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  1. Fast forward to this morning and as I started the car I noticed a puff of smoke from the turbo area Closer squint revealed a sooty mark Nothing for it but to whip off the turbo A bit fiddly but not too bad to do. Turbo off and first glance it looks ok AHH that will be the badger. Gases have been exiting out either side. This would also explain why I thought the engine was cutting out. It must have been hitting the AFR threshold due to being lean which then cuts the fuel. The engine isnt running lean, the wideband just thinks it is, hence massive fluctuating idle. Put nuts back on for now so I don't lose them There has been a bit of a oil leak from the return from turbo Exhaust output is a bit black but nowt too bad Marking i could get a set of gaskets delivered from Taiwan but instead have found them in two different kits. Question - is this a crack or just a weld on top runner? And of course Mr F Pirate suggested i fit Inconel studs for the turbo ... Which seeing as it is off is perhaps something I should do now.. but is more £££ .... Hmm
  2. This was a top to but I decided to use a new modern medium - Amazon packaging Light skin of grease the pushed on cardboard to get the outline Quick whizz with the sharpy stabby thing Not perfect but it will do for a proof of concept. And back together Idle is miles better although still showing a bit lean.
  3. Finished painting the decking so thoughts turned back to the little Mazda. Now I was pretty sure all the hoses were ok, so the next thing to look at was gaskets. The inlet manifold one has been changed as it was definitely leaking - this improved things but didn't fix it. The other gasket in the system is the throttle body to inlet - that was next up for review Due to the wind and weak bonnet strut a new bonnet prop was sourced One of the most useful things I have is adapters for my impact driver. Means undoing hoses clamps are a real breeze It's deja vu removing hoses Whizzed off the throttle body and I can see the gasket is not great It has gone hard and stuck to the inlet. Throttle body facing is relatively clean Scraping off the old gasket took ages. It was solidly stuck to the inlet. New gasket has been ordered for the princely sum of £5. If this doesn't work I am going to strip it all off and start again.
  4. Today a bag of goodies arrived - lovely and blue goodness. It is replacement coolant and vacuum hoses for the Mx5 The eBay listing had a layout of where they go Which was quite useful. Before I started it already had some upgraded hoses so I wouldnt need all of them, but I was hoping it would replace some of the crispy ones and cure the leak It's quick and easy to whip the rad out to get a bit more access Dismantled all the engine bits and bobs It all went back together ok, and with fingers crossed I started it up, only for it to still slightly have an issue. It is better but still there. Going to have a long hard stare at it tomorrow. I think I might whip off the inlet manifold again and see if there are any pipes split or missing. I had a look at intercooler pipes but until the air goes past the IAT sensor just before the throttle body it isn't counted, so a leak there wouldn't matter.
  5. Did you do a video without exhaust? There is some odd fella on here who seems to like that sort of thing
  6. It's so Mr Monkey can fix this on the aero Another day another fiddling session. Everything went back together ok but the car was idling at 3000 rpm. Some pondering and look back through photos showed I had miss placed a pipe. I had left a blank pipe of the red circle as I had stuck it on the blue circle hence sucking in loads of air! Rectified I got it started ok and it settled down. The hunting issue still persisted until the car warmed up, so took it round the block. I had forgotten what an ace car it is to drive. Cleaned all the rust off the brakes and gave it a wee bit of boost. Back home and at idle the car was fluctuating. Before it was incredibly lean with afr almost at 16. Now it was down to 13. Adjusting the dead time on the injectors helped that after looking it up online. Now the idle still fluctuates but around Stoich. It is proper ruff idle as well. Checking the settings, the TPS calibration shows zero at WOT and a higher setting at closed throttle. Tunerstudio didn't like this, so will need to check it tomorrow for resistance. I have ordered a set of hoses for the car (always on my list to do) as this should eliminate any air leaks. Beyond that it would be looking at the O2 sensor and doing a bit more reading around.
  7. What a way to say hello .. Cracking fleet there
  8. Some remote Bucketeer heckling for my arse in gear today and I finally out the mx5 back together. When I last left it, I had just got a set of uprated fuel injectors as the man maths said that why pay £20 for a seal kit when you can get a fully refurbed set of bigger injectors for £45. It takes them from 320cc green tops to 450cc yellow tops. In theory pushing up the max power available (injector wise) from 210bhp to over 300. It also had an air leak from inlet gasket. The first one was for a 1.8 due to being a knob and not reading the listing first. New 1.6 gasket fitted There was a little bit of hose that had crumbled that needed to be removed Starting to get there I then dropped one of the bolts under the car. Due to it sitting the brakes were a bit bindy AX power employed Bolt found and injectors wapped on (I think that is the technical term) So head scratch as to where some of the hoses connected then with a jump pack it roared into life. I had left things loose as I expected fuel to spurt and turn into a fire ball. Strangely it didn't and everything seemed to be working well! Stunk of fuel and the afr read 10:1 - which is because I havent reprogrammed the ECU yet. That is for tomorrow. As it stands I am very chuffed. Shock absorbers arrived for the SMART as I am a bit fed up for the bouncing. I currently have an AX from Bucketeer that needs a new windscreen and loan Laguna from Northern Monkey which will be swapped for a Saab estate in a bit. Car mojo is definitely back.
  9. Loving this new digital world ... I lecture on university courses to undergraduate apprentices at a college College - use Google Meets and Google Classroom. University - Use Blackboard and MS Teams Students - Use Email and phone calls (Work laptops are locked down so cant use non standard business tools) Phd group - Use Slack and Messenger Friends - Use whatsapp and Zoom Just waiting for someone to suggest pigeon and telegraph
  10. Sounds like it! It really does just make sense to swap calipers rather than piss about rebuilding them.
  11. Sad news. Richard was an absolute gent - helping me piece back together the Saab after it dumped all its coolant on the first pass at Crail. We rummaged in the back of the Volvo to find anything that could make it water tight, managing to get there with judicious use of tape, cable ties and some unidentified gubbins. His knowlwdge and willingness to help was unbounded. World is a sadder place without him.
  12. It's ex Bucketeer - he brought it into the fold. I think he extensively road tested it. Interesting fact was he used it to camp out somewhere, popped out for a wee and it slammed shut and locked behind him. Cue a semi naked Bucketeer trying to open the car with all the twigs and sticks available to him. None of it work so he then spent 20 mins trying to break the window with a rock! He finally managed it, so if you hear rattling in the rear passenger door it might be some loose glass If the ABS light come on you can pull out the abs module and give the electrical contacts a clean and that should sort it. It's got a set of winter tyres on steels as the alloys were properly shagged and vibrated hugely. The locked box of treasure is yet to be opened....
  13. As I found out when I saved* the free* 820 si, one of the challenges was M series engine parts as even Rimmer Bros didnt stock them. If engine is hunky dory then that is a win, although I guess it will need cambelt etc and that was the stuff that I couldnt find. A lot was listed for M series engine but reality was T Series which involved many swears. When I had my fit of selling it I stuck it up on Rover 800 forum and they just wanted it for the body panels, as everyone is after rot free examples for the 827s. I have had my fill of the big green bastards, so good luck to whoever takes it on. * I use this term loosely * Again this is a loose term
  14. I currently have 3 cars on the drive only one of which is mine!
  15. Bargainous there Mr Shadow. Hopefully you will be back to full health soon enough.
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