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    TagoraSX reacted to Mr_Bo11ox in Reg_Bo11ox' Volvo S80 D5 adventure   
    Done a bit more on this today.
    The handbrake adjusters arrived so I lobbed them in:

    Did the drivers side first. The adjuster went in easily and I adjusted it up and lobbed the disc back on. The handbrake was immediately hugely improved.

    Went to put the caliper carrier back on, it bolted up tight now after sorting out the threads but somehow it was scratching on the outer surface of the disc. Not sure why this is, I guess the disc might get squeezed on a bit more when the wheel bolts are done up but somethings not right here. I reckon this caliper carrier is bent or damaged in some way after beling left loose for so long.

    A bit bodgy, but I spaced it out with a couple of M10 washers, just visible in this pic. That stopped the scratching if nowt else. Reassembled this side and went round the passenger side.

    Adjuster went in easy enough, but I had a bit of a war getting the drum on and off. It had a slight 'lip' round the inner edge.

    Linished that off with the flapwheel in the grinder. Again, adjjsted the shoe as tight as I dared and chucked it all back together.
    The handbrake is now much better, it only comes up about 4 clicks and it holds the car on the drive no problem. BUT I think its still not 100%, specially on the passenger side. When I was doing the wheel bolts up the wheel can still move even with the HB on. Theres loads of meat on the shoes, not much slack in the cable so i can only assume either the cable itself or the actuator lever is a bit seized up on one side. I think changing the cable is a right war, centre console out and all sorts so I want to avoid that if I can. Anyway its much better than it was so that will do for now! Maybe it will bed itslef in and get better with a bit of use (yeah right).
    Now I moved onto the other ABS ring. Took the front wheel off:

    Eh? Theres no friggin driveshaft bolt in at all!!! How on earth this has not stripped the spline I dont know. Anyway I have a spare bolt as the new wheel bearing came with one so no probs. Annoyingly the spline was not seized at all so my new hub puller wasnt gonna be getting any action here either!!!

    Got it all to bits again anyway. No massive problems thankfully

    I was chuffed to find a busted reluctor ring. Cracked right through and well rusty.

    Cleaned up the end of the driveshaft with a bit of wet and dry and WD:

    Heated up my ring on the hob. Soz about the mucky state of the hob, I will have some stern words with Ms_Nuts about that later as its just not acceptable for a serious car blog thing like this.

    Went on a treat, absolutely no problems and clamped on tight as it cooled. Lovely job!
    Chucked it all back together, no photos as it was boring and time was getting on! Put the new shaft bolt in and nipped it up as tight as I dared with a 3/8 ratchet (so not all that tight really)

    All back in one piece. I havent cleared all the fault codes, there were quite a few and I will be surprised if there are not more problems to solve but that one defo needed dealing with so its a step in the right direction. Next job timing belt!!!
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    TagoraSX reacted to Mr_Bo11ox in Reg_Bo11ox' Volvo S80 D5 adventure   
    Hey gang hows things.
    Although my Croma is behaving itself and doing a sterling job of my 500 mile/wk commuting regime, I have always had a (failry mild) roving eye for something else that might just be a bit more comfortable and nicer to drive. When Bramz advertised his Volvo S80 D5 for just £350, and then tempted me further with an offer to deliver it for £50, I couldn't resist. Sure enough, at the end of Feb it arrived chez moi:

    Its a D5 model, 189k on the clock, black leather etc. Looks super tidy but Bramz did warn me it had a few issues:
    Timing belt of unknown age intermittent coolant warning light ABS light on (2 new reluctor rings supplied) Droney OSF wheelbearing When Bramz drppped it off, I ran him up to the train station in Chesterfield and was able to have a little test drive. Really there was nothing much beyond what Bramz had warned me, the only things I noticed were no sound out of the stereo on one side, and the handbrake is mega shit. Clutch pedal is a little high but its not slipping.
    Overall it does drive very well, certainly much nicer to operate than the Croma, better seats and just a better experience generally. I didnt want to put it on the road till I had sorted the issues however.
    I'm finding myself increasingly unenthusiastic about fixing cars on the driveway these days so kept putting it off and off but yesterday i finally got stuck in. I bought a wheelbearing ages ago off eBay, (cost about £35 so hopefully not made of Chinesium but you never know till you've done 6000 miles and its droning again).
    Now I did my homework and read that these Volvos only have a little shitty 13mm bolt in the end of the driveshaft holding it all together, where you normally find a massive 32 or 36mm nut. I also read that to back this up, the shafts are often loctited into the hub spline and can be an absolute mutha to remove, often defeating all attempts to separate them and ending up needing chopped to pieces and new CV joints fitted etc.
    So i decided to roll out the friggin barrel TO THE MAX before wading in and ending up with a car on axle stands on the drive for a month, spent £100 on what I thought would be the 'right' tool for the job - a Sealey 10t hydraulic hub puller. Got this  brand new for £98 delivered which seems a good price, £110-£150 seems to be the going rate.

