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  1. I'm really tempted by this. It's great!
  2. Very sorry to read about this - terrible luck. As everyone has said though, the main thing is no one was hurt. I'm not a regular on here although some of you will know me from Rover fora. As my username (that I no longer go by on other fora) might imply I have owned one or two of these cars before. My last one being a 1975 Wolseley. Anyway, I diagress. Hopefully I can offer you some contacts that might assist. First of all (and mods/admins I hope this doesn't breach any rules), get yourself registered on the enthusiasts forum and whack a wanted thread up as soon as possible. http://www.leylandprincess.co.uk/forum/index.php The forum is light on content at the moment, mainly because we had a free-forum for three years, it all went tits up and all the content got lost forever. There are however many enthusiasts on there that might have your much-needed parts. I know two autojumblers who will also be able to help you. They help me restore my Wolseley ten years ago and provided parts which I was told were "impossible to find" then. I won't post their numbers on here but PM me for details and I'll pass it all on. What's bloody annoying is that recently I sold a lot of my spares stock (including bumpers/panels etc.) as my time for these cars has past. I still however much enjoy seeing them and if there is anything I can do to help a fellow enthusiast I will. I do still have a Wolseley bonnet, as well as one for an Ambassador, but I doubt that's of much use... Oh if any admin reads this. Can they please change my username to Alex SBY - that would be great? Ta.
  3. The answer will not be popular but this the situation: The lads in that team were doing the rally as a Stag do and they just happened to get this limo as their car, and as they had no idea of the history of it or indeed if it would even get to Rome they had pre-booked their flights home. Of course the car made it, but it did have issues; the starter circuit packed up in France meaning it had to be "hotwired" straight from the battery to the starter each time. The heater was shot too sorbet could not use that to cool the car down when it got warm. Of course, these are fixable issues. As I said, were it not for logistics we would have brought it home as it was offered to me for nowt. Sadly I can't save em all. But boy did I want it.
  4. The photo of that 800 limo was in fact taken by me. Myself and A friend took part on the Home2Rome rally in (would you believe) ANOTHER XX based 827 limo! Whilst it grated BIG TIME on me that that car was to be scrapped, to the credit of that team they offered me the car free, gratis and FOR NOWT. I tried and tried to work out a way to get it but with just two of us on the team, the distance, fatigue factor and cost of taking two limos home just made it impractical. I seriously wanted that car but I hate to say that mundane practicalities contrived against us.
  5. Voted again. And will do more tomorrow...
  6. I voted on my phone yesterday and have done so again today. Roaming IPs FTW! Will vote again at home too...
  7. And vote from the Wedge here.
  8. Thanks everyone for your interest.I have replied to a couple of PMs, but tonight someone locally has agreed to take the car off me and restore it.It will be in safe hands, which I am thrilled about.If for some reason these arrangements go breasts skyward, I will let you all know. For now though, the Princess is "SOLD".Thanks again for the interest.
  9. Right, long dead thread resurrection-time, and reality check.I got this nice old car with the very best of intentions, but reality says I don't think I am really going to ever get this off the ground.It is sat quite happy in the barn and doing no harm, but I really am of the view that it is not really going to get done any time soon.It cost me nowt. All I have done since collection is polish it (it actually came up quite well). Theoretically would anyone be interested in it? I have absolutely not made any final decisions yet, but I am just putting the feelers out to see if anyone would like to take it on as a light resto.It would be a case of "come and get it, and take it away".
  11. And home to a number of MENTALISTS too.
  12. Mine is an appallingly bad MS Paint edit of an end-board from the long defunct ITV for the South West broadcaster Westward Television. Their logo.
  13. Alex 'Wedge'

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    Yes, and it looks as shit now as it did when I last saw it!
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