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  1. Know what you mean with the M1 CHAOS, and its not like an occasional thing these days, especially in that section. Noticed that the A614/A60 was a bit more busy than usual
  2. I know someone who had one from when it was only a year old and he's never had any major issues with it apart from the body rot. For it's MOT this year it needed £600 worth of welding, so he swapped for a 10 year old Vauxhall Astra. Now he's found the car got a problem with one of the piston rings, (plus some other niggles) and going to cost around £500 to fix, he said he wished he kept the car and had the welding done on it.
  3. Had a good look at the Sandero with the view to having one, no thanks, it is cheap and nasty and horrible. The one in the showroom looked like it had been left out in the rain with the bonnet up when looking at the engine bay. Couldn't see any of this 'tough' build quality' and 'Made to last for years' crap that was on Honest John. Still all those in the show room had a sold sticker on them.... Rather have a 20 year old Saab or something
  4. I know someone who has a 407 same age as my car (eight years old) and he's just paid £1000 to get it through the MOT, leaking power steering, knackered ball joints and wheel bearings,were my Fabia just flew through. Glad someone else has noticed how rubbish build quality on new cars has become.
  5. Thanks for the replies - yes Triumph Dolomite is on the list (so is the Herald) plus a few others as well..
  6. Thanks DW, agree I'm more inclined to go for the Allegro as well, will post photos if I do get one...
  7. Hello Haven't been on here for awhile since have been in the process of changing jobs (For the better). Since I no longer have the long commute I had before, I'm on the lookout for something to do the commute (Not everyday), and maybe travel a bit further to shows... Here's the top two car's I'm going to consider: Late Allegro Rover Metro Have considered Moggie Minors but to buy a decent one is bit out the budget at the mo, and need the cash to support the 2CV (Could use it as the runabout car but really I don't want to leave it in a Park and Ride park all day. Have considered Renault Fives an
  8. Try Oxfam bookshops for car manuals, the one Iocal to me sometimes has a good collection of Haynes and Autodata manuals.
  9. VW did it with Skoda, when I brought my Fabia seven years ago , Skoda was still the budget brand, trouble is they got so good at it, the dealers moved from small garages to large corporate glass houses, and the prices are more or less like everyone else. I'm seriously considering a Sandero next year despite what NCAP say it's OMG instant death trap because it hasn't got some traction control crap fitted.
  10. ..and you keep the C70 as well, served me well at a time I wasn't so well off. Just been through the worst case of flu I have had for years dont want another bout of again.
  11. There was an 2009 Octavia in the place where I usually take the car for servicing/repairs that had gone through flood water and the water had gone over it's bonnet - was having it's engine replaced for something like £4k.
  12. I had the same experience when I joined an local IAM quite few years ago, some lovely observers said my driving was great and had no problems with it, then you had the weapon grade twats who moaned like hell, or boasting about scaring the shit out of passengers when he did the demo drive. One of IAM members in that group use to hit people on the wrist with a ruler if they kept their hand on the gear change lever, its a good job never had him
  13. Not your fault you've been off sick, sound like one of those crappy call centres places where you get a displinary for being 1 second late back at the desk.
  14. That R5 have seen that running around, last time going through Southwell. There was an R5 campus N reg often parked up in Tescos in Mansfield, haven't seen that for a few years though..
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