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  1. ”Do I like that Transit”, as Graham Taylor once famously said.
  2. Ford Iveco Cargo, C214 ACL. Ex-Jack Roberts Transport of Great Blakenham near Ipswich.
  3. No, I didn’t even know one existed! I’ll have a look now chief.
  4. The ST170 is definitely off. I went over to the yard on Saturday morning. After a lengthy wait for the parts guy to finish what he was doing, I was greeted with this properly rude bloke who then proceeded to tell me that the car wouldn’t be sold as a whole. I then asked for some model-specific parts from that car. He then pointed to another ST170 and said he’d get them off that one. I then left after that. On the way out, I looked up at the ST170 and it still had the dealer plates that I put on it in 2004. I’m after an ST170 estate really so if anyone knows of one going then I’d be interested.
  5. Yeah I think that’s the next step. I’ll give them a bell at the weekend.
  6. ST170 idea may be off. I’ve sent emails, messages on Facebook and a text and I’ve not heard anything back from them, just an automated ‘we will respond soon’ message. FFS. Even a reply saying no would be okay, I hate being ignored. Its at Assington Autos near Sudbury if anyone is interested. Le sigh.
  7. I’ve been thinking long and hard about the ST170 I posted earlier, and I may have just emailed the guy asking if he’d consider selling the whole car to me. I can’t really let it go after wanting it for so long. If he won’t sell then at least I’ve tried and it wasn’t meant to be. If he will sell then I’ll have to find some way of sweetening up SWMBO. I’ll have to concoct some amazing story of sorts.
  8. I used to work for my next door neighbour’s Ford dealership when I was younger, valeting and prepping cars for sale as a way to earn some pocket money. back in 2004, a Focus ST170 appeared for sale at said dealership where I worked and I instantly fell in love with it. The colour and the seats along with the bloody quick powerhouse all made me wish I could sell a kidney to fund the purchase of it. I drove past it most days and dreamed to own it. Then as always it was sold, never to be seen again.... ....until just now, a chance scan of eBay revealed the very car I had lusted after all those years ago. Sadly in a far far worse condition than I remember. I have asked the seller for a couple of parts off it, I would like the front plate for my shed but I can’t see them agreeing to that, they must already think I’m mental by telling them that I once cleaned it. Anyway it made me grin for finally finding it after 15 years!
  9. EARLY REGISTRATION MADNESS. I knew that Ford launched the Mondeo in March ‘93 and that about 2000-ish cars had been produced before they went officially on sale (including my dad’s old one), but I have never seen a pre-build one until just now. Registered 18.12.92 but untaxed as of 24.2.93. An incredibly short life for this one.
  10. Please tell me you nabbed the Michael Barrymore tape.
  11. I read about your predicament on faceache and wondered if you’d be able to get her back again, and I am so pleased you have managed to do it. I am genuinely so happy for you mate. The car looks fantastic!
  12. I’m actually looking forward to you mopping the shit out of that and selling it to KGF for a trillion pounds.
  13. I used to frequent the Drayton Road shops back in the mid 80s when I were smaller. I actually lived a couple of streets off that roundabout and I was there when the hurricane of 1987 happened.
  14. Looks like it’s in Mile Cross, the rather exotic* part of the city...
  15. My dad’s ‘99 C200 Elegance has A/C. You rotate the thumbwheel for the heat to the fully cold position , then push down some more and it’ll click onto A/C.
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