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  1. Great looking car. If you aren't aware, check out the HAMB (Hokey Ass Message Board) https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/ They are focused on traditional hotrods and customs but they have a ton of knowledge on everything pre 65. As long as you don't mention rat rod or mustang II suspension or anything modern!! If you need parts or part interchange numbers they'll get you pointed in the right direction ing.
  2. I landed a new job 50 miles away and commuting in a car that does 14 mpg isn't financially viable. So last Sunday I traded in my 06 Expedition with 132,000 miles for this. 2017 model with just 32 miles. It's only the baby V6 model but it's still got 300hp and it's a stick. So far it's averaging 26 mpg.
  3. I've got an edelbrock 1406 on my 440. When I opened it up to rebuild it, it was full of brown goo. Cleaned up a treat and now runs like a top.
  4. Bench bleed the MC before refitting, it'll save much time and effort than trying to do it on the car.
  5. Today's crappy job was to replace the rubber pipe that connects the filler tube to the gas tank on the Plymouth as it leaks. The previous owner had seen fit to install the jubillee clips with the screw head facing up! I didn't want to drop the tank so had to use a bare hacksaw blade to cut the jubillee clips off. I could only manage a 1 inch stroke so it took ages. Waiting for the mail man to arrive with the new rubber connector and new clips.
  6. Fugget, found this in my tire this morning. Took it to the local tire place and they can't repair it cos the hole is too big, the tread is at the wear indicators and there's also a razor blade in the side wall. New tire is $190. Grrr
  7. Just arrived at my local bar for some Sunday beers and NFL and was greeted by this in the parking lot..
  8. Drop the tank, throw in a several feet of metal chain and some water. Seal it up then shake the heck out of it.
  9. Just come across this clip of Saeed Al-Hajri and Steve Bond's Audi Quattro A2 in the 1988 Rothmans Rally Jordan. The car’s gearbox needed to come out, and come out it did, on the side of the road, with no power tools, in not more than 15 minutes. Plenty of background chod for spottage
  10. Plenty of US sites have that tee but not sure about international shipping. Best bet for UK is probably Amazon.co.uk which has them.
  11. Went to the Turkey Rod Run at Daytona International Speedway this past weekend. In amongst the high dollar 60's and 70's muscle cars for sale was this little beauty. However my favorite was probably this...just love that colour
  12. Following on from my post in the grump thread yesterday, plans have changed and I'm no longer planning to evacuate from NE Florida. Irma's predicted path i ys now further west. This is the first grin albeit non car related. There's still a mandatory evacuation starting tomorrow but they won't physically make you leave. I live on a barrier island and the police are expecting to close the bridges when the wind gets strong enough Spent the day putting up the hurricane shutters (not grin worthy)and clearing space in the garage for the convertible and getting my generator running. The carb was all clogged up with crap but soon cleaned it out. These last two are why this is grin. Feels a bit like a prison inside the house and the hurricane doesn't get here till Sunday night/Monday morning.
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