    Anyway, got stuck in yesterday:

    Got the wheel off and undid the 13mm hub bolt. I was then bemused to find that I could push back the driveshaft in its spline using my little finger!!!! Friggin typical innit.
    Anyway I dismantled it all and got the hub out.

    Got the hub in the vice:

    Thankfully on these you don't need a massive press to press bearings in and out of housings etc. The bearing has an external bolted flange and you just bolt it into the hub with 4 x M12 bolts.

    Got the bolts out here, but the bearing was quite well seized into the aluminium hub. Had to twat it a lot back and forth to get it moving.

    Got it out after a fashion with minimal destruction and cleaned up the bore with wet & dry and WD.

    New and old brgs

    New bearing installed in the hub

    Thats an MOT fail, I should have measured up so I could buy a new boot for this, but I forgot
    Now then, before I put it all back together should I change the ABS reluctor ring? 2 new ones were provided with the car. Heres the old one:

    No missing teeth, no cracks, looks OK to me TBH. I plugged in the tablet and had a look what faults were stored:

    Hmm, we're on the RH side here. If anything this is telling me the ABS sensor is fooked I think, not that this ring is generating a dodgy signal. These might be old fault codes though.  I decided not to change the ring but I did give it a good clean-up, using a file in each of the grooves to make sure there was no significant crusts on or between each tooth.
    Anyway I got it back together and ticked off the droney wheelbearing from the list.
    Another job was the duff handbrake. Decided to have a quick lurg at the back brakes as I had a feeling what the problem is here.

    Now this thing is supposed to have had a brake rebuild and sure enough the pads and discs look quite young. But, the handbrake barely works and I found the rear caliper loose and wobbling about, ABS sensor wires unsecured, and the pads wearing unevenly due to the wobbly caliper!
    The slider bracket on which the caliper is mounted, was well loose. The bolts were tight on their threads but were not holding the caliper still at all:

    Just using a tap and die i cleaned all the threads up. Hopefully that should allow everything to nip up again.
    The reason the handbrake is so shit, is that after 189k the handbrake shoes have a little wear. Not enough to be a serious problem but theres no adjustment on them to compensate. All you can do is tigthen up the HB cable. You can buy adjusters though, so i have ordered a set:

    When those arrive I should be able to adjust up the shoes THEN tighten the cable and hopefully get a decent HB again.
    Next job is to dismantle the LH front suspension and hopefully find a broken ABS ring which i can replace. I also hope the driveshaft has been glued in so my £100 hub puller can get some actual use!!! Will try and have a look at this today. l8rz!!!
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    TagoraSX reacted to Spurious in Audi 100 Diary. MOT time, cross your fingers...   
    I'm a Barry's man through and through.  Lyons is just unilever pg tips in another box.   Guaranteed Irish my arse...
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    TagoraSX reacted to trigger in The new news 24 thread   
    Went round to my dad's today to get a few jobs done, first I helped him with his Mk1, it's never ran right, even when I owned it and it's not got any better, he's invested in a new carb for it in hope that would cure it but that's flooding like the old carb before it, we couldn't work out why?

    After asking on Facebook and a suggestion asking what happens if we bypassed the fuel pump and gravity fed the fuel into the carb instead and found that it runs perfectly so we've now worked out it's the "new" Quinton Hazell fuel pump I fitted which is most likely at fault and its pumping too much fuel into it. I think dad's going to fit a fuel regulator to it now to see if that cures it.

    After that we dug his 1956 Ford Popular out of the back of the shed for the first time in about 3 years and took it down the barn to remove the clutch, amazing it started straight up and drove out fine.



    We took it up the road to the barn, it has clutch judder but to remove the clutch is a bit of a faff, first you remove the wooden floor, disconnect a lot of bits, drop the rear axle to pull the turbo propshaft away from the gearbox before you can lift the small box out. Once out we think the clutch plate which looks new (but recon) is poorly made and isn't flat so it's a little bowed, dad's going to fit a full kit and try again.


    Also finished the head on my Marina, it runs sweet as now, unfortunately the clutch was stick on so couldn't get it in gear! Not sure how that happened but thankfully after a bit of cranking over in gear it broke free and was fine again!

