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  1. Anyone know of a good specialist Jag breaker?
  2. Does not matter where they show the nipple........pipe and nipple will be interchangeable. Best check is brake (drum) size then bore size of cylinder. Some sites on the web will give this info...............although some will ask brake make like ATE/Bendix/Girling and then it gets tricky
  3. Nice work! Looks to be in lovely order too. I did similar on one which seems about 2 years ago.............just checked the thread and it was 2013! Mine had to go sadly as nowhere to keep it...........is yours a keeper?
  4. Very securely wrapped parcel arrived today........top seller would deal againAAA******
  5. Whatever you sell that for it will cost more to replace when you sell the van!
  6. On drums you very often do not get uniform rubbing when trying to adjust. As Mally says make sure the cylinder is nice and free to slide before trying to do anything else. When you changed the shoes did you make sure the handbrake mechanism was nice and free? Do the above and fit the handbrake cables and it will work.....regardless of what the hydraulic side is doing.
  7. It is the kind of thing the committee of a one make car club would come up with..........before awarding it to one of their own
  8. Been waiting for these! There were some great trucks there. I spent ages watching them leave.........some great some sounding engines and skilful gear changes
  9. Father Alf is a tight fisted boatist and swears by Fabsil for boat hoods.........best give it a good clean first
  10. Yes.....the weather will bring people out
  11. It has been a long winter......and I haven't done half of what I planned but truck is up and running so I'm going.
  12. Mid size sledge hammer and block of wood applied with enthusiasm.....but just once
  13. Seen this morning on a pick up.........PI6 GUT................I'm assuming it was connected with the 'waste butcher' plant just down the road
  14. Would it be easier to register if you had imported it from France maybe........with no reg docs but a receipt from the farmer? It is clearly not new so some means of achieving registration must be possible without IVA surely?
  15. https://jackshillcafe.co.uk/events-calendar/ Might be a good event.............proper transport café too. Well it was last time I went about 20 years ago anyway
  16. Easy start can make a petrol 'fire' without a spark........that's why it's pretty useless to try and diagnose with it
  17. that came up nice.............I reckon they are a lovely old cruiser. Mind you I would say that as I've got one too! on that misfire it is well worth changing the plugs as they get left which then buggers up the coil pack.
  18. My other car is broken My other car would be there by now and I'd be in for a hat and a mug
  19. Welding works well.......but clean up the wheelbolt first. I used a dremel to cut into that pesky collar too then built up some weld on the head........then got the biggest nut I could find and welded it on. Quite a lot. It came off really easy after that.........probably due to all the heat but I also think it knew I was not fucking about and got scared.
  20. Unipart are a massive outfit. Often the stuff in the box will be OE sourced too..........not sure they make anything automotive anymore. This whole thing applies to loads of parts.........when you hear folk buying 'main dealer parts cos they are better' they are usually kidding themselves. Most manufacturers are only really assemblers.
  21. Hang on......... If you have a nice fully charged battery the alternator is not going to charge much because it does not need to. Switch loads of stuff on to get a demand on the battery then test output
  22. Did you finish up by saying' don't you know who I am?'
  23. Alf Dad now lives in St Ives (Cambs) Apparently they recently built a new Police station...........in Pig Lane Road name subsequently got changed
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