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  1. You’ve got the best wheels these came on as well. I’d have thought they alone would go for near the purchase price
  2. You’ve some patience for this van man
  3. My dad had a freelander 1 when they were current, bought from a LR dealer, so he picked up an accessory brochure. That body kit was a ruinously expensive option, pretty sure it was about £1700. They also did a little seen option on the 5 doors of unpainted, sacco-style plastic cladding to the bottom of the doors. That was a similar cost!
  4. BMW 335d - 37mpg according to the trip computer.
  5. I’ve had a fair few Alfas and once they get to that age, they’re pretty much fucked without major expenditure. So unless you go all out and just accept that 90% of the components will be end of life and are prepared to put up with the hassle of sorting them, don’t bother. If you do decide to go for one, I would definitely get a 2.4 as that 1.9 engine is a bit shit with an intake system with too many inherent faults. Also watch for rotten front subframes. They don’t drive as well as they look, but to be fair, I can think of very few cars from the same segment that look as good as a sport wagon in TI spec. If you aren’t doing the miles, the 1750 TBi engine is meant to be quite good but I’ve never driven one. 4 grand seems like crazy money for an 06/07 diesel one though?
  6. Because there’s already a 330 and it’s one up from that. 330d is single turbo and 335 is twin turbo They went astray from their numbering/displacement system years ago. Wasn’t the E36 323i a 2.5 and the E46 318i a 2.0?
  7. Good colour that as well, I’ve never seen another the same.
  8. I don’t think either of those Micras are particularly early? I think K10s started on a Y, so probably ‘83 and K11s on a ‘93 K? I used to hate Micras but I’ve grown to appreciate them now, tombstone seats and all. My auntie was a serial Micra botherer, I remember her having a D reg Collette (drove to Ireland as a family in that!), replaced by a red one, replaced by one of the last white K10s on a K plate I think. Then had a silver K11 as a company car a good few years later. I’m still not sure I could pay actual money for one, as they were £500 snotters for so long. There was a ropey one up for £1800 the other day!
  9. After becoming accustomed to the decadence of the 45, I’m not sure I could stomach such a regression. I have actually looked longingly at @Kiltox’s advert many many times, but given how the one above reacted to damp conditions at 10 years old, I don’t think taking that on with no inside storage would do it or me any good.
  10. Peasant (what a hero!!) Posh (like me mother’s)
  11. I went round my Mum’s on Christmas Day and she got a load of old photos out. I was made up to unearth the only photograph I’ve ever found of a big part of my childhood… My mum and dad split up when I was about 5. As you’d probably expect, I stayed with my mum and for a couple of years we didn’t have a car. My Nan took pity on this situation and decided to get a little car for my mum. Safety and reliability were paramount for ferrying around her beloved grandson, but despite this she bought her a Fiat Panda: I was so pleased to see that the car looked just as *well kept as I remembered. That pic would be about 1993, on my nan’s drive - that’s my mum showing off her new car. I’ve got so many happy memories attached to that car and also remember it being the most unreliable pile of shit I have ever encountered. The slightest bit of damp weather and it was an absolute bastard to start, requiring a full minute long procedure of choke bothering and ever more hopeful cranking. There was the occasion where it totally failed to make it up a steep hill in monsoon rain and had to be abandoned and retrieved later when it had dried out. Or the time when, after pulling into a space at Asda, a guy came walking after us, carrying something which turned out to be the headlight lens which had fallen off. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t last too long, maybe 18 months before an impending weld fest come MOT time finished it off. (We then *upgraded to an equally shonky 1979 Fiesta) Anyway, the reason for this thread is, after studying the above image, I’ve gleaned that it was, in fact, a special edition. Yes, we appear to be looking at a Panda ‘Masquerade’ - at least that’s what I think it says on the door if you zoom right in and the image near the word looks like a masquerade mask. A Google around this fine limited edition has turned up absolutely no information. Literally nothing. So I thought I would ask the Autoshite hive mind to investigate. Has anyone ever heard of it? Was it a random dealer special with its funky coach line below the window or was this a Fiat endorsed, highly sought after collectors edition? Here’s what I do know about the car which may narrow things down: It was an ‘82/83 on a Y (so only about 10 years old in that photo!) I think it was based on a Panda 45S (for super) which was the slightly posher version. It definitely had the uno style grille, rather than the pressed metal one. It had the hammock style seat in the back, no rear seatbelts, but did have a radio cassette on the front ‘shelf’ As hopeless as it was, I’d absolutely love one now, complete with comedy ‘Garfield’ cuddly toy stuck to the rear window, which looks yet to make its appearance in that photo! I’ve often wondered why I’m drawn to shite old cars, but I think I’ve found the answer.
  12. From the title and 90s tastic opening gambit, I was expecting a 2 seater Tonka Toy Barbie Wagon. Then I remembered they’re an X90 not XC90. Therefore I R disappoints, can you go and buy one of them instead?
  13. Jesus, that cam!! As I recall it didn’t sound particularly bad either - slightly tappy. It still seemed to drive well too! It must have gone tens of thousands without servicing.
  14. I was being daft - I realise there were manuals I just don’t understand the proliferation of autos. Maybe the displacement helps the prelude being 2.2 but the EP3 civic type r I had was just frustrating to drive unless you were caning it as below 5/6000rpm it felt flat as a fart. I just can’t imagine combining that with an auto box improving matters. Looks a good trade anyways. There’s an old fella opposite me that has a very clean looking gen 4 as a daily and an immaculate, garaged, green gen 5 for best. I’ve only seen the gen 5 in the open once. I bet they’re both autos!
  15. Did they actually make any manual preludes? I know loads of giffers bought them and I sort of understand it if you just spec a 2.0 (like the previous gen one I had that became a bit of a forum bike). But why would spec the VTI - gutless below about 6000rpm like all hondas - as an auto? Did the salesmen get extra commission convincing octogenarians that the VTI was ‘top of the range’ (a la van den plas) so should be a slush?
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