    So all in a pretty productive day!
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    TagoraSX reacted to Mr_Bo11ox in Has anyone had a lorry transported? Is it hi - NOW BODGE 50 HORSEBO11OX THREAD (Now with added turtles)   
    This thing has been sitting on my drive looking like a flipping eyesore for about 9 months now while I sort out its general all-round knackeredness. Well yesterday I finally got it back together, turned the key and illegally took it for an actual spin!!!! It now has a new radiator, exhaust manifold, steering coupling, oil, coolant, overhauled front suspension, new brake pads and loads of other stuff. Its still got plenty of problems but somehow seems to be lifted out of the 'fit only for scrap' category despite its appalling appearance. Will attempt to do an update of all the fettling shortly.
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    TagoraSX reacted to richardthestag in Land Rover resto - new project and Sandy p25   
    After an eternity of shimming the door I fitted the front wing, which is so far out it needs a new timezone. not to worry!

    fitted the door glass and frame and then found that the additional and considerable weight allowed to the door to sag and no longer line up! GAAAAAAH. More work then

    Clear coated the drivers side and then went to collect the roof panel

    which might look great but has many fish eyes and a fair few high points. Not impressed is a slight understatement. Waited forever for this to be done and it looks like it ended up as a rush job from the night before! 

    spent a big chunk of Saturday straightening up the hanger/poly tunnel frame, installing the anchor tubes ready for the cover to be pulled over...
    Only it is 6 foot too short, the frame not the cover. missing a hoop from what I can see. Poly project on hold. 

    Consoled myself with a visit to the mad pub on Exmoor. Steve the landlord is having a dress down Saturday. 

    Today started with a fresh view on door alignment and last look at the roofless car

    tarped up rust waiting for a cover and extra 6feet on the frame. nice and solid now though

    roof fitted with loads of 3m gloop body sealant

    52 screws and washers to hold it tight. 22 of them in tricky places. took 4 hours.

    Day concluded with me getting the passenger door to fart close* then 20 mins later the hinges had sagged. bottom hinge might just be made from butter. Further investigation tomorrow morning before I possibly go medieval at the supplier.
    Fucked off with bodywork I might work on getting the fuel line electrics set up and start the car up tomorrow to test engine and box. Then the floor can go in.
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    TagoraSX reacted to richardthestag in Land Rover resto - new project and Sandy p25   
    latest on the project, not moving as fast as I would like but lots of little jobs are taking far too long because....
    just because.
    On top of all this the Bobtail has an export marker which I am trying to work through. I am not giving up on this one.
    So where am I with project #001?
    target for the week was to fit all nearside panels, paint the drivers side where the paint reacted and get the damned roof on
    Shell and rear wing fitting started with promise

    Fatha thestags ancient cat checking on progress all the way

    Got distracted, like I seem to, by stripping down the old top tailgate. with a view to using the glass in a new aluminium frame. Nice reflection pleased me like a cheap plastic framed mirror does to a budgerigar 

    A short while later i found that the entire inside side of the glass panel was weighed down with fucking grinder sparks. Defo not me as the top tailgate was one of the first things off the car when I started out. result = scrap

    found another early rear heated screen in the stash. this one is Tripex for extra win. the terminally rusty frame was easily liberated

    Top tailgate was easily assembled and fitted to the car. whereapon I found that the new screen rubber is too phat. Needs clamping and steaming maybe?!? I will let you know

    Base coat went on drivers side after much prep, followed by a world of prep, couple of localised reactions, more prep and then primer was flatted.
    Reaction was caused by single pack primer reactivating by base coat thinners. under the crinkly paint the original primer was like porridge. PITA

    then got on with door fitting. These things are unwieldy and heavy. panel gap between door and rear wing is all over the place. lots more work required here

    Distracted by the remains of the tax disc holder on the screen and thought of you chaps. Anyone want it if I can get it off intact?

    After a day of painting, tailgates and fiddling I managed to get the door shell to line up nicely

    more coming
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    TagoraSX reacted to richardthestag in Land Rover resto - new project and Sandy p25   
    last couple of days fun have included the following
    Painted passenger a-post after stripping it back to bare steel to avoid repeat of contaminationz. Then fitted the spare windscreen, triplex laminated original from 1974/1984 suspect the latter. it is in very tidy shape. PLUS the screen seal responded well 

    finished off the tailgate seals.

    Fitted new passenger door seal which was an utter ballsache but a very good repro part. 

    All of this was in prep for arrival of the painted roof panel, which has been delayed by a week because ..... etc I will not humour you with excuses. Now due mid next week definitely* Still plenty of other shite to do. 

