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  1. Buy a foglamp, get a Daimler free! 🤣🤣 Might have been worth it because of the mileage, not so much the horrendous rot. It’s a flintstones special underneath.
  2. I may have a solution. This Daimler has come into my local scrappers. Wait, what’s this......? That looks the same as yours? The other one is more shafted than Robert Kilroy-Silk.
  3. No pic but I saw a black Land Rover yesterday with the plate ADR18N. Obviously driven by someone called Clive* *or Bill.
  4. That’s the way I’d want to be transported to the cemetery. For sure. There’s no denying the man had some seriously cool taste in that respect. Slightly O/T but managed to catch a few minutes of Radio 2 on Friday morning and they were playing Gary Kemp’s new song. I’ve pretty much had it on repeat all weekend. He’s not everyone’s cup of tea but he can write some bloody good songs.
  5. The door lock has decided to fail on the daily Fiesta. So after some YouTube viewing of how to remove it I thought ‘ah, that’ll be quite easy’, so I went happily to the yard of dreams this morning to extract one from a scrapper Fiesta. Probably one of the most fiddliest jobs I’ve ever done on a car. The whole inner door panel has to be removed to access the lock. I struggled to remove the window glass and whilst manhandling said glass out of the door, it decided to explode into a million pieces, showering me with redneck diamonds. Luckily I didn’t cut my hands open. After a while and a rounded screw, I managed to extract it from the door. I’m going to farm the job out as I really don’t want to end up having a heart attack due to the stress of it. What a poxy job.
  6. There’s a guy on Instagram (if you do that sort of thing) called Retroplates. His work is seriously impressive and I doubt that would be difficult to replicate your plates 100%.
  7. I think it could possibly be the Power steering switch. Same thing happened on my dad’s one. Change that and you’ll be reet I’d say?
  8. This has made my week. Top bombing for sure! I’m sure Leroy the previous owner would be very happy, a little confused at all the fuss over it, but happy. Can’t hit the like button enough times.
  9. Good luck for the MOT. I’ve recently been finding myself reading again about the collection story of the Sierra and how it’s escaped all the odds. Love this car to bits.
  10. That’s a great result for the Avensis. Just shows that there are some things you cant let go no matter what the cost. Anyway, it’s not all about the cost, it’s about the memories and sentiment that something can hold. The right choice was made here a hundredfold. I’d like to think I could one day feel the same amount of affection and emotion for my daily Fiesta. Top work!
  11. Lasted until September 2003 according to the Doovla. We had a Cav as a training vehicle when I did my college apprenticeship. G617 FVF, a 1989 2.0 CDi with 69k on the clock. According to the teacher, it was seized by the Norfolk Constabulary in 1994 as it had been a drug ring pool car used for delivering drugs across East Anglia. It wouldn’t have taken a lot to get it put back on the road as it was in really good nick, and with nothing broken or stolen from it from students which was quite rare. Obviously, the Cav I’d like to have now is that one we all know and love*.....
  12. Do you need any bits for a Mk1 still? A guy near mine is breaking one. Whip Street Motors in Ipswich. Be quick though, it looks like it’ll be a cube by the weekend. 01473 832878.
  13. @BorniteIdentityIf all else fails, then purchase this fine badge off eBay to replace the missing one on the tailgate. I believe yours should read ‘ESCORT’ above the ‘1.3’ badge? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324524742457
  14. Ah yes sorry, scan reading again. I’m not entirely sure there was anything else stamped like that, obviously Ford did use a date code on the edge of wings etc.
  15. I was once a passenger in my mate’s 1990 Fiat Panda when I was at College. He’d only recently passed his test and me, him and another guy decided to go out for a spin in his new car. We approached a roundabout in the centre of Norwich and my mate decided to pull out right in front of a Mk4 Escort, missing it by millimetres. Another mate pulled across a busy junction to get to a petrol station and we all nearly got wiped out by a tanker. I managed to spin my Citroen Saxo on a busy roundabout after I slipped on a patch of Diesel. It did a perfect 180-degree spin and I was able to drive off with no damage to the car. I did feel a little bit of poo come out though.
  16. Yep, dad’s Mondeo was date stamped 25.1.93 on both pillars.
  17. @Motownany progress on the old girl? It must be time for an MOT now?
  18. That’s come up lovely. I may just pop in and buy one of those polishers as I’ve been after one for months.
  19. Apologies for the out of focus shot, but I spotted this Dizzler Fiesta dumped in a car park outside a branch of Budgens a couple of weeks ago.
  20. Saw this on Autotrader last night. Made me grin for the almost consecutive number plates.
  21. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s rather pissed off about this. That was a brilliant website and I lost many hours on there researching consecutive VIN’s and dates of previous owners. What harm was that causing to anyone. I would have even paid for a membership if they’d offered one but they’ve just pulled the plug entirely.
  22. I see carbaba.co.uk have decided to stop sharing as much info about a car’s history and change of ownership etc. Fuck you.
  23. Wow, they’re pretty bloody good. I always toyed with the idea of buying a set off them - definitely one to keep in the bookmark list. Nice one.
  24. Let me have a look down the local scrappers at the weekend, I’m sure he’s got some mk3 Escort steels knocking about - we may be lucky and score some centre caps from it. Are the smiley-face Transit centre caps similar? EDIT: the Mk2 Fiesta Popular with the steel wheels from 1986-89 are the same cap.
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