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  1. Not going to fit a turbo ..... .(yet)
  2. Anniversary card from Missus Puss Does this mean she wants to go through my car excel spreadsheet with me?
  3. That's 50% of a good night and stick to peanuts plus packet of salt & vinegar and guaranteed good night out!
  4. Don't mind either to be fair - the Rover definitely is something I would rock. Probably over speed bumps
  5. Cutting plastic parts with an angle grinder melts the plastic as it is cutting. So then only an idiot will go to pull the melted plastic away with it sticking to their thumb and index finger. The blisters really hurt....
  6. General mx5 lickers question - headlights. Won't always pop up when turn on the lights - I was hoping that he connector might fix it. Symptoms Turn headlights on and 40% of time they won't pop up. Lights are on. If I push the manual up button they always pop up. Any ideas?
  7. I hadn't thought of that. Delrin ones are still £££. I have kept the old ones but you can pretty much squish them by hand so I think even swapping them over won't stop the knocking Or perhaps drunk will just seduced by shiny things.
  8. Anyone want Mx5 MK1 Drivers seat Mx5 Silver rear bumper Can be collected from Uxbridge or Accrington
  9. Well when you come to sell the Saab wave it vaguely near me.
  10. Low on quality high on the bothering
  11. I love these cars, always wanted one, don't think I will ever get one. You seem to be getting through the jobs - port matching is quite fancy!
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