    Fitted repro PAS hoses from a UK based specialist. I like this kind of support of specialist engineering from UK PLC

    Then my 3 year old grinder caught fire! field windings got a bit warm and melted. stinky stuff. £25 and you might think it has lasted well. BUT my 30 year old anonymous unit is still going strong.

    Sorting out extra gauges from the centre console. Clock has to be one, then I have some matching issues for the other 3. looking into this

    Big delivery raised expectations after issues, ups and downs all weeks

    Passenger rear wing shipped was 2nd hand and not new!, irritated but the supplier agreed with me on a greatly reduced cost.

    Bouyed I got on with painting drivers side a and b post. B post was stripped back to bare steel because of reaction to paint. then despite blockers, panel wipes and much cleanliness it fucking happened again on the A post!!!!! FFS. deal with this next week. pissed off for now. Silicon spray from screen install is to blame.

    settled my sphincter with install of slam panel and bulkhead seal.

    on a plus side I did spend an hour shifting stuff around in the store and found everything that I thought was lost
    Also finished install of 2nd hand top tailgate onto my daily, replaced ignition components and also sorted out the faulty seat switches.
    I decided that I was not in the right place to deal with passenger door install today. largely as a result of a series of issues.
    It has got me thinking about how I deal with just fucking getting on with high risk jobs. I think I have the answer. I and it is getting there.
    thanks for reading
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    TagoraSX reacted to richardthestag in Land Rover resto - new project and Sandy p25   
    Near 2 weeks since the last update, you chaps deserve better*
    So what the fuck has been happening?
    Ups and downs but all project orientated, on the whole I am looking forwards to spring
    drilled out holes for early flap number plate on rear lower tailgate

    checked fit and identified a couple of holes that need tidying, body shop Steve said no problems

    Went all medieval with wire cup and prep wheels on stuff that needs powder coating or painting 

    And filled the workshop with a thick film of dust, thank goodness for facemasks

    This is the unobtainium petrol filler cap from the project, the key doesnt work in it. despite much lube

    found a way to separate the halves

    and extract the lock which is utterly fused!, WIP

    New plugs fitted to the engine and struggled somewhat with new repro drive belts 

    Fitted fuel pump to the chassis and then ran mix of Kunifer and ethanol friendly* hose between tank and carbs

    fitted return pipe to the drivers side chassis rail. Realy very easy doing it like this. Try doing it with floors in place and you will invent new profanity

    Then I got distracted by a trip to S Waleshire and a wobbly bonnet on the daily which turned out to be quite dangerous

    Vid for them interested

    Then I got distracted by feedback and uncertainty from one of my vids on youtube. Question was around orientation of a spacer between cam and dissy gear. as it turned out all was perfect but still 40 mins invested*

    Used my new frame made from old IKEA shelving to set up air filter for powder coating

    banged nails into the wall to hang stuff what has been chassis black'd

    more coming, rest yer sphincters
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    TagoraSX got a reaction from Alanism in Tagora SX - Restoration   
    Bask in it's magnificence.


    It's a 1983 SX with almost 60k on the clock but has been sitting on a drive unused for the last eight years. I first saw the car on Flickr years ago and later heard that the owner was thinking about selling. So I made contact last year and spent many hours chatting about Tagoras and finally got everything sorted this week.
    The owner is an absolute gent and is the undisputed Tagora King, having owned 18 over the years. yes, EIGHTEEN! He still has a GLS which is not for sale and will be put back on the road as some point.
    Looks quite good in the above pictures doesn't it? erm.....
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    TagoraSX got a reaction from Dick Longbridge in Tagora SX - Restoration   
    The sender unit had disintegrated and is NLA so they adapted an off the shelf one to fit.


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    TagoraSX got a reaction from Amishtat in Tagora SX - Restoration   
    I had some spacers made for the rear end.

    The original alloys were 3D scanned and diamond cut.

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    TagoraSX reacted to anonymous user in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Not sure if a Rancho would be a good car for going lamping, the spotlights might be handy to flash if you're into dogging though
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    TagoraSX reacted to pshome in Weekend in Paris - now with rain, tunnels and the statue of liberty   
    Part 2
    Sunday came and it rained, even snow was sighted.

    So we decided to go to a musuem. The only proper car museum in and around Paris is the Simca Talbot museum at Poissy. We have been there before http://autoshite.com/topic/19753-tagora-birthplace/ and it is currently closed anyway.  "Musée des Arts et Métiers" we were told, has some old cars at exhibition. we decided to have a look.
    We paid for subway day tickets to go there and maybe other places, but we felt a bit cheated. To start with, the trains wobble around on rubber tires making you sick.

