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  1. I remember coveting those Team Banana racers in the Argos book back in the day. Lovely stuff.
  2. We used to have two bases and one seat for the same reason. (Well, four bases and two seats with the twins) Babyzen Yoyo buggy ftmfw. Super manoeuvrable and it folds down small enough to go on an aeroplane as hand luggage. Here endeth Rob’s parental advice section.
  3. With the kid seat, the belt is supposed to be locked with the seat installed. Last thing you want is it going slack while you’re driving with a nipper in the back. They don’t weigh enough to lock the inertia reel if the worse comes to it. Once the buckle is clipped in and the lap belt piece is installed and pulled tight, arrange the chest belt around the guides in the chair, pull the belt out as far as it goes to activate the lock and let it retract itself. If you’ve got one of those seats that comes out of the car and goes on a buggy base, look into getting an isofix base or you’ll just end up hating it.
  4. 100% would (tear off the “factory” bodykit and throw it in a lake)
  5. You’re melting metal, that’s a bit hot.
  6. When i were a nipper my Dad’s Acclaim bust a cambelt while we were in Wales, and a local garage fixed it. I think i told the story on here of how the recovery truck driver was offering me a ciggy - I was about 8 at the time. Anyway i’ll never forget when we were there collecting it - there was a car up on the ramp having some welding done underneath it while Dad was talking to the chief grease monkey. Suddenly, I learned a few choice new words as smoke and flames started coming out of the back door of the car, as we were ushered outside and Dad was promptly given the keys to the Acclaim…
  7. Check their hard drive too
  8. L200 Warrior is always an archetypal wrong’un wagon to my mind.
  9. Mostly because pintle hooks come as standard equipment on anything but the most basic Nissan Patrol, which is one of if not THE best selling car in the GCC. I used to have a combi hitch that 3 different sized balls and the sharpest most lethal looking hook on it. And yes, i did crack my legs on it fairly regularly
  10. Isn’t it a Nissan Saliva S12?
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