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  1. That’s probably the first snow it’s had covering it since the early 2000’s!
  2. Love, love, love the progress on this little miracle of a car. A huge well done to everyone on here for getting involved with it, it’s great to see the spirit of AS very much alive and well. Looking forward to updates with much anticipation.
  3. That’s exactly what I’m after at the moment! A set of Panther Black handles and the rear number plate trim bit that doubles up as the boot handle,
  4. It’s a nice feeling to sort out things like this, and be safe in the knowledge it won’t ever end up as bad as that again. Did that on quite a few cars I’ve had, and some similar-coloured oils have exited the sumps. Oil filters are hand tight only, some garages would do good to remember that!
  5. That needs the Ghia wheels removing and steels reinstalled STAT.
  6. That’ll be purring like a kitten once that dizzy is fixed.....
  7. Here you go, apologies if there are duplicates. K737 SJE - 3.6.93 - Ghia - No MOT/Tax but still alive K238 HOO - 20.4.93 - GLX - Taxed & MOT’d K143 NYJ - 13.7.93 - LX - on SORN, no MOT K992 NMD - 31.3.93 - Base - Taxed & MOT’d K746 VAD - 17.5.93 - GLX - on SORN, no MOT K326 GPU - 23.3.93 - Ghia - on SORN, no MOT K611 KYD - 7.6.93 - Ghia - on SORN but with valid MOT K923 TGV - 25.3.93 - GLX - on SORN, no MOT K389 XHD - 18.5.93 - LX - Tax expiring soon, MOT lapsed K898 WFR - 12.6.93 - Ghia - on SORN, no MOT K751 DVV - 24.3.93 - LX -
  8. Do you want a list of K-platers that are dead or alive? I’ve got a lot to send over to you so I may be a while...
  9. @Motownlooking great that now, those seats look like a very comfortable place to sit. What are your plans for CHOONAGE in the 820? Modern system or genuine Rover cassette player?
  10. Yup, I took this back in 2011 when I visited the site:
  11. Excellent work, chaps! Is it me or does it sound like it’s running on three cylinders? Definitely a victory either way! It was taxed up until the end of November 2003 so I assume that was when it was entombed in the garage. From the small research I did years ago, it was registered as being on disabled tax as there was no charge coming up for the 6 Month category - this was when the checks system was in its infancy so you could work out things like this.
  12. @Sam Glover - legendary status to you, sir! However, I just feel so sorry for the little Maestro and the FUKD Cavalier, they both need to be liberated before they are further vandalised and go on to achieve similar folklore/immortality statuses in their own right. They are part of the tapestry of Autoshite and they stand for everything that this forum is about. Love for the Unloved. It would be nice if they were all reunited at FOTU or the like. I think that’s what the world needs right now. If I had the money etc, etc.
  13. Yes I believe he did. I’m sure it was in Craptical Plastics many moons ago. I did actually try and save the beige Astra that was in the compound but the guy was asking way too much money for it. My mate talked me out of it as well but that seemed to have gone then vanished into thin air. The Metro was for sale on eBay not long after being liberated.
  14. Similar thing happened to me once. SWMBO’s sadly-departed Hyundai was registered AO06 GLV. I happened to park up in my town’s car park one afternoon and directly in front of me was a Sprinter van. I had to do a treble-take as the van bore the registration of AU06 GLV. I think the lads in the van were doing the same thing as we both gave each other very confused looks....
  15. @Motown have you seen this? £140 for a screen..it is supply only, mind. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/171112530955
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