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  1. From the title and 90s tastic opening gambit, I was expecting a 2 seater Tonka Toy Barbie Wagon. Then I remembered they’re an X90 not XC90. Therefore I R disappoints, can you go and buy one of them instead?
  2. Jesus, that cam!! As I recall it didn’t sound particularly bad either - slightly tappy. It still seemed to drive well too! It must have gone tens of thousands without servicing.
  3. I was being daft - I realise there were manuals I just don’t understand the proliferation of autos. Maybe the displacement helps the prelude being 2.2 but the EP3 civic type r I had was just frustrating to drive unless you were caning it as below 5/6000rpm it felt flat as a fart. I just can’t imagine combining that with an auto box improving matters. Looks a good trade anyways. There’s an old fella opposite me that has a very clean looking gen 4 as a daily and an immaculate, garaged, green gen 5 for best. I’ve only seen the gen 5 in the open once. I bet they’re both autos!
  4. Did they actually make any manual preludes? I know loads of giffers bought them and I sort of understand it if you just spec a 2.0 (like the previous gen one I had that became a bit of a forum bike). But why would spec the VTI - gutless below about 6000rpm like all hondas - as an auto? Did the salesmen get extra commission convincing octogenarians that the VTI was ‘top of the range’ (a la van den plas) so should be a slush?
  5. Split tailgate FTW. Lovely little cars these, if bizarrely overpriced now thanks to VTEC YO types. Looks like you got a belter there.
  6. I never actually had it leak from the sunroof! Though clearly it had done before from the state of the headlining around it. It was letting in water at the corners of the screen and from the bonnet hinge area, but I managed to get that about 75% stopped. I used to find if it had been sat, it was worse - if it moved regularly it didn’t seem to build up. So just keep using it!
  7. Regarding that suspension hose - have a read around 1st before you touch it if it’s not actually leaking. I have a hazy memory of one being NLA but I can’t remember if it’s the one from the reservoir to the pump or the one from the pump. I think it is LHM that it uses. That was about the only fluid that I didn’t change so god knows how long it’s been in there. As an aside, it was also never particularly water tight in terms of cabin leaks, so I’d recommend covering it if keeping it outside and not using it that often, when the weather changes.
  8. Found it I think the Merc stuff is towards the end. The rear suspension set up is simple, it was copied from Citroen so I’m sure it’ll be familiar. All the estates had it.
  9. It does have SLS on the back and it was working well when I had it. Pretty sure I put a rocker gasket on it but I’ve slept since then. As for it sounding tappy - there’s a good chance it’ll be the exhaust manifold gasket(s). I replaced them, but the mating face of the manifold to the rear most cylinder wasn’t great and I had to smear a load of paste on to get it to seal. It held for the few months I was bimbling about but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was blowing now. I did a thread at the time, I’ll try and dig it out
  10. Looks smart that, has someone on here owned it before - that plate looks familiar? Mega barg for £500!
  11. It’s certainly moved around a lot. I bought it from Yorkshire, took it home to the North West, I found pictures of it online from before I had in Bournemouth, up to the Noryh of Scotland with FOAD, now back down south…
  12. I never really understood why these existed when they were just about still selling the Prelude at the time
  13. Shit man, one’s enough!! I actually quite fancy another GF8 Impreza but from a quick perusal it would appear they are all gone and those that aren’t are ruined.
  14. Advertised it on Mon. The first person to see it drove it away earlier today. I then spent an hour pacing about the garden wondering what I’d done. That is definitely one I’m going to miss!
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