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  1. So what do the the actual bearings and crank surface look like? These pics seem to show a con rod with no shells in......and the back of the shells that are still on the crank?
  2. Well done on getting that car..........and like you say it absolutely has to be a keeper. Enjoy every mile. well worth getting a loan for too
  3. I'd do the pre booked thing without a qualm...... But would give it a good check before departure to make sure I wasn't going to die in it
  4. You do get a few moderns...........and other types of stuff I'm not that keen on..........but easy enough to walk past and ignore
  5. I should be there just before 6. No one else going then?
  6. He only works part time y'know so gets there early..........
  7. It's only a fiver...........but does get booked up fast. always a good mix of cars though.
  8. Nice pics and looks like a good turnout.......I usually go but couldnt this time as too much Stuff to Do
  9. Would be better to take the caliper off and pop the piston and seal out then properly heat it and quench it a couple of times......tap the nipple on the end plenty and then be surprised how easily it comes out with small stillsons. or it'll break off
  10. Light hearted lesson here Mr SiC.......make it go and drive it! Worst that can happen is you get towed home! Also worthy of note that the FTPs on the way to and from test station were caused by new parts......namely a lovely new, super and improved needle valve. Fucked one......not original but spare fucked one........and it runs a treat.
  11. Looked like a well written advert for a car in very average condition
  12. Well......no immobiliser.........nice sharp bend at the end of the road though and it has zero brakes so should end up embedded in the fence. The resultant noise should wake my dog. Sort of sorted
  13. There is somewhere......it's a bit behind on updates though because I never seem to have time
  14. Why not just strip and clean the calipers? The bit that usually makes them stick is corrosion to the piston bore on the outside of the seal.....this corrodes and pinches the piston. Slip the seal out first and clean this bit
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