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  1. I think you may deserve a banana. Evilution has a test for the door locks Quick squizz at YouTube showed a tutorial on how to remove the door skin. Rubber cover off and unscrew the wing mirror Unscrew retaining cover Mirror off Undo the door handle bolt Then a fiddle to get the handle off Inside the door catch The guy in the u toob video show how to flex the door panel and pop it off. I think a cold day in Accrington alongside 16 year old plastics meant this happened Many swears were said but in for a penny. Unbolty action Now I could get to the catch connectors Off and out Using the multimeter shows no reading at all in the catch sensor, in any of the three states. I would imagine this is what is upsetting the car. A secondhand one is only £17 so got it ordered for delivery this week. The connectors themselves are not in first flush of youth so they will be cleaned before going back in. Slightly more annoying is that the panel is £50 to replace so that is on order as well. For now I have full secured with the finest missus Snagglepuss cutlery I haven't tried checking the passenger side as I will fix this first. In meantime Missus puss is going to use the Volvo whilst I use the Green barge.
  2. That's a great shout. Evilution has got a method to test the door locks so will give that a go. They have 6 connections which I need to probe. Replacement ones aren't very much if it does turn out to be that.
  3. Well collected! And as for being the normal one from AS ... That could almost be a t shirt.
  4. Having a read about the Smart issues some suggestions is that it can be the earth's. There is one on the battery and another on the engine. Engine one is a bit fiddly but not too bad Needed E8 on lower bolt Bit manky but not too bad Battery one was newish so took it off and cleaned it up. New braided one fitted And no real change. Current issues are hill hold doesn't work, beeping a lot when in gear but no feet on pedals, interior lights come on and off at random, esp light flashes at random, central locking doesn't lock - locks then unlocks. Weirdly it all started working yesterday for 20 mins before back to not working. I think it is going to be electrically related. Had a new battery fitted as was showing low volt error before. Any suggestions?
  5. Go on then .. I had better have a couple. Wont worry about tax as is effectively a £20 car!
  6. Shout it from the roof tops... .all the flipping cars are working* SMART - Sam arrived today and luzzed it back in. It has solved some issues but there are still outstanding challenges including hill hold not working. Rover - Runs well enough and got a power wash at chez Monkey this afternoon. Plan is to stick tax on it and run it around for a month before selling it. To celebrate the knob dropped off the stereo and the plastic indicator cover fell off. Oh and I can't get the interior mirror to stay up. Before I could drive it today I had forgotten to fit the under brace Mx5 - idle is still fluctuating, had the plugs out and checked the gaps on it. I need to wait for the usb to serial connector to plug in the laptop to the megasquirt to see what's up. I can't see a vacuum leak and spraying carb cleaner doesn't seem to fix any issues. Volvo - plods on drinking fuel but is comfy and nice to drive. I swapped out the speakers as the rears are shagged. The Volvo ones are ducted and the new ones aren't anywhere near as good. Got the abs rings to fit along with a drop link. *ISH.
  7. The green beast was at slumber. The many changing of parts yielded no differences. Then stage left did enter a gallant knight in a dark Berlingo. After dodging the fierce mongrels that guarded the domain battle ensued with the green beast. A parry left - rotor arms swapped A parry right - spark was checked A cut to the air - voltage was checked Then the killer blow was delivered.... The green beast did rise.... Roused by the might of crimps and terminals. A dance was done and a feast was called in honour of Sir Northern of Monkey. Basically the coil terminals were fucked not giving enough juice to the coil which inturn meant spark wasn't strong enough to get to the spark plugs.
  8. It didn't work. Battery full charged Checked old and new rotor arm Measured the depth of the centre pin to ensure that it makes contact Then measured old and new and cleaned them up Cleaned the end of the dizzy drive Then it started pissing down so stopped photos. Fundamentally no difference. I can get spark (all be it a bit yellow) through king lead but not HT leads. End of the road with it for me. Have stuck an advert up for someone to take it on as a project in fs forum
  9. Topless turbo mx5 and the A roads back from Ilkley to Accrington surely must be one of the wonders of the world. Heater cranked up to top and then give VXRs a bit of a surprise without breaking the speed limits
  10. New cap and arm came today. Swapped the caps over first - easiest thing to do and less likely to screw it up They look the same and of course no difference. Checked for spark and still no joy - it is going to king lead but no further. So it is rotor arm next It has a little screw to hold it on but the arm itself is very stiff on the shaft Gently I managed to get it off and checked them together. The old is certainly worn At this.point the heavens opened followed shortly by battery going flat. I struggled to get the arm on so gently gave it some graphite lube and same for the shaft. Also used a little of wet and dry to clean up the shaft. I got it mostly on but also realised that the shaft itself is actually moving in and out. Not a massive amount but did get me wondering if it just wasn't making great contact at the centre pin before causing the issue. So plan is to charge battery, measure the length of the shaft needed to make contact with centre post and try that. Then use fire when it doesn't work.
  11. The mx5 should be easish to fix. Sod off the metal pipe by linking the feed under the pump. Bit too far away otherwise I would come and fix it for you
  12. I will be overjoyed if it is as simple as that. Fingers crossed
  13. The Rover has been looking forlorn over last month or so. Currently the SMART is out of action and the mx5 has developed some idle issues, with missus Puss borrowing the Volvo I thought I would see if I could work out what is up with it. I left it in the naughty corner after the car cut out at 70mph and wouldn't restart. Easy start didn't help. Fitted new coil, charged battery and changed the fuel filter. Back to basics and start with spark. I have a connector that sits between HT and plug which flashes when spark is received. On all the HT leads it showed nothing. Tried it with a screwdriver inserted instead and nothing with that. Checked the king lead Getting a spark through that, slightly yellow but looks good enough. That means somehow the spark is going missing. Whipped off dizzy cap and that looks clean enough The rotor arm was given a bit of a clean and checked it was spinning All looked ok. Back together and no difference. So new dizzy cap and rotor arm ordered - perhaps the new ones are just shit. May ask Northern Monkey to change the rotor arm as that was what started this whole issue!
  14. Bugger - I am in Thailand that weekend.
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