    Must have been the result of a misplaced order or Michelin has somebody well placed at the city council. Just imagine a flat on one of these.
    Then, even though you pay for riding trains, what you largely get is the opportunity to walk through endless tunnels strategically placed under the city.

    Ok, it doesnt rain down there, but the tunnels do double up as public toilets, what a smell...

    This was not the shortest of them.

    Not surprisingly, there was an open shop in one of the tunnels. Apparently this variant is to cater for kids and dwarfs not able to support the long walks without some food and drink.

    We finally arrived at the museum and shouldn't be left disappointed.
    There are many nice cars in the main building, most of the of the prehistoric variant,

    but there is also rather modern stuff.

    Did you know the french built a Lunar robot?

    Not that they had any plan to fly to the moon, but its always good to have such a thing, isn' it.
    This is the french variant of the iRobot, it obvioulsy won't clean underneath your sofa, nothing is perfect.

    Then you enter an old church with about the nicest arrangement of an car exhibit i have seen.

    Where else can you see a plane, rocket booster,satellite and the statue of liberty at the same time.

    Interesting way of propulsing a car.

    Now look at this, a single wheel bike with a radial engine for a driver plus passsenger. Beats the Megola in Munich by lengths. Keep this in balance!

    More old planes

    and plenty of nice cars

    Time to head to the airport. This place was open, but did not offer what we exepcted.

    Air Chance was on time, but we were nevertheless bit dissapointed, a yank car on the cover page of their magazine?

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    TagoraSX reacted to pshome in Weekend in Paris - now with rain, tunnels and the statue of liberty   
    more pics from Saturday...
















































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    TagoraSX reacted to pshome in Weekend in Paris - now with rain, tunnels and the statue of liberty   
    The „Alten Franzosen“ went to France last weekend. Yes, that France where ISIS steals all R20’s and wearing a yellow vest is compulsory.
    For a change this was not a collection trip, we decided to just look at cars, not buy them. We were even determined to refuse any free Tagora that might be offered to us! If you expected a collection report, stop reading now.
    After last year’s attempt to go to the Retromobile show failed because Air Chance cancelled the flight, we tried again this year. This time there was indeed a plane waiting for us at 7 am at Munich airport. Not the nice new ones they advertise with that excellent view and plenty of fresh air,

    but a plane after all, it had even jet engines and coffees were served.

    Upon arrival in Paris, we found a wide choice of open shops and restaurants, so we decided to have a coffee and croissants before we head to town.

    We mastered the rail ticket vending machine only at the second attempt. Dear SNCF keep my 4,70€ and use it to buy machines that people can understand, ask London how to do it.  

    A tramway took us to our final destination, an uneventful trip. Looking out of the window, we noticed the amazing number of open shops, bars and restaurants they have in France.

    Not a single yellow vest was spotted, which was a bit of a disappointment. Finally, we arrived.

    We resisted the young men begging us to give them 15€ for an “official” ticket and paid 22€ at the “caisse”.
    The show is big, very big, blisters guaranteed and there are lots of people.

    The usual vendors are of course present. Bidon, volant, phare, signs, whatever nobody needs is for sale.

    Then there are cars, many cars and most of them made in France.
    Let’s start with the important things.

    New it is, 60km on the counter, nice!

    No lack of Peugeot’s.

    even electric

    There was a new car as well, actually quite nice, blue velour inside!

    This is the rear.

    There is a front as well, i may have that upside down though.

    Then there were Renault’s of the Turbo variant, did they do any non Turbos?

    Turbo is ok, but nothing beats PRV power!

    8 cylinders is of course better than 6.

    The model section was well stocked, I liked these, a bit pricey though…

    Time to get some food, as everywhere in France, there are open bars and Restaurants plentiful,

    this was 20€… slightly overpriced.

    A lot of nice cars for sale, none in our price range.

    The Luxury car dealers were present, most of them German or Dutch. At least they showed a nice variety of cars and not halls full of 911 and T1 buses as on the German shows.


    Why, why?

    Why, why, why?

    Why, why, why, why?

    Have your plates made “sur place”.



    Security was assured.

    Highlight of the show. This guy was the ultimate shite accessory vendor. “Eclator” gives you a super spark that will start your car no matter how cold or wet it is. The demonstration included the engine to fail to start, a demonstration of the super spark jumping out of the lead and of course the engine then starting instantly thanks to “eclator”.

    Nice show, nice day, definitely worth to go.
    We concluded the day having a nice pizza at one of the many open eating places.

