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  1. Doesn't surprise me at all about no service history. At the garage I work at, I would say 50% of the part exchanges we take in over 5 years old have a major fault. Engine management lights on, completely shagged pads and discs, airbag lights on etc. People seem to spend the absolute mimimum on maintaining their vehicles these days until they get a ridiculous estimate to put everything right and then try and fob it off to a dealer. We now do a mimimum 2 mile test drive of every part ex before we give a price.
  2. And he still bought one? I have the original sales invoice in my grubby mitts as we speak. Looks like he ordered the car on 18 Nov 1978 with a £100 deposit from Castle Autos Chrysler Main Agent in Benfleet, Essex, but didn't collect it til 1st April 1979. He part exchanged a 1976 Hunter Super LEV341P for £1700 against a price of £3458.18 for the new one. He obviously asked for the car to Ziebarted at the garage before collection, as this was done according to the guarantee on 21 Feb 79. He also had three Ziebart maintenance checks done in 1981, 1983 and 1985 at their centre in W
  3. Aye. I remember nicking a set from an Alpine on a used car forecourt years ago. Undercover of darkness wearing a borrowed balaclava.
  4. I'm sure I read somewhere in the classic car press that once a car was on SORN you no longer have to annually confirm it unless there was a change of status. Hence my surprise when I received a SORN renewal V11 form for the Simca 1100. Did anyone else read it or am I just turning into a doddery old giffer?
  5. Yes. It has a silver sticker saying almost exactly that. Mr G Talbot was indeed the first owner. I didn't buy from him...the car was put into storage in 2004 and bought and re-commissioned last year by the seller I purchased from. Mr T was quite an eccentric by all accounts? I had a Hunter GLS years ago , a 75N in pale blue metallic. Unfortunately I can't remember the reg number but it was in good nick so is hopefully still with us.
  6. AUTOSHITE NEWS: The disappointed seller of a late 1970s saloon car has revealed today that despite it's being advertised on a well-known classic car website for several weeks, he received no communication or interest whatsoever from one of Britains top pop acts, The Cheeky Girls. Cheeky Girls say 'No' to classic car ownership The shocking revelation, that has left both the pop and classic car world stunned, comes just days after it was revealed that a former neighbour of 'Birds Of A Feather' star Lesley Joseph once scrapped an uneconomical to repair Riley 4/72 in the early eighties, a
  7. Hello. My name is Cuthbert Peasbody. You haven't clarified in your advert whether it's a 'barn-find' ? If it isn't then I'm afraid I wouldn't be interested.
  8. boobydoo

    More Beige!

    I like that car a lot! Top purchase!! Yes, the log does seem a bit pointless but an interesting insight now, into the rather dull life of the previous owner. Looks like during the 90s he only used the car about once a week. I suppose if you keep the little book and a pen in the glovebox it's a ten second job to fill it in at the end of every trip. I would imagine the car was a minter before the second owner got his hands on it.
  9. OK! Who died in the following years in the cars shown. 1997: Mercedes S280 1967: Buick Electra 1998: Mitsubishi Montero 1998: Saab 9000 1971: Hillman Avenger
  10. Most mornings I find a pheasant or three scratching around in the back garden under the bird table. They must hop over from the fields opposite...and they are used to me now so don't fly away. Unfortunately I found one lying there dead this morning. At first I thought a cat or fox had nabbed it, but its neck wasn't all chewed off or anything and couldn't see any other signs of damage. I scooped it up on a spade and plonked it on the compost heap in the nearby churchyard. Couldn't think what else to do with it really.
  11. Great pics! My uncle worked for BRS in the 60s and 70s and he always used to give me BRS logo-ed keyrings and coasters and the like. He got a new company car every couple of years, although it seems that the company hadn't an allegiance to a particular marque. I used to love riding in the back of them, thinking how posh they were. Austin A60s, a Cortina Mk II, Hunters, a Cortina Mk III, Maxi, Princess etc . All lorries look the same to me now, so nice to see a few I recognise from childhood. Cresta to Viscount is easy, but Cresta to DeLuxe? Would that be two headlights not four? I har
  12. At first I thought how desperately sad that someone should live like this....then I remembered a similar old chap who lived in an equally dilapidated house at the end of the street where I used to live. However, he was an obnoxious, rude, little bastard who actually seemed in perfect health, so one can only assume that it was pure laziness that got the house in the state it was. Can you imagine if his brother came over to thank you for the help and said "Oh, there's an old Hyundai Stellar in the garage that he's had from new. Looks in good nick. Could you get rid for us?"
  13. I used to sell Carismas new back from 96-98. They did a GL, GLX and GLS in saloon or hatch in the most dismal range of colours imaginable. It was quite difficult to enthuse about them to prospective customers, I have to admit. Luckily most people who bought them were 50+, who had no concept or interest in having a 'stylish' car. They sold on the perceived reliability image of the Mitsubishi brand. The Galant , on the other hand , was a lovely looker...but I think I only sold one new one in 2 years!
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