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  1. @DodgyBastardyou after any spares for your 505? One being broken down my way…
  2. Mileage definitely unknown, it had a new speedo fitted in 1996 at just over 60k so add that on to the 94k and then 10 years of mileage. Probably knocking on 200k I would say. I’ll be over there at the weekend so can quote you something by then 😊
  3. Wasn’t that the S-Class that had that problem?
  4. Yes, sorry it’s not to return to the road 😢😢😢
  5. Need any Ovlov spares, guvnor? 92k on the clock, a criminal waste but 100% complete. No radio though, soz.
  6. Buy a foglamp, get a Daimler free! 🤣🤣 Might have been worth it because of the mileage, not so much the horrendous rot. It’s a flintstones special underneath.
  7. I may have a solution. This Daimler has come into my local scrappers. Wait, what’s this......? That looks the same as yours? The other one is more shafted than Robert Kilroy-Silk.
  8. No pic but I saw a black Land Rover yesterday with the plate ADR18N. Obviously driven by someone called Clive* *or Bill.
  9. That’s the way I’d want to be transported to the cemetery. For sure. There’s no denying the man had some seriously cool taste in that respect. Slightly O/T but managed to catch a few minutes of Radio 2 on Friday morning and they were playing Gary Kemp’s new song. I’ve pretty much had it on repeat all weekend. He’s not everyone’s cup of tea but he can write some bloody good songs.
  10. The door lock has decided to fail on the daily Fiesta. So after some YouTube viewing of how to remove it I thought ‘ah, that’ll be quite easy’, so I went happily to the yard of dreams this morning to extract one from a scrapper Fiesta. Probably one of the most fiddliest jobs I’ve ever done on a car. The whole inner door panel has to be removed to access the lock. I struggled to remove the window glass and whilst manhandling said glass out of the door, it decided to explode into a million pieces, showering me with redneck diamonds. Luckily I didn’t cut my hands open. After a while and a rounded screw, I managed to extract it from the door. I’m going to farm the job out as I really don’t want to end up having a heart attack due to the stress of it. What a poxy job.
  11. There’s a guy on Instagram (if you do that sort of thing) called Retroplates. His work is seriously impressive and I doubt that would be difficult to replicate your plates 100%.
  12. I think it could possibly be the Power steering switch. Same thing happened on my dad’s one. Change that and you’ll be reet I’d say?
  13. This has made my week. Top bombing for sure! I’m sure Leroy the previous owner would be very happy, a little confused at all the fuss over it, but happy. Can’t hit the like button enough times.
  14. Good luck for the MOT. I’ve recently been finding myself reading again about the collection story of the Sierra and how it’s escaped all the odds. Love this car to bits.
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