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  1. How the fuck did you know i’d picked 8 of diamonds?
  2. This is that absolute fucking roaster that got his car seized in Germany because it wasn’t roadworthy to TUV standard (understandable) and then went crying on instagram because he couldn’t get home.
  3. These white rooms don’t pay for themselves you know Wuvvles
  4. Tell you what Doc if you could find one of those 1990’s Mountney coloured vinyl steering wheels in pink that would look awesome on the Metro. Really like what you’ve done with it. (edit- or this with a generic Metro 6x70mm boss kit https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/183358917166)
  5. Rod/b

    LED bothering

    For the indicators the ballast resistors are ok but the led compatible flasher units are better. BUT in more recent cars the flashing feature is often controlled by the BCM and emulates a “fast flash” if a bulb is out (or if resistance is too low because LEDs). If you have a tool to adjust BCM settings you can often switch off this function, avoiding having to splice resistors into the loom. I’ve done this using Forscan on a couple of recent (2010 >) Fords.
  6. Hmm sad if it’s who i think it is - Julian Nowill of the original Plymouth - Dakar challenge banger rallies, from an era before the wacky weekends everyone on here loves so much.
  7. I’d sooner have an Renault Oroch https://www.renault.com.mx/autos-particulares/oroch.html
  8. 1992 registered 1980 build MGBGT anyone? https://mathewsons.co.uk/auctions/auction-dates/vehicles/17189-1992-mg-bgt
  9. It’s a Loudribs (Jack Hurley) production. I pointed this out to him on ze twittuz.
  10. If everything goes to plan i’ll be back in the country for this. And if the gods are smiling on me the Saab i bought in Sept 2019 and have never actually seen in the metal will make it along too.
  11. Aye. But that’s not going to stop a load of internet pub bores going online every week and cry-wanking about how they didn’t enjoy the segment where a car they don’t own and probably wouldn’t have bought if presented the chance got a scratch on it, and why isn’t there a weekly segment on IAM standard driving craft. I mean, i feel sorry for them being strapped down and forced to watch this programme they don’t enjoy and that isn’t made for them every single week, don’t get me wrong, i just wish the staff at their care home for the terminally tedious would switch the wifi off occasionally.
  12. “Age related marks” Oh, what, cars just develop scratches and dents like fucking WRINKLES as they get older do they? Or do you mean you’ve scraped it on a gate or a post or two, you utter flid?
  13. Strip of black vinyl across the bottom of the screen would sort that right out
  14. Oh this reminds me. I did a cross-europe jaunt in an old Camry auto in the mid 00s. We had spent a morning bounding over some alpine passes and stopped for lunch after which we all jumped back in the car, out of the parking space and the brake pedal hit the floor, and i landed in the side of a friend’s car. Quick inspection showed utterly filthy black brake fluid so we changed it at the side of the road and bled the brakes up (sorry, the Swiss) and set off, only for one caliper to lock on the next time someone hit the brakes. So that was freed as best we could with with hammers and b
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