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  1. I can't work out how big they are but I think they'd make ace mugs. Put me down for one.
  2. Sunderlands last “k” reg National, indeed its last National as it was incorporated into Northern by the time the next one ( MCN894 - chassis 108) was delivered. Chassis no 105 means its the fifth production National. Ended its life at Lincolnshire and like most of the early ones was converted to single door 52 seat configuration fairly early in its life. Quite the rare beast and still sporting the very short lived brushed stainless front and rear bumpers. I really must get out more.
  3. Spotted while we were away playing on the tiny, tiny trams.
  4. But who could forget...
  5. Go on then, have another.
  6. I'll just leave this here.
  7. Now home before the car I set off for shitefest 2018 in has got home. Me — mildly fucked but happy. car - acceptable. left the Scottish contingent at M5 J2 with only a few* more hours of motoring ahead of them. Many thanks to Kirton for arranging such a palatial venue (it had its own bar ffs) and to everyone else who made this place and that event what it is. See you next year folks. Maybe.
  8. Smallbrook Queensway, Birmingham. The buildings on the right haven’t changed much but the stuff straight ahead (about 11:00) has gone and replaced with the latest “shopping experience” type precinct. The building on the slight left is now home to the HMRC.
  9. Just do it. If you don't like it, well you've had a grand drive out in the countryside! I might just pop down on Saturday as I haven't been to my favourite chip shop for a bit.
  10. Minehead is not that far away. Shit for a town but it’s got a nice heritage railway. Seaton is a bit further the other side of Exeter but TRAMS! TINY, TINY TRAMS! (And the UKs first reinforced concrete bridge apparently)
  11. With ECP it’ll be a waterpump for a 2003 Vauxhall Astra 1.6.
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