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  1. Rod/b

    Ford timelord

    Signed by who though? Some bloke who happened to own something before it was remotely significant?
  2. I’ve just been looking at these, must be something in the water.
  3. Is that a 1275GT hiding behind the Rolls?
  4. Is that some kind of Lincolnshire to Aberdeenshire banger rally?
  5. Reminds me, i need a coffee and I want to spend at least a fiver.
  6. I had the Charger R/T with the 5.7 Hemi, and it had that cylinder deactivation thing on it. Was slightly underwhelmed by the mpgs on a run but as someone pointed out its still running as a 2.9 with one bank ‘off’ and lugging round a fairly heavy car. Great engine though. The 5.0 Coyote in my F150 is a great engine too, runs at about 1500 rpm at highway speeds. God knows how people run Roush or Flowmaster open pipes on them as dailies though, i’d have a permanent migraine.
  7. I don’t get these, never have. They’ve always looked like dowdy pensioner transport to me. Totally slippers.
  8. Jonny Smith is in the process of wedging a V6 out of an 827 into one.
  9. It’s a filthy fuel and when gas costs buttons, why change?
  10. Exactly the same where i live now, except there are no trains at all, unless you are transporting hundreds of thousands of tons of solid fuel. Petrol is 35p / litre and you sit in the car while a man pumps it for you (the fuel, that is...) Diesel is for buses, large trucks and plant machinery, and is only in the pumps ‘round the back’ (unless you work at a refinery or well, then spark ignition is not considered a desirable feature - derv and exhaust flame traps all round)
  11. They have to have the Challenger up in the air to see if the front lower arms are fucked yet. A couple of my friends had them, and I had a Charger, and they all had bushes wear out with monotonous regularity.
  12. Renault / Dacia Oroch. £12k (equivalent) OTR where I live.
  13. Every days a school day. I’ve never had anything to do with diesel vehicles so i had no idea they ran vacuum pumps.
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