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  1. In other news, the local classic car garage near me has something very familiar coming up for sale soon. It’s the Wolseley that shared driveway space with Pig Iron (and HubNut’s Omega) many moons ago.
  2. I still feel upset about the prototypes that were at MG Rover when they folded in 2005. A few of them could have been saved and made road legal for not a lot of dosh. Obviously the success story of it all was the pre-production 75 that is well-documented about, that managed to escape the crusher. If I had a choice then I would have saved the 75 Tourer that had the Land Rover Freelander 4x4 drivetrain attached to it (I think). That would have been a lot of fun!
  3. It may well have not had the certificate of destruction issued in which case it would still be on SORN. A few breakers yards still do this.
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