 V6 and resprayed it blue
  11. We would have moved the top car if somebody wanted something off a bottom car
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