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  1. Back of the net! One less on the fleet to worry about...Just scraped it...
  2. Anton at AS Car Dismantlers at Red Lodge has gone Sierra crazy! THERE’S A EURO BASE SIERRA. SHIT!
  3. I managed to see this fine steed roll into my village this morning - looks just as good as it does in the photos!
  4. Agreed. My sister met Jimmy Carr in Norwich many years ago and was a total fuckwit to her. Anyway, how come the Sana has been off the road so long? It was a mere 5 year lifespan on that!
  5. I tried the magic potion. I think it made it worse to be fair.
  6. No, it’s the 1.0 16V jobbie. It doesn’t have an MOT as I was in the process of getting one. It does really need a new CV joint on the O/S but I have a brand new one ready to go on. Ok I’ll hold fire for the moment, it would need to go whole rather than in parts as I’m not in the mood for breaking it to be fair.
  7. I think it’s goosed. It’s all there, even has a mostly full service history. In my rage and upset I took the wheeltrims off but they can go back on no problem. It’s in South Norfolk, Close to the Suffolk border. If anyone wants to offer me money then speak now. I’ll be ringing the scrapman tomorrow morning.
  8. Not been the greatest of days! SWMBO’s Hyundai Matrix has failed miserably on the MOT. It needs new front and rear subframes, two tyres and a load of brake pipes and a pair of wishbones. Plus the fact the clutch is ready to pop has consigned it to the finish line. SWMBO is devastated (and so am I, truth be told). We are now hunting for a decent MPV size thing for about £1500 budget. It has to be 100000% safe or else she won’t drive it. So after this shocker, I thought I’d go and tinker with Dudley the Micra and get that ready for it’s MOT. The plan being that when that passes then SWMBO could use it just to get us out of a muddle. I fired it up after being sat for 6 weeks and it sounded a bit lumpy but settled down. I then moved it across the garden onto some hard standing and left it to run for 20 minutes to get everything moving again. This turned out to be a bad idea. I came back out after a swift cup of tea to find the temp gauge stuck firmly in the red, the fan going batshit crazy and a large quantity of white smoke coming off the engine and exhaust. It’s probably fair to say that it’s toast. So that’s gonna get fragged in the next few days. Ho-hum. Morale at an all time low.
  9. If you can find out if they are an exact fit then I’ll pop by at the weekend and grab it if you’d like?
  10. @egg There is the Mk2 that’s come in for breaking if you want me to rob it of the wiper scuttle?
  11. There was an article I read somewhere online that a bloke actually done that with his car. I can’t remember for the life of me which car it was. Tadhg, indeed a proper waste. I did say to myself it’s an absolute crime this was here as I was looking over it.
  12. Well the offer is there.... ...nope just the atlas. The Mondeo has already been commissioned to death by means of Certificate of Destruction.
  13. I went on a socially-distanced voyage to my local scrappers today and BUGGER ME IF THIS WAS HERE. Mk2 Saloon, 1.8 GLX FLAVA. January 1998 registered. As far as I know, one owner from new - he bought it off the company he worked for. Wait, what’s that? YOU’VE GOTTA BE FUCKING KIDDING ME. Rear seats seem to have never been sat in. Why, dear reader, I hear you cry - is this in here? Galloping rot in the sills, which could have been done in a weekend. I don’t think this engine has seen past 3000 RPM. The oil was golden. This would be a superb engine and box for anyone who needs one. CHECKLIST: Giffer-owned? Yep. Every tax disc from new? Yep. A fully-stamped service book, all at the same main Ford dealer, and all the bumpf including original delivery note? Yeppity Yep. Double/treble matting in the footwells? Roger that. An old 1980 Road Atlas shoved in the seat pocket? We’ve got you, we‘ve got you. I had to get that. Scrapyard feller let me have it. @egg and @Slowsilver and any other Mk2 lickers need any parts? There are a few interchangeable Mk2 to Mk1 bits aren’t there? ABS pump is there but I feel it may be a completely different system.
