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  1. Sorry yeh, I meant the EGR in the 2nd paragraph which I didn’t make very clear. I was just having a general ramble about DPF fitment before it.
  2. I don’t really understand how some variants of this engine were lumbered with a DPF and some weren’t. Mine was ‘09 and didn’t have one, which must surely make it one of the last diesels not to? Can emissions vary that much between each type of car it was fitted to that some are pushed over whatever limit there was for DPFerry? I know I’m like a stuck record but if it was me I wouldn’t want that lovely new manifold full of shite again after a few months. Map out, blank off, be happy. Bloody horrible things.
  3. You can get the EGR valve mapped out for about £80-100. I wouldn’t spend any more time on the fucker, you’ve seen what it does to the insides of the manifold. MPGeee wise I never bettered about 45mpg in the 147 I had with this lump, but I clogged it. A lot.
  4. I think there’s a lad on here recently done the exact same job on a Saab, may be worth a read. These manifolds can be removed without disturbing the belt by locking the fuel pump sprocket but if it needs a belt anyway... Are you planning on blanking the swirl flaps? There’s a kit you can buy for these Pierburg manifolds but I always think they look a bit shit, plugs with an O ring just pressed in. Can see them popping out after a bit.
  5. How do you get it to show the old plates? I can only see previous MOTs etc?
  6. Now you know it's super rare, you can do the full white room palaver when you shift it on, about how Mr. Stanley Panini Bolognase, long time Italian car enthusiast, traded in his immaculate Fiat Seicento S in anticipation of his life's ambition of upgrading to Fiat's premier executive comfort wagon, the Croma. One of fewer than 900 to indulge themselves that year. and now just -23 remain, making this incredible proposition truly invaluable blah blahhhhhhhhhhh
  7. I've just had a read of the Wikipedia for the Fiat Croma. This bit made me giggle: " In February 2007, Fiat UK announced that the Croma would no longer be generally available in the United Kingdom, after less than 900 were sold in the whole of 2005" It was a bloody Giugiaro design as well! Happen he was a bit blind by then? Apparently it was described by Fiat as a "Comfort Wagon".
  8. I didn't think it was long, I only ever remember seeing them parked outside the Fiat dealers, I'm not sure I've ever seen one on the road. It no doubt shares indicator stalks with my 147 or seat runners or whatever (other than the bloody engine, obvs!) Look forward to hearing about it
  9. Possibly the only time that sentence has been written about that car! Good luck with it Bo11, looks dismal! How long did they persevere with them in the UK?
  10. I very nearly bought an orange sprint as my first car. Me and my dad drove all the way from St.Helens to Kent to get it after a lot of correspondence with the seller, got there and it was a shed. You couldn’t sit two people in it as the suspension bottomed out. I don’t think I’ve ever been as gutted about not buying a car! I still hanker after one now. Watching with interest!!
  11. Looks damn smart to me, whenever I get offered swaps, it's for something that the scrapyard turned away!
  12. Top marks for perseverance with this, I think I’d have bailed by now! Good effort
  13. I've put this up for sale. Thread in the for sale section, it's up at £1450. Although it pains me as I like it.
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