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  1. Top marks for perseverance with this, I think I’d have bailed by now! Good effort
  2. I've put this up for sale. Thread in the for sale section, it's up at £1450. Although it pains me as I like it.
  3. It's certainly testing you isn't it!
  4. True although at one point a black cat & a rabbit’s foot were consulted
  5. HOORAY, IT'S FIXED!! 😁 After systematically checking through everything relating to Pin 40/Pin 14 and not finding a fault, it pretty much left only the Transmission ECU or the Engine ECU to be at fault. Nosing around on ebay, transmission ECUs can be had for about £25 (however finding the one with the correct part number is not easy) but engine ECUs are around £80-£100 which is a bit much to throw on a hunch. They're also quite rare as the 520i uses a Seimens unit whereas the 525i uses a Bosch unit. Anyway, I got mega lucky; there was somone breaking a 520i and selling the engine, transmission and ABS ECUs (with either exact or compatible part numbers) for £35 for all 3 so I got them ordered and was waiting with baited breath for them to arrive all week. They finally arrived at 8.30pm last night (wtf My Hermes?), so I swapped out the transmission ECU this morning (thankfully dead easy, they all live in a nice little box in the engine bay and are just held in with two big metal clips) and that was that! No more cog on the display, kicks down like a goodun', holds on to revs when you boot it, selects 5th and will now select sport/economy/winter mode. GET IN!! Drives lovely now, been in it all day. Thinking about it, it had just had a new battery and the seller said he hardly used it, so I reckon it had been jumped before he replaced the battery and it spiked the ECU. I'm just not quite sure what to do with it now. My OH has expressed an interest in maybe running it, but that means sinking some money into it; really it needs the bonnet and roof painting (and probably the boot lid if I'm being picky) and that sill repair sorting, although it probably is the kind of car where £500-750 spent on paint could be earned back when sold, what with the mileage etc. I'd probably want to go through it mechanically for some preventative maintenance as well as our current other car is a Toyota Corolla, so turnkey reliability would be expected, which may be a bit much from a 26yr old car. I'll mull it over, as if I'm honest, I'm enjoying driving this more than my Alfa 147 daily but I've sunk that much cash into that bastard that I can't justify selling it
  6. Look at the dish on those rear wheels. Bloody lovely old thing that is, glad it's behaving
  7. Well at least something's fixed on this thing. Just needed the bulbs changing. No idea how to use it like And it turns out my temperature sensor thinks it's in Siberia. One step forward and all that...
  8. I've just done some searching on google images and you could be right. It looks like the sills are a different shape on the cars with sill covers - convex with a row of clips along the top, but it seems totally random as to which had covers and which didn't. Naturally, mine doesn't, just has colour coded metal sills, flat not convex. ARSE
  9. Still on with this. It had half the sand from sub-saharan africa deposited all over it due to it just languising on the drive so I gave it a proper clean today to try and maintain my mojo for it. I also dismantled half the dash to remove the OBC to see if changing the bulbs gets that working. Youtube reckoned you just tugged on a little lever next to the radio aperture and the OBC would come out. Well I can assure you that after 26 years immobile, that lever needs a fucking great wallop and much dismantling to get the room! It's a nice colour when it's clean, has a bit of a pearlescent effect that the camera doesn't really capture After looking at some other E34s I've also realised it's meant to have plastic sill covers fitted which would do a nice job of hiding that bloody awful welding repair, so I'm on the lookout for some of them. Investigations into the transmission error continue. Between me and matey on the forum, the whole input side of the TPS circuit has been eliminated. I've tested one of the pins on the ECU for voltage at idle and it's meant to be giving out a maximum of 5v but it's giving 9v so something's wrong somewhere. I'm going back to him to read the codes again this week just to eliminate a couple of other things but it's looking increasingly likely that it may be faulty ECU. It's the type of thing where I could really do with known good unit to swap to test it but the chances of finding another for test purposes are about as likely as it fixing itself overnight.
  10. How did you find this job overall? I need to do mine but everytime I look at how much needs removing/moving I die a bit and think 'just give it to alfatune and let him do it'
  11. My Dad bought a brand spanker 150bhp when they 1st came out in 2001. Then I had one about 13 years ago when I was 20. It had done about 110k when I had it and I had it remapped and drove it like a twat, hoofing out great clouds of clag absolutely everywhere. I'm pretty certain it had already had a haircut when I had it and I know the lad I sold it to knocked another 30k off when he had it. I just checked the reg and the fucker's still going, it must have done about 250k by now! I'd say these PD engines are the nicest 4 cyl diesel I've driven, even in standard form they go well, do 50mpg and don't really go wrong. It's a shame they couldn't get them through euro 4 emissions as I reckon they're better than the 2.0 lump that followed. I know everyone slates the handling but that mini-tank feeling quite suits them. For £450 that's a great little thing.
  12. Well I like the oversize one. So there. I remember seeing them like that in period. Something I've wondered about before is why some dealers used to fit them and some didn't, I remember it used to be a thing with loads of 80s jap stuff. I changed the regular size rear plate on my AE82 Corolla for an oversize one as they look crap without one and again, most of them were like this (but not all?).
  13. It will, I'm just doubtful I'll have the knowledge to sort it!
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