  14. There is a 1960’s Commer fire engine in the same yard that’s been there forever, AAH 292B was stationed at Swaffham Fire Station all its life until it ended up here. Why nobody has taken this on to restore is puzzling. Anyway by complete chance I have stumbled across a video of it when it was in service at Swaffham... https://youtu.be/gESDsSJIrcE
  15. No, I didn’t venture into the barn, at that point I was about to head home as I’d mashed my legs up with being stung 20-odd times. Note to self: wear trousers next time. I did see the yellow Moggy Minor which looked very sorry for itself.
  16. I don’t know exactly how far it goes back, I did find the front end off a Reliant Regal and a couple of large heaps of scrap metal. If there’s more then I’ll be up for another visit too.
  17. I’m not entirely sure if I did, would that be where the bus and fire engine were? Yeah stick the pictures up. I did try and find that Serck number plate you took a photo of but it had already gone. I assume that was near the parts bus with all the headlamps in?
  18. Yes, I watched his video and that, and the fact that AngryDicky had been, convinced me to go. I just wish I had gone there when there were 4000 cars on site!
  19. Holy thread revival Batman! For anybody who’s still interested in this place, I went last weekend as I was driving past the place - it seemed rude not to drop by. A quick ‘I’ll only be here half an hour’ turned into three hours! Link to the album. https://flickr.com/photos/24252872@N05/sets/72157714523148996 There were a few vehicles of interest, I particularly liked these little (and big) things.. WCT 901K, new in June 1972. With the powers of the internet, this is what it looked like when it was relatively new. BLH 604B, an Austin FGK lorry, working for Cadbury’s as a cakes van. Again, I’ve found a picture when it was in service. (I hope @trigger is okay me using this one) I believe ‘604’ is the one on the far right. And finally, my favourite out of the whole place. I think it’s a 1975 or thereabouts, Simca 1100 High Top Van, or VF2. Not sure of the exact date as there are no reg plates around to confirm it’s identity, Any serial Simca lickers on here able to cast more light on it? It’s done 62k so at a guess it’s probably seen around 8 years on the road which would mean this ended up in the yard in the early 1980’s. It’s advertising a probable local business as the phone number seems to be an old Norwich one. Incredibly rusty though isn’t it. I just absolutely love it, I would love to rescue it and place it on a plinth in tribute to an automotive work of art as it is. @Angrydicky I did find something very interesting to the right of the van, you can probably see it in the photo above. A complete steering column for either a Mk1 Carlton, or Senator. Would it fit the Royale? I’m 99% sure it had a cruise control stalk on it? I think I’d need to go back and have another look ?. Anyway, enjoy the pics. Apparently the land is now not in the Medler family ownership, and I have heard rumours the whole site is to be cleared for 150 new houses to be built which is a massive shame and a bloody crime as it’s so peaceful up there.
  20. I’ve got two of those buggers at dad’s!
  21. Fingers crossed that was all it was buddy. I had a 1996 bubble-shape 214 SI a few years back. I bought it cheap after it had been accident repaired following a low speed front end shunt. It drove perfectly and all that, but the speedo didn’t work. A lot of head scratching ensued and I found the problem purely by luck. When the front slam panel had been replaced, the mechanic forgot to attach an earth wire to the same earth point as yours on the panel. I reconnected it and hey presto, one working speedo.
  22. SMOLL K11 UPDATE: I started Dudley up for the first time since Lockdown began. It was a little reluctant but did eventually fire up.... Anyway, up in the air (after doing a proper OLD SKOOL WHEELSPIN on the car ramps) and oil out. That’s pretty bad. It smells of fuel so I’m thinking it’s got a weeping head gasket. I’d also say that would be the cause of the rough starting? I’ll stick some gasket leak in it and hope for the best. New oil in and it sounds a lot better now, I brushed some of the old oil underneath on any surface rust, which I’m pleased to say there is very little. It’s remarkably solid this little car. Video of startup. FullSizeRender.mov
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