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  1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isuzu_VehiCROSS
  2. I have a 1970 built two-bed terraced house with a small 1 car driveway (glorified parking space). The recently departed e46 touring physically fitted quite well (the e61 not so much) so I’ll have one of these. Same length as an e46 touring so perfect size for the drive and launched in 1970.
  3. Do you think they're dull to drive, or just some have dull bobby basic interiors?
  4. Is it another Discovery? Or the other right hand drive Holden Suburban?
  5. Just washed this and I’m quite happy with how it’s come out. Applied a cheapo ceramic coating, we’ll see how that goes. Bonus when my Z3 owning neighbour appeared asking to borrow a set of wheels as he’s mid restoration and he ended up buying my old 3 series winters.
  6. Front marker light from an 1899-1902 Horsey Horseless. Later models had cheaper, less intricate lights.
  7. He was on here a few years back, he had moved onto Xantias.
  8. "Hello, is that Demon Tweaks?" "I'm looking for an KnN induction kit for my car, I'm hoping you can help me." \ "What car is it? Well... " "Its a 1952 Humber Hawk." "You do! Thats wonderful. Can you put it aside and I'll be down to pick it up later this afternoon?" https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-cars/humber-hawk-1952-good-running-condition-/1381086902
  9. At Aberdeen Uni? Will you be able to terrorise the IT dept?
  10. Kinda irrelevant if you have access to a refrigerated van...
  11. Change them out for Beijing sensors.
  12. I live in Aberdeen, it would end up being a lot more than £20.
  13. The 3 series has 230k on the clock, a fair bit of rust and I’d also guess a few other issues. Beyond getting the tipex out and making the side read “bisto ars”, I don’t see much value in it.
  14. Silvery Blue XJ, chrome trim and those wheels, driven by a short fella with a moustache.
  15. Were you in lidl in Bucksburn at about half five this afternoon?
  16. The last time I saw a Fiat Strada (also a brown cabriolet) was in 2006! Yours looks to be in better shape than it was .
  17. Is that Hyacinth Bucket in the polka dot dress?
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