    .... more to follow.
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    TagoraSX reacted to Skizzer in Skizzer's XJ-S   
    As noted in the grin thread, the XJ-S has now returned home after (shockingly) a two year absence being fettled. Fortunately that’s not two years of continuous full time work, but it’s had a lot done.
    Steering rack replaced and steering rebuilt.
    Broken jack shaft replaced and timing chain tensioners replaced.
    New alternator.
    New distributor cap and rotor arm, twice (because the Intermotor one I got was crap).
    Gearbox actuator replaced and sundry other transmission sortings out. That was a bit of a war because the gearbox sump had been stuck on with bathroom sealant.
    New heater blower.
    Various works on the rear brakes, can’t remember exactly what, but they aren’t stuck on any more. Caliper refurb I think.
    Long story short, it’s transformed the car. Where before it felt tired, baggy and liable to fall off its perch at any moment, it now feels smooth, planted and ready to go to Monaco for lunch.
    It’s incredibly smooth. You can’t hear the engine at idle. You can feel a tiny vibration but otherwise it’s a leap of faith that it hasn’t stalled. It responds to the throttle with a muted, distant roar and suddenly you’re doing 80, though it doesn’t feel it. (And probably isn’t, as the speedometer seems fairly optimistic.)
    The ride quality is exceptional. You can feel small bumps like manhole covers, but the overall impression is of floating. Larger undulations are simply absorbed, much as the QE2 used to dispense with a Channel chop; you can drive over raised pedestrian crossings without slowing at all, if mpg in the mid-teens isn’t sociopathic enough for you. Traffic calming? I’m perfectly calm already thank you, almost to the point of serenity.

    The steering is still very light, perhaps excessively so at speed. It does go where you want it to, but there’s not much feel; it’s quite American somehow and very different (unsurprisingly) from the Lotus Elite, say.
    Now there’s an interesting comparison. Two very different approaches to the luxury GT; the Lotus cost 25% less when this car was new in 1982, and had one third of the cylinder count but similar performance. It’ll be fascinating to drive them back to back... in the brief window while both of them are working.

    By the way, that new Charles Wright front number plate was needed for the MOT. It won’t be staying long.
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    TagoraSX reacted to Mr_Bo11ox in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Looks in great nick, but I think it'll be a while before anyone pays £5500 for a Cavalier GLS
    Obvs worked at Lehman Brothers this guy
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    TagoraSX reacted to Jim Bell in Shitting in the shallow end.   
    Module 69 (nice).

    Thoughts are powerful, and negative ones can create a host of communication and relationship problems within a family when you Buy a Car Tommorow without notice or warning. Try to work on replacing negative thoughts and beliefs with positive ones to improve family behavior. Try to be understanding of your partner's obsessions when it comes to knackered old motor vehicles. Remember to avoid direct confrontational behaviour and avoid using negative terms.

    See fig roll.

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    TagoraSX reacted to Cavcraft in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Enter ring, top corner right 
    three metric tonnes of absolute shite
    what's up driver, why obscured faces?
    George fucking Clarke's amazing spaces 

    Let's go on holibobs to the seas
    pink polo shirt, desert wellies
    scene tax tin bath, cheap mountain bike
    abandoned by planned third reich

    Where's the blitz when you need it now?
    Betjamin's friendly bombs please miss out Slough
    come blow this into smithereen
    explode this awful twee canteen

    The orthopaedic ward awaits
    from cooped up pile of mobile crates
    Johnny's words to paraphrase
    half crown of matches start the blaze

    Hath Judith Charmers stopped the rot
    or maybe in time she had forgot
    to wax lyrical about sunny climes
    & carry out her carpentry crimes 

    A tin-topped mobile living hell
    akin to Strangeways prison cell
    this is no place to rest your head
    in half-arsed faux hippie garden shed

    and with rather stinging irony
    a parasol on balcony
    the ropes to lean on for vendee
    who'll hopefully push this out to sea

    so handbrake off and droppeth anchor
    rid world of awful wooden wanker
    float into water horrific canker
    pray chance and meet a super tanker

    Let bubbles signal last huzza
    as gently sinks the mobile spa
    and n'er an eye will need to drain
    where rests it arse on shipping lane
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    TagoraSX reacted to coalnotdole in Coalnotdole's Scimitar - Machining work: Speedometer Drive Unit 12/4/19   
    Engine Strip Down...
    Happy new year everyone, I hope 2019's going to be better than 2018 was...
    Cheers for all the supportive comments, even though some of you dared to suggest fitting an Omega engine.    I'm just not sure the path to reliability is to increase the amount of Vauxhall content in my car...
    This wasn’t on my agenda at all... I really thought I'd be using the car by now!
    I've got the engine out now, The drivers side head was removed first to help with the balance when lifting.

