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  1. I assume you’re referring to S525 OVP, the Longbridge 75? It’s had a mini-restoration and was at the NEC Classic Car Show a couple of years back. Talking of pre-productions, I had the good fortune to work on a works Fiesta XR2i whilst I was at college. G110 XVX, registered 18.9.1989. One month before the launch of the XR2i. It started off as a standard 1600 CVH power plant, but was obtained by Ford and a 1800cc ‘Zeta’ engine was plonked in. This is what is now known as the Zetec. As you can see from my poorly scanned photo, there are no markings on the rocker cover casting and there is a rubber bung for an oil cap. The wishbones were standard 1600 CVH units, packed out with numerous white washers in an attempt to adjust the suspension. It didn’t exactly go well as both front tyres were worn away to the wires on the inner edges. I seem to recall there was a pipe jutting out under the rear bumper with a valve on/off device fitted. This was to enable fuelling from a external lorry tank without the car stopping when it was having tests conducted (I assume the tests were performed at Dunton in Essex.) Other things to note were that the rear view mirror was bolted to the roof instead of the windscreen, the dashboard had holes from where computers were fitted and the temp/fuel gauge needles were oversized!
  2. greengartside

    Austin Maxi

    I’ll throw in these couple of Maxi 2’s that were acquired by my local scrapyard in the past couple of years.
  3. FUCKING BRILLIANT! I did ask the guy if he’d sell it but he said he wanted it as part of his collection. A decent chap if he offered it back to you. Glad I was able to help. EDIT: Apologies for calling it a Victor on Flickr, in my excitement of discovering the photo I completely forgot what it was!
  4. Just spotted this on Flickr, a wheeltrim guy I know has just found one. I’ve left a comment of your plight on there. https://flic.kr/p/2ia6EG1
  5. You’re quite right, I last spotted one of these in my local scrappers in 2008...
  6. Bloody hell. That is excellent. 92727/10.
  7. K11 NEWZ. I haz bought a car cover for Dudley the K11, an eBay jobbie by a manufacturer called Maypole. I have to say it’s been really good at keeping the bird poop off it, although the interior is starting to get a bit mouldy so I’m gonna address that in the new year. I’ve left the drivers window down a tad to try and air it out a bit. The plan is to MOT it and sell it on, as I still don’t have a need for it. Not sure on the price yet but I would like to make a profit on it and bodywork-wise this is a really good example. I stuck the battery back on him again this afternoon and he fired on half a turn of the key after being sat for two weeks, so I think that he’ll be okay for a few more thousands of miles yet. Happy New Year to all you shiters!
  8. Cranes Garage which is/was in a village called Marsham which is about three miles south of Aylsham in North Norfolk. On a side note, my FIL now lives in South Ferriby near where you mentioned the Skoda dealer earlier on.
  9. Has this little beast not been mentioned yet? ST170. These are getting very close to sub-£750 now. Find one with a decent engine and gearbox, strip the interior, roll cage it and enjoy. They stick to tarmac like SHYTE to a blanket, even in road-going guise. Plenty of them driving on YouTube if you want a feel for one.
  10. DY is a Brighton tag so it may have been sold new by St. Leonard’s Motors at St. Leonard’s. Either way, a most excellent purchase, I think these are a very capable motor and one I’d be happy to pilot sometime.
  11. @Angrydicky I’d love to have a blast in this fine machine one day. If any Robins for breaking/spares pop up locally, I’ll let you know. There was a guy who basically hoarded them at an old garage near Wymondham but they seemed to have gone now.
  12. greengartside

    Car chases

    The Ronin chase is up there for me as well, the way the XM and 406 were driven was fiendishly brutal.
  13. Was it a Simonds Countrylink bus for the first leg?
  14. +1 on the OBD scanner, I have the same one and it’s a PYLE OF SHYTE.
  15. Standard UK plate for me, I’m not a fan of the square plates. Have you got a mounting surround for the plate?
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