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  1. I fucking am. That is AMAZING.
  2. Are you planning on framing it or something?
  3. It is, I did it on mine back in the day. You have to hold the select button down until it goes into a sub menu IIRC, but then you can navigate to ‘beep’ and turn it off.
  4. The low cost, huge liability thread is over there somewhere >>>>>
  5. My Mrs said that to me! She knows her stuff.
  6. Fucking hell, even by your standards this a desperate pile of shit, and I’m a closet Metro-licker. Good luck with it.
  7. That roof looks like a lepers ballbag.
  8. What a turd. Please paint it matt black and weld a load of chequerplate to the bonnet.
  9. Park it next to a Disco Sport, the successor to the Freelander line, and see what you think then!
  10. I think the photos flatter that. A lot.
  11. Is the one in the middle a scale model?
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