    I've got no work in progress photos from the lift, I made a bit of hash of the engine removal as I forgot about the garage door which prevented the crane going high enough to clear the engine bay... que lots of messing about adjusting lifting straps for it to finally clear, there was a point where I was sat in the engine bay desperately lifting the gearbox to get it to clear the front of the car covering myself in EP oil leeching from the back of the box... not clever.

    Fortunately the end result is an empty engine bay and not bodywork damage. (came close a couple of times though...)
    Heres the engine and gearbox on a wheely dolly.

    A passenger side exhaust hanger snapped during engine removal, I'd love to get an alternative set of tubulars made ready to go back in when the engine is ready. I'd like the collector to come a little further forward so that the 02 sensor can mount on the top of the tubular rather than the side at present and to do away with that troublesome ball joint. Its a job thats going to depend on how far my budget gets pushed... Any suggestions for exhaust specialist fabricators and I'd be interested to hear them. Added bonus If they are somewhere near the south coast!

    Gearbox detached.

    While the engines out I'm going to have to have a think about if I'm going to stick with the Type 5 box, the overdrive isn’t working at the moment and the car really does need that lower final drive ratio. I'm not sure If its a case of refurbishing it again, Or if its time to make the switch to a more modern gearbox. Which may ultimately be more reliable.
    I'm aware that in the 3 years since my last gearbox refresh, the selector arm bushes have got noticeable play in them again. Now with the O/d not working you start to wonder if an alternate box might just be less demanding in the long run?
    I'm also concerned about long term parts support for the Type 5 as well, when I rebuilt the last gearbox I had to rely heavily on donor boxes for spare parts as a number of parts are NLA new. In some ways If It needs an alternative gearbox I'd rather do that now than revisit it again in 1 or 2 years time.
    I've also been surprised by the wear / heat marks to the clutch / flywheel. It Looks to me like its been slipping, Getting the flywheel refaced is pretty cheap, but I'm probably going to have to go for an uprated clutch next time...




    With the clutch and flywheel removed the engine could go the stand for stripping down.

    while the engines out' I'd like to improve the mounting of the crank position sensor. Which I've never been that happy with.

    Sump off.

    Timing gears off,

    With that removed I was finally able to solve the mystery of what camshaft was fitted:

    Its a Kent Cams V62, power band - 2000 - 6500rpm, A slightly different spec than I'd expected. For some reason I'd assumed it would be more likely a V63. At least next time I can set the valve clearances accordingly.
    Pistons out,

    The bores all look ok visually but I'm probably going to get them checked as a precaution. I'd prefer to know they have been accurately machined.

    The Main and big end journals all look very good (as you'd expect on an engine thats supposed to be nearly new)


    The bearings also look very good.


    As do the thrust washers:

    I've taken the piston rings off and numbered them all carefully. The five good pistons have all been cleaned up, Carb cleaner was far more better for this than meths.


    Heres a look at the damaged piston, I've already got a replacement from Burton power.


    I've stripped the heads they have gone off to get all of the exhaust valve seats replaced.


    In the new year the plan is to get the engine harmonically balanced, The bores checked. I need to have a look at the trigger wheel / crankshaft position sensor and see if they can be improved.
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    TagoraSX reacted to Cavcraft in eBay tat volume 3.   
    The once great stories this could tell
    of British islands, Skye and Shell
    towed along by dad's old Rover
    Eastbourne, Berwick, Skeggie, Dover

    The cooker heated up a treat,
    as we scraped dog shit off our feet
    F*ck this place, I've had my fill
    said mum after one night in Rhyl

    But what horrors await unsuspecting owner
    a stick of rock, postcard from Cromer?
    Throw-overs in garish flocks
    Adorn this Cath Kidson horror box

    But at least you quickly will decide
    You're not the only prick inside
    Stupid cushions, light up cactus
    faux orange tree, sticky back plastics

    How insipid now you have begat
    and entertain your whining brat
    who wants a trip to Disney Land
    and fries your pituitary gland

    And that fatal trip to Ellesmere Port
    The Kidson shop, the shit she bought
    what moment did her mind uncork 
    to purchase plastic knife and fork?

