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  1. Smoll steps today - not on mx5 either Micra has been lacking some squirty action which up until now hasn't been a massive issue. Now there is salting on road the screen is filthier than a teenagers mind with nothing to wash away the grime. I bought a new jack to fix my patio door with so put it into action on the little white box Benefits are that it has a stable big base and because you arent winding it up, it feels a lot more stable. Wheel nuts are 3 X 17 and 1 X 19 - that's an interesting choice. Into the wheel well Take out the plastic arch liner There is half a field behind them, so no wonder they rot away. A less spotted washer bottle The plug was a right bastard to get off so pulled the whole pump out The terminals were released and tested. they seemed to be fine and when I stuck a new good pump on it spun nicely. My only other pump had holes in wrong places so I have had to order one from eBay. On the mx5 I fiddled with the injectors The old ones look massive compared to new ones Googling the part numbers they are definitely uprated versions. These are 420cc from RX8 ather than 320cc from a supra. Man maths means that they were only double the cost of the seal set on the old ones and if I can get any money back from them that is a bonus.
  2. Hotdogs.... For breakfast ? Either you are hard as nails or need to find a nice local butcher for some proper sausages.
  3. Two weeks later and inlet plus injectors are sitting in the garage. Got a large dose of CBA plus been pissing it down. I need to just get it refitted and then make boosty noises.
  4. You bastard... I have been avoiding buying an ozone machine because I think they are lies and made with unicorn tears The fact they work mean I may need to buy one!
  5. Tap up GM. He just replaced his on his 1.8 - he might even have the tools.
  6. Should be ok - lob new belt on and crack on sideways
  7. Sounds like you have a solution!
  8. Paided - luckily I dont have any chance of winning it ... .hopefully my donors will though to keep my winning hand in
  9. There are lowering springs which drop a couple of inches I think. Not mega expensive.
  10. Tried a modified one from HMC. Flipping quick but you sit really high in them, I even stuck lowering springs in the seats which made a bit of difference. Mx5 is miles better for driving really, even if a 1.6 engine doesn't meet a tickled vvc.
  11. We only know that because a strange man on the internet said his knob was fine... Is that conclusive?
  12. When men are left alone... This sort of thing happens...
  13. Absolutely. Might even have cake available ...
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