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  1. I’d give that Escort cabriolet another go on the road, perfect for the 38 minutes of summer we have in the UK.
  2. Mondeo has already gone I think, no surprise as that looked a cracker.
  3. Hope you get well soon @egg like others have said, having a distraction from things like this such as a car is worth it’s weight in gold.
  4. Ooo that’s worth a trip out…..
  5. It’s not his one, same colour though.
  6. I wish that Paddy hadn’t buggered that Mini Cooper up, that was an early-ish build number too.
  7. Fact of the day: FIL used to be a car dealer and once sold a new Mercedes to Melinda Messenger, apparently she was lovely but totally clueless about cars. Sophie Ellis-Bextor it is then.
  8. The Dolly had a last change of keeper in March 1995 and was also originally Brown, repainted in Feb/March 1993.
  9. I think that could probably run on liquidised pig shite with no issues. That looks totally transformed. Now just to get it together with Bornite’s example….
  10. I think that’s the image that was on these very pages. It was reversed on here just like in the video…. There were also these images that were released…
  11. Love the sound of a National. That’s an awesome video.
  12. That’s impressive work, LBF! That does make a lot more sense with discrepancies that I find in cars. The engines were all new Zetec units in the Mondeo. Nothing carried over from the Sierra. K780 FVX sounds like it was a car that may have been donated to a college for training purposes? I know when I was at college we had a Fiesta XR2i (G110 XVX if you want to look that up) that was directly from Ford. It was used as a training mule for the Zetec engine that was fitted in the Mondeo amongst others. That was registered 18.9.1989, untaxed since 1992 and scrapped by the college in 2003/04, still being registered to Ford at the time.
  13. Right…so here’s where things get slightly muddy regarding K-plate Mondeos. As you may or may not know, there were a few hundred examples built for what Ford called STB - Start Training Build. As far as I can work out, the earliest UK-registered examples were built in Genk, Belgium roughly between 19th October 1992 and 7th December 1992. For reasons unknown a large portion of these Mondeos that were built were registered in the UK as a SIERRA! Whether this was because they weren’t allowed to sell them as a Mondeo, or they were trying to avoid any leaks to the press it’s not clear. The list below is compiled from Etis and that shows the builds were classed on there as a Mondeo but the reg numbers ran through Vehicle Smart app, they came back as Model:Sierra. There may be errors and some may well be Sierras but I’m confident that these are among the very first Mondeos ever built. You will also notice that a lot of them had their tax surrendered in 1995\96 which hints to quite a few of them remaining at Ford HQ and a select few actually entering the UK second hand market. Sorry for the primary school-style list, someone may want to knock it into an excel or something. Anyway, enjoy… REG MODEL FIRST REG TAX DUE LAST V5 ISSUED K411 FPU SIERRA 4.12.1992 26.2.1996 10.12.1992 K412 FPU SIERRA 4.12.1992 31.7.2007 5.4.2004 K413 FPU SIERRA 4.12.1992 12.6.1995 10.12.1992 K415 FPU SIERRA 4.12.1992 13.6.1994 10.12.1992 K417 FPU SIERRA 4.12.1992 6.12.1994 10.12.1992 K418 FPU SIERRA 4.12.1992 12.6.1995 10.12.1992 K419 FPU SIERRA 4.12.1992 27.6.1995 10.12.1992 K440 FPU MONDEO 15.12.1992 31.8.2009 22.7.1994 K442 FPU SIERRA 15.12.1992 12.6.1995 21.12.1992 K443 FPU SIERRA 15.12.1992 30.11.1995 21.12.1992 K779 FVX SIERRA 15.12.1992 13.6.1994 28.4.1995 K780 FVX SIERRA 15.12.1992 C.2012 K781 FVX SIERRA 15.12.1992 12.6.1995 21.12.1992 K782 FVX SIERRA 15.12.1992 13.6.1994 24.10.1994 K783 FVX MONDEO 15.12.1992 16.10.1995 24.4.1996 K784 FVX SIERRA 15.12.1992 12.6.1995 21.12.1992 K807 FVX SIERRA 7.1.1993 31.12.1994 14.1.1993 K808 FVX SIERRA 7.1.1993 10.1.1995 14.1.1993 K809 FVX MONDEO 7.1.1993 C.2006 K810 FVX SIERRA 7.1.1993 10.1.1995 14.1.1993 K811 FVX SIERRA 7.1.1993 10.1.1995 14.1.1993 K812 FVX SIERRA 7.1.1993 10.1.1995 14.1.1993 K813 FVX SIERRA 7.1.1993 10.1.1995 14.1.1993 K814 FVX SIERRA 7.1.1993 10.1.1995 14.1.1993 K815 FVX SIERRA 7.1.1993 10.1.1995 14.1.1993 K834 FVX U/KNOWN 21.1.1993 28.7.2005 4.12.2004 K836 FVX MONDEO 13.1.1993 C.2009 K885 FVX MONDEO 21.1.1993 31.10.2003 4.11.2002 K902 FVX MONDEO 21.1.1993 31.5.2003 14.6.2002 K945 FVX SIERRA 27.1.1993 7.7.1995 23.2.1996 K946 FVX SIERRA 27.1.1993 7.7.1995 2.2.1993 K947 FVX SIERRA 27.1.1993 7.7.1995 2.2.1993 K948 FVX SIERRA 27.1.1993 1.2.1996 5.7.1996 K949 FVX SIERRA 27.1.1993 11.3.1996 2.2.1993 K950 FVX SIERRA 27.1.1993 10.1.1995 2.2.1993 K951 FVX SIERRA 27.1.1993 29.1.1996 2.2.1993 K952 FVX SIERRA 27.1.1993 ? K953 FVX SIERRA 27.1.1993 10.1.1995 2.2.1993 K903 EHJ MONDEO 21.1.1993 9.3.2006 5.1.2006
  14. Still got the access. VIN is WF0AXXGBBAPU69418. Build date 23.2.93.
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