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  1. This has just popped up on the classic car scrapyard finds facebook group if anyone is interested. Matthew Coward - https://www.facebook.com/#!/matthew.coward.165/ Does anyone fancy saving this triumph herald?? Have logbook and car is 99% complete. If theres no intrest il race it. Give the classic car boys a chance to save a car. Open to offers around £350.
  2. I actually like the facebook group. Yes there are idiots on it, but it makes autoshite more accessable to the masses who would probably not join a forum, which isnt a bad thing in my view.
  3. aye, id imagine so. Cant be many mk 3 Fiestas left in that condition. Hope someone can save it and its not just bought by some local fool as a runaround until the mot runs out.
  4. Immaculate MK 3 Fiesta, 42k, T&T, for sale, Wrexham £500 This pulled up into a car park as I was walking through this morning. Spoke to the owner who was giving up driving. He bought it off a lady who owned it for 21 years and it was always garaged and well maintained. Had a new clutch and a new MOT. He gave me permission to advertise it for him so if you are interested please contact him on 07947880828. Car located in Wrexham. North Wales. Not seen a cleaner mk 3 for 20 years than this one! Small parking dent -
  5. Not seen the fella since, but sure he will be in again at sometime and will keep you all posted.
  6. Since my 'Classic Car Scrapyard finds' turned into anything BUT classic car scrapyard finds(!), ive started a new group if anyone here is interested. This is JUST for abandoned, unloved and scrapyard finds. If you are on Facebook then please feel free to join - https://www.facebook.com/groups/3865015 ... tif_t=like Ta Rob
  7. When I see him next Ill see if I can go around and grab a few pics.
  8. There's an oldish chap that comes in my shop now and again, today he came in and we got talking about old motors and he mentioned that he has an A reg metallic red? (burgundy maybe?) Maestro Vanden Plas in his garage. The car belonged to his father who died 10 years ago, and its been in the garage laid up since then. Its a one owner car, not sure of the mileage but he tells me the bodywork is in good condition and it was running when parked up. He doesnt want to see it scrapped and wants someone to buy it who can restore it. He doesnt know how much he wants for it, probably better for anyone interested to go and have a look and make him an offer. Ill try and go down myself sometime if I get a chance and get some pics. Let me know if this is your kind of thing and I can put you in touch with him.
  9. My Cav SRI is up for grabs for 500 notes. (maybe less if I stick it on ebay) http://retrorides.proboards.com/index.c ... ead=144066
  10. Really glad you saved it Billy. I stuck the link up on the AS facebook site as I thought it was prime for one of you to rescue. I was worried that with it being so cheap it might end up around a track or just weighed in after someone bought it as a 'runaround' until the tax ran out. My cousin was offered one a year or so back for less than scrap value. It was a low milage one too off some old fella but he passed it up and some local yoofs got hold of it, ragged it half to death around a field, and then weighed it in. I was gutted as if he had told me I would have bought it - just to save it.
  11. I run a DVD shop and currently have a Professionals DVD in my £1 bargain section. I have the box set so have no need for it myself.
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