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  1. JUDGE JULES BUYS SHIT BROWN SIMCA Looks an absolute honey that does, Bon Voyage for the rest of the journey!!
  2. Saxo VTS I believe. That and the SPORT badge from RenaultSport Clios made their way on to many vehicles in the early 00s
  3. Ive been working this thing hard these last couple of weeks. That’s about 12 sacks of rubble it swallowed in one go. Started it up and the air suspension did as it should and didn’t explode so I’ll take that as a win. You could feel it rising up and levelling itself. It swallowed an (admittedly small) kitchen, gas oven and extractor in one go the day before. It may cost about 80p a mile in fuel but it definitely saves on skips! As expected, I’ve dealt with precisely none of its issues and worked it like an old pit pony, which is likely to continue for another month or so. I absolutely love driving the thing, I had a brand new MG4 XPower company car delivered in December and that’s done a total of 500 miles because, unless I’m going somewhere for work, I pick up the keys to this every time.
  4. I’ve actually got those saved 😄 I need to put a halt on spending now though for this month, especially on something that doesn’t really need doing
  5. That’s a good price, I think I paid £350 for just a fluid change on the same gearbox on my 335d at an auto transmission place in Leigh. It made a noticeable difference as well.
  6. In that incarnation they had gained a plastic inlet manifold which did the usual thing of gunking itself up with shite from the EGR valve and featuring misbehaving swirl flaps so it was probably that. Can’t remember the last time I saw a 147 in the wild now, or a Stilo (which we also used to have) I should make clear, I’ve a company car so it’s probably only getting used about once a week. Hopefully it’ll tolerate this inconvenience. Noted on the diff oil, I don’t think the noise is anything to worry about it might even be the tyres or just general transmission noise at 140k miles!
  7. I also saw this 'previously featured', advertised as spears or reapers the other day, apparently running like a bag of shit. Still looked quite arousing though.
  8. Looks like I never brought this ungrateful Jag tale to a close. In brief, I fired the fucker through an auction. Got most of my money back so all was not lost. It looked increasingly like it had a warped manifold and I didn't have the space/time to get involved with that. So, after having so much trouble with the 4.2 Supercharged V8 donk, what was the sensible thing to do? Yes, that's right! Purchase an 18 year old Range Rover with the same engine. Enter @Wack's old one. Well, I've always wanted one, I need something for shifting shite as I'm renovating a house and selling another and this cropped up 2mins from my Mum's house at a price I couldn't refuse. As in I couldn't find one cheaper that ran and had MOT. Of course, any 18 year (or month!) old JLR product will not be without issue and this is no different. It's the full fat fancy pants Vogue SE which I think was top dog in 2006 when this was new. That means it is loaded with equipment, much of which no longer functions as intended. Here's a list of character features off the top of my head: DVD player - missing TV - inop CD Changer - inop Parking sensors - inop Harmon Kardon Logic 7 sound system - sounds like a fart in a tin due to a blown door speaker Rear wiper - inop Rear view camera - missing & therefore inop Spare wheel well - water receptacle (have landrover ever made a car that doesn't leak?) Heated steering wheel - inop Driver's heated seat - inop Diffs - whining Prop - clunking Glass - covered in a clear film that's gone weird so some windows are like looking through a jam jar. Think it might be UV protection. Or was. EML - glowing brightly (believed to be a code for a downstream O2 sensor. Not again, arrrrgh) Rust - present in the usual places Driver - wafting about like the lord of the manor and couldn't give a flying shit I should clarify this was all made clear in the advert! I proper love it man. You feel more like you're captaining a ship than driving a motor vehicle and it's HUGE and so tall, but I find it 100x easier to park than pretty much any modern because you can actually see out of it properly and can tell where the corners are. And I just love that woofly noise it makes as you waft about. There's a trip computer display on the centre screen that shows a readout of MPG, so that's been turned right off, don't need a constant reminder of that, cheers. And I've already done a fix; it recently had a new battery and the key had lost communication with the car, so had to be inserted in the lock and turned like some kind of tradesman, which would then set the alarm off until it was started. Most unbecoming. Thankfully, I've managed to pair it again so remote operation is resumed. It clearly likes me. Other good points, it's in my favourite colour. The aircon works. It's been well serviced. The air suspension is wor...I'm not finishing that proclamation. It's currently sporting a set of 21" wheels from an L405 Range Rover with 4 Pirelli Scorpions which are in great nick but they're a bit big and it doesn't really need making taller. It think it needs to come down a tyre profile but there's no way I'll be doing that. I might keep an eye out for some 19/20" wheels with good tyres and flog these as they seem to bring good money. I may address some of the other bits over time, but really I'm wanting this as a bit of a workhorse and I've proper skinted myself this month buying it, so don't hold your collective breath!
  9. Should be a nice thing to bomb about in. Was it supplied with the obligatory 3 burner phones?
  10. What an absolute pisser. Having recently been in a similar position (albeit nowhere near to the same degree), I can appreciate how galling this is. It just goes to show, it doesn’t really matter how much you try to mitigate it on low cost big liability stuff, if it wants to ruin you it just fucking will. What kind of money does an engine change hands for on one of these?
  11. Are you gonna get the new manifolds ceramic coated or anything to help with heat soak? I had an Alfa 147 GTA that had coated manifolds and it made a fair difference.
  12. ‘Kinell, check out mine and @Crispian_J_Hotson’s threads on supercharged big cats. Best of bloody British to you.
  13. He just has! Reading this, I’m almost positive mine has the same issue. Bank 2 off the scale lean with Bank 1 perfect and no discernible inlet leak? Fancy doing another? 😂 I have only admiration - there’s no way I’m dropping the engine on mine. It’s fate is now sealed. Cracking thread BTW, can’t wait to see this done!
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