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  1. Not to hand. It looks like this one, but a little bit tattier from memory. I'll try and find it tomorrow afternoon and get some pics https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133854440644
  2. I have this tiny Mira Bocanegra (although the boca isn't very negra, as it's part of the silver base). I have no need for it, anyone want it for £notmuch? I also have a Mira Chrysler Alpine fire car somewhere which is also up for grabs if anyone is keen on this stuff?
  3. There was as of last week a Visa of some description in this yard I would assume it's a four-pot or diesel so possibly has the 'other' type of BMC with servo? Presumably there are other bits on it that could be useful for yours. Possibly worth a trip over, of find a helpful local shiter willing to strip bits off, as I think it's a bit of a trek from you?
  4. Jeez... Looks like a lost cause to me
  5. Yep, they were an option on the GT I think. I much prefer the XS steels. That one does look pretty great although it seems like a lot of money to me. Here's another nice 205. This is exactly what I want to do with my one - XS wheels, body-coloured high-spec valances etc. Looks like a really neat little thing It's a phase 1 so you get the nice early dashboard etc, too Admittedly it's the 1124cc motor so all show and no go, but I still really like it. A reasonable £1500 to looks like the coolest kid in school. https://www.facebook.com/groups/peugeot205.owners/permalink/4779719022085236/?sale_post_id=4779719022085236
  6. You've got it easy. Try hanging with the Palladium bores. 'Oh, centre gearchange model? How quaint'. 'Timkin rear axle? Mine's a Moss old chap'. It never stops!
  7. Fuggin' three speeds, too! What were people thinking? It would also be significantly better if it did have Pascha, too... *ducks*
  8. I know it's an auto, but are these still really this cheap? Sounds like it's had more than the asking price spent on it recently. It is an auto though, did I mention that? This is one of those cars which I wouldn't have looked twice at a few years ago, but the styling has really come into its own I think A fucking auto though ffs!! Everything else about it is wonderful, though, and it won't be long before we're all moaning into our pints about the glory days of cheap V8 Porsche ownership https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/175026906941
  9. Yep, a launch car is the way to go. Didn't know they had no intermittent wipers though, that seems pretty mean! Then again, no cars have intermittent wipers anymore so maybe they were just ahead of the game? Mine would probably be vert coriandre and would need to have a full set of proper trims, and be in mint condition. I'll have one some day, before the prices go totally mental.
  10. I reckon it's still very cheap. The days of bargain Twingos are disappearing quickly, and I can't see anything that requires Twingo-specific parts on the MoT. I'd be more worried about the welding, but that fail could literally mean anything from a pinhole to a total lack of rear floorpan, but then TADTS
  11. I think you'll find he was on the A23 for at least another 200 yards
  12. Bit harsh. Zagato built some of the most beautiful cars in history. The glory days were over by the time the 70s came around, but pretty much everything they did before that was stunning. They were still making incredible stuff right through the 80s - Hyena, Aston, SZ etc. Rarely conventional, but always striking.
  13. Interesting find! It's certainly not a 'production' car from any country, but whether it's a factory prototype or a homemade car I can't say. I think the latter is much more likely, given the cruidty of the wheelarch shapes and fitment of the glass. I would guess Moskvitch or IZH-based, but I suspect we'll never know the true identity. I can't see it in any of the usual sources for Soviet homebuilds but I haven't looked very hard tbh.
  14. Yep, that's just ruined an exceedingly rare and potentially quite valuable car. I'd love a 52-54 P4 (definitely 'peak P4') but I can only recall seeing one other for sale in the last few years. The world really, really doesn't need yet another JET1 replica.
  15. I'm gonna respectfully disagree here. I don't see any similarity to a P F 100TV whatsoever and for various reasons it doesn't look like a Pinin Farina design at all. It's a shame it looks like it's had quite a shitty restoration, so hard to know what's original, but the parts-bin tail lamps, clunky eggcrate grille and lack of obvious badging don't make me think Pinin Farina. Sadly I can't offer an alternative, although I'm going to buy the book about coachbuilt Fiat 1100s and see if it's in there
  16. I've got a spare English-language Victoria 250 sales leaflet here if anyone is interested?
  17. So glad to see some progress with this after you nearly threw in the towel! I reckon you will have built up quite a bit of 'old car karma' for persevering, so hopefully it will reward you by not causing too much trouble when you actually get it going. I'd deffo be running it off a can just to see if it will go for longer than a few seconds, but I'm mega impatient. Can't remember if these have a leccy fuel pump or just a mechanical job like a 2cv, but if it's the latter they are a bit of a pig and do sometimes just fail without any warning. Bon chance!