    A veritable collage of utter tat
    stupid kettle, guitar playing cat
    and don't forget the drinking glasses
    fill 'em with vodka 'til this holiday passes

    Next year you swear won't be the same
    You'll get an alibi, no blame
    and in a Swan Vesta meets 4 star game
    you'll put this bastard to the flame

    and when she asks what has gone wrong
    blame the gas, she left it on
    make it look like your best guess
    as she spills tears over sorry mess

    quickly sell motor with tow bar
    buy yourself a smaller car
    next summer you'll be in the air
    well rid of this tin box nightmare
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    TagoraSX reacted to Junkman in eBay tat volume 3.   
    The fascinating thing about eBay, and the real reason why I spend so much time on it, are not the cars, which are overwhelmingly clapped out wrecks too hanging for even scrapping. It's the mind blowingly daft horseshit people write and the gloriously half arsed photos they deem worthy of taking up bandwith. I also have this total obsession with the surroundings they photograph their rubbish in. How many people in the fifth wealthiest country on the planet carve out an existence on a plot that makes a village in the Democratic Republic of Congo look posh in comparison, and then post photos of it on the internet, is staggering!
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    TagoraSX reacted to Dippy in New Years Resolutions - What is/are yours?   
    Do a bit of work on my own car, had it 4 yers now and started well then other things got in way.
    Got the wife to help me drag it out of storage on xmas eve and now in the workshop.

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    TagoraSX reacted to Mr_Bo11ox in Has anyone had a lorry transported? Is it hi - NOW BODGE 50 HORSEBO11OX THREAD (Now with added turtles)   
    Dodge 50 Xmas welding spesh
    Hi gang, been doing a bit on the Horsebo11ox recently, mainly metalwork stuff. Heres where i'm up to:

    So last time I'd chopped the cab mount off. It was seriously rotten. The drivers side is probably quite badly afflicted too but this was by far the worst.

    Bought a new sheet of 1.2mm Zintec from the motor factor, plus a piece of 2mm plate off eBay. Heavy shiz!

    Made a very basic TonyBMW-style 'metal folder' - Its just 2 bits of heavy angle iron with M8 bolts and weld nuts for nipping it up. Still you can hold it in the vice and it makes a neat 90deg angle.

    Trimmed up a lot more grot and cleaned up what was left;

    Started fabricating some new parts in the evenings over the last wek or two of work. Again, welding time is seriously limited by making too much noise on my street!! But working inside the garage with the door shut is OK hence making various bits 'off line' ready for a weekend weldfest.

    Bit of CAD "Cardboard Aided Design'

    After a fashion I had this lot. All made out of 2mm plate so quite a war bashing it into shape!!! Bought a few decent drill bits off eBay for drilling the plug weld holes.

    Heres the rotten remains of the old one. Will need to salvage that big nut for the bumper mount!!!

    Getting the top plate into position


    Got 'on it' a bit too much for taking loads of pics so in these shots all 3 new bits are on, plus a new flange on the lowr edge. Top tips from the pros: Always keep a big bucket of rainwater right in the way where you're working. After you have dropped your welding clamps and bits of panels in it 5 or 6 times, you can move it elsewhere.

    Slapping on the red shiz (like always)

    Starting to box it off, all in 2mm stuff

    Using the bumper to mark up where I need drill the mounting hole:

    Making the last bit - I used 2 layers of 2mm plate and welded the nut on the back:

    Yes that seems to be OK

    BOOM!!!!! All done!!!! Actually not really - I do need to do one more plate but its inside the wheelarch, I'll do that later wjhen I can pull the truck away from the fence. Good job though eH?! I am well please with how its turned out. And, welding new pieces of thick plate is a revelation after years of trying to join countless piece rusty bacofoil back together.
    Next I decided to have a look at the exhaust manifold gaskets. For that you have to take the engine cover off:

    The studs holding them onto the head were MEGA tight, I had to use my 3ft breaker bar to shift them.

    Got it off eventually though

    OH Bollocks!!!! I think whoever fited this last just went too far with the scaffolding pole or whatever when nipping up the studs, and bust it!!!! Now i need to find a replacement manifold. I dont think these are still available from Perkins, but I will do some detective work to find out for sure that theres not one sat on a shelf somewhere. Also put the feelers out on the facebook site.
    My Super chinesium rad is up at the fab shop having some brackets and pipe stubs added over christmas - I was looking forward to fitting it but thats not happening till the manifold is sorted, as access to the front of the engine is pretty poor. Anyway next jobs are refit the LH Al Bundy Bumper Box, paint the LH front panel and cab mount, seal and refit the headlight and maybe fettle the wiring so all the lights are working properly. Then I'm a bit stuck till I can sort the manifold and get it runnning again. Yo!
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