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  1. My sister has one of these for sale needing a bloody good clean ....£900.....
  2. Well having just insured it and sorted that out I decided to change it. I've been looking at X350s for a while and recently missed a couple of nice ones. I always advise others to go for it but when its me I bugger about! I've been watching one in particular but keep changing my mind. Rang the dealer today to run through description and discuss part ex on mine. Arranged viewing for Friday...…….it is 160 miles away so bit of a trek. Dealer mentioned he could deliver for £100 and I could reject if not as described. Given it would cost me a least half that in fuel and we would have to buy lunch as well that seemed like a deal...……...so deal done and paid.
  3. It's car insurance time and as usual I can't really be arsed. However I did just run it on the meerkat site.......amazing as I usually run out of arsed when it comes to typing in details. Existing company £405.......with Saga(I'm old!) via the meerkat £205. Car is 2005 3.0 litre S type Voluntary excess was £350.......now £0 I now feel entitled to loaf for the rest of the day. Or maybe seek out X350s......
  4. You need to find a seller who doesn't consider them either rare or a future classic...
  5. I'm too tight to run the engine for de icing........place fan heater carefully in car and go in for cup of tea. Return to car and drive off toasty warm......run heater on recirc air till engine warms a bit
  6. Small world.....your car was tested by my nephew!
  7. Had a trip out today to service a boat as I'm 'between jobs'. Was bloody great........sunshine and lovely location (Bray near Windsor). Access to main engine really good and gent not too bad so a pleasant and steady few hours spent. Only spoiled by having to travel around the M25 in rush hour on the way home.........I used to do that regularly but really had forgotten was a truly shit experience it can be.
  8. Well I'm a short arse (5' 9") and can just about wear a hat.
  9. Rover Sports Saloon.......this is a 12hp 4 cylinder so not very sporty but still a lovely car
  10. I've got a BOC bottle on their volksworld ( I think) deal. Argon mix and it is cheap. Nearly makes up for paying standard rate for about 20 years because I never asked...
  11. I had one same year and sold that for 2450.........that was at least a couple of years ago and they haven't got any cheaper.
  12. Any car that starts from cold with little or no choke is running too rich
  13. X350 in XJ6 form......proper wafty and available in budget. Not a car to impress others but a nice place to be. Or an S type.......you should find a really nice one for the budget. Anything smaller has no waft.....
  14. alf892

    V8 itch.

    He drives a 4pot pug.......his last v8 saw him off
  15. Really you need to clean the caps/rods with wet and dry to do a proper job and avoid tight spots. It needs to turn smoothly by hand when all done. Clean everything and it will.......scrimp on cleaning and it likely won't.
  16. For a better idea of what is going on measure the current being delivered......output voltage check not that reliable
  17. I'd not bother rebuilding that pump.......they last pretty well and are probably quite mechanically worn by the time the diaphragm goes..........and then they leak oil. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-SU-AUF-714-FUEL-PUMP-MGC-others/362453383551?hash=item5463e7b97f:g:O6EAAOSw899bgSqP
  18. When I first got the truck the carb was a bit buggered with a holed float and all the little passageways full of shit..............spend bloody ages putting a kit in it and cleaning up and it runs quite well but I've never put it on a meter to see what it is running. I do know it uses quite a bit of fuel though. Last week I got this little gas tester from ebay..........its just a heavier duty version of a Gunson gas tester. Works a treat and truck is running at a nice 2.9% CO
  19. When pulling the clutch off it is a sensible precaution to have it on the timing marks as it is possible for the retaining washer C clip to drop and trap the flywheel. If this happens your brain will run out of Fucks
  20. Not cleaned yet?? Decreasing daylight poor excuse for lack of degreasing D minus for effort must try harder. Celica??
  21. Plugs on V6 Jag engine........not because especially hard to do its just you have to take the inlet off which is a faff and brings out the rage in me. I mean why ffs. Working in a rage means things go wrong which otherwise wouldn't
  22. You haven't received the goods.......go back to the seller. Sorting things out with DPD is their problem. We use DPD a lot......prob 30 parcels a day. Occasionally stuff goes tits up.......we don't expect our customer to need to get deeply involved.
  23. You seem to written this the wrong way around man!
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