  18. This thing was lingering on ebay with no bids, looking a bit sorry for itself. If not I, who else would feel pity of an Obscure Italian Diecast(TM)? So I had a bid and now I own it, despite not really having any interest... This is Politoys Penny no. 201D, Fiat 124. Interesting* for two reasons - I think it's the very last issue in the Penny series of 1/66 toys, which I suppose were the Italian version of Matchbox cars. Secondly, I think (though not 100% certain) this is the ONLY Penny which wasn't also modelled in larger scale by Politoys, for reasons unknown. It's quite sweet really, and fairly well detailed given its size, but I don't really want to get in to collecting these things. I suppose when I've ticked off all the 1/43 Politoys that I want to find, it would be nice to have the 1/66 versions to go with them, but that's really going down a road towards a weird-old-man lifestyle I'm trying to avoid for the timebeing. I could definitely have bought something more useful/satisfying for the tenner it cost me but whatever. I blame this thread.
  19. I spotted your Traction but I didn't spot you! By chance this Stanley Steamer, driven by Andy Green the Land Speed Record holder, parked up behind me later on. He was amused to discover he'd parked next to another car (formerly) owned by an LSR holder There were some good cars there as usual, but it's disappointing to see how many people turn up to watch in a modern, making it very difficult to park. I wish there was a bit of organisation here to keep the grockles away, although if all the cunts in Morgans didn't turn up it would be fine. I saw my two favourite Rolls-Royces, which is always a pleasure. One is a beautiful Mulliner-bodied Weymann 20hp, the other is this great 20/25 built by Schutter & Van Bakel in Holland, in the style of a Voisin for an owner who loved Voisin's looks but was tired of the poor reliability (I think he'd owned nine Voisins previously). The story goes he approached Gabriel Voisin and asked id he would fit a factory body to a Rolls-Royce chassis; he refused, so the owner went to his local coachbuilder in Holland instead. It's in fantastic unrestored condition and a very special thing There were two other woodies at Staplefield, including this really handsome R-R Twenty (I think) so that's three great Rolls-Royces in one day (I don't really like the marque at all)
  20. Shame to see THE ORIGINAL Autoshite car go off to pastures new. Really, somebody else off here needs to buy this just to keep it in the fold. Does anyone have a copy of the old site logo which this starred in?
  21. That looks very appealing, I've always fancied a P4. Let me know when you come ot move it on please!
  22. Are there others? I thought the Vanguards Regal van was the only reliant three-wheeler there was. I always thought a nice Mk1 Robin in 1:43 would probably sell like hot cakes
  23. Hey up shite fans. Here are some more cars wot I saw. This 205 appeared on my street for a couple of days. Looks snazzy but it's a boggo one-litre a 'pure shite' experience in a semi-rural small town And this winning combination round the corner, including bonus K8!! A surreptitious R5 snap. This looked amazingly clean I was walking over to this place when the R5 went past. Saab could be a Turbo A very handsome Godess Yesterday I stumbled on a little hidden world of old shit. My attention was caught by this incredible Maxi Then I spotted this... It's a RHD UK-market Lada complete with dealer sticker in the rear window. I hope it's being restored rather than stripped for something unsavoury Hidden away further into the undergrowth was this hideous (but great) Marina floppytop. Blime, these are just so massively shit aren't they?? There was a bloke lingering about who I chatted to for a bit, he was busy pulling this snazzy little beast out of the hedge where he parked it four years ago in preparation for an MoT. Looked pretty good under the grime tbh He explained this bit of dead-end road wasn't owned by anyone, so it become a dumping ground for cars. He reckoned this lot had been there for 5 or 6 years at least And finally, this most pleasing '1980s council estate' scene
  24. Right, I'm home now. Here's my haul from today's very small village-hall toy fair. Honestly didn't expect to find anything as my interests are so narrow. And I don't collect toy cars. Mercury No32 Lancia Flavia Pininfarina coupé, Pilen 347 Monteverdi Hai and Norev Citroen Ami 6. The Lancia is pretty much at the top of my wantlist for a while, as it's one of my favourite real cars, and the toy version is insanely rare. There's a very playworn example on ebay at the moment for £120 in Holland, and that's pretty much it. Never seen one in the UK. This set me back a handsome £4... Admittedly not that great from this side though! I'll try and find a couple of tyres that fit, but chances of finding a donor for the door seem pretty slim. I'll just point it the other way round. It's a shame, because apart from a broken windscreen, the missing door and one jewelled sidelamp, it's in in really, really good condition. I've mentioned before about the small range of Pilen castings which were unique to the brand (ie, not recycled castings from other manufacturers) and the Monteverdi is one I've particularly wanted, but they're always too much money on ebay. This one is mint and boxed (looks like it's never been out of the box until now) and in a nice colour. Very pleased with this for £20. The detail is fantastic - the boot badge is beautifully rendered (not easy to photograph) and the proportions are spot-on. Lovely. Here it is with the other 'unique' Pilens The Ami - we all know what those look like. It was a fiver and I couldn't leave it behind as it's much nicer than the one I paid €10 a few years ago in France.
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