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  1. Top purchasement skills, Triggles! That’s a lovely old thing. Those seats are well lush. A squirt of switch cleaner and a good wiggle will have your joystick back on form I should have thought.
  2. Rod/b

    Car features

    That’s what I thought until I got hold of a copy of Forscan.
  3. I had an Audi Coupe that had once belonged to a bloke who did dog sitting / boarding. The interior on that was so bad i stripped it out and replaced it with one from a spare car - there was just no amount of cleaning that would get rid of the smell.
  4. Rod/b

    eBay tat volume 3.

    Looks like its on Audi 80 Sport wheels too
  5. I saw one of these yesterday in Kenilworth - it was a tree surgeon’s and had a cage over the bed. It looked bloody ridiculous.
  6. Why have they got a photo of Billy Cavcraft at Twyford station?
  7. There are large numbers of 75 owners who need rounding up and shooting with shit.
  8. Rod/b

    Thai fso polonez

    Can he get hold of one of the later ones with the Rover k-series engine?
  9. Middle East got the 4.0 cologne Lr3 (Defender) too. They were awful things, absolutely gutless. My 2010 Explorer had the same engine, and it was unbelievably slow compared to my Pathfinder with the VQ40.
  10. Rod/b

    eBay tat volume 3.

    I like the paint scheme - you could do funerals and weddings with this
  11. Who’s Mondeo is KISS OPX? Cos I SPOTTENED you on the M25 earlier. Even my Mrs commented on how nice the car looked!
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