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  1. Oil leak from front is very often the half moon seal not front crank seal. Easy when engine out but couple of hours work when in car but if swapping the box you'll have to change it anyway.....it is the front seal on gearbox and butts up to the rear of timing case
  2. not exactly a lack of spaces though......why get tweaked about it?
  3. Lovely looking thing the marina coupe..........and I always liked those under bumper reverse lamps too.
  4. Beer and gin covered it! that camera certainly shows the air intake hole under the headlight nicely.............
  5. Looks very nice in that pic..... 1200 miles? About time you gave it an oil change lovely old car though
  6. That Caddy soft top looks cheap.......well in the catalogue anyway
  7. There is a meet on the 28th at Weedon..........great venue and apparently gets good mix of cars. Also on the 29th at Brackley.........I went to this last year and it was good so planning to go again as long as it is not pissing down
  8. Maybe a good idea to get the thermostat closer to the head though? Otherwise it could be a bit late getting the message to open
  9. Fuck appearing mercenary. It is yours......ok the tickets were a gift but should not come with conditions. sell it for best price and buy the van. Best price would also allow a charitable donation so all boxes ticked. Crazy to sell it low and then put actual money into the van ffs
  10. Just do it......people pay more than that for secondhand German chavwagons! (above statement does contain some irony)
  11. Ignore him.......buy it! that merc is clearly getting unreliable.
  12. Ah right. That hose is bit iffy.... Not as bad as pump to header tank one though. Still.....at least you are building up a nice shopping list after ticking off everything on the last one.
  13. Amazing result.....especially considering was stood a year. Looks great in the 'best side on' pic too That water leak....wet water or coolant type water?
  14. It actually looks respectable in that picture! so where is the write up on fitting a choke cable?
  15. Really? Seemed straightforward so please explain
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