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  1. How much did they cost when they were new? https://www.willhaben.at/iad/gebrauchtwagen/auto/peugeot-sonstige-305-gld-ds-202516293/ Great car! I really would love that. But not for that price...
  2. Time to change your signature, I guess! Nice car. Looking forward to the repairs.
  3. At least here, it would not be a write-off: Good condition 6400 - 8600 Euro for a good 525eta. And that prices are realistic. My brother in law is collecting E24 and E28, so I know a bit from his stories. I hope you get it repaired, not crushed.
  4. Lukas


    Hohoho, strong words of a real man. With strategically placed women all around the world, just waiting for him to return. Hair on my chest starts growing even from reading this...
  5. Lukas


    No, I´m saying I´d like to see a lot of old japanese cars like in many developing countries. Like Greece. But an Espero is good enough.
  6. Lukas


    No japanese cars? This thread would be very disappointing*, if there were no Espero.
  7. Looks extremely realistic!
  8. It this car were an austrian-domestic-market Datsun for sale in Austria with austrian papers, it would go for ~ 2000€. To me, I guess.
  9. That´s fabulous, this one! I´d love that to drive around in it. Sadly, this model was not available in Austria.
  10. At least one of them does honest work it seems. The one with the VW T5.
  11. Lukas

    Youtube moments

    It seems, the Espero is able to conquer even the MB W126 when it comes to the sound of its doors closing: What it until the end to know... Oh, and I might start to visit Jazz-clubs: I have to admit, at the beginning I thought some korean lady would start a striptease when I heard that music...
  12. When Daewoo came to Austria in 1995, this TV-spot was in television all the time: It´s from Jennifer Rush and she is singing "Daewoo and you, a friendship begins". All I remember is, it was extremely annoying. The youtube-spot is from Germany, but we had the same spot in Austria back then.
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