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  1. I had mine for about 3 years and in that time had a couple of things crop up. It had an air suspension warning a couple of times so I fitted the upgraded piston ring to the compressor. Fixed the immediate problem. Good idea to change the plugs…….the ones on the rh bank often get left as you need to remove the inlet manifold. Easy enough just a pain. If you leave them too long the gaps get so wide it kills the coil pack trying to jump it. The battery died…….preceded by various error messages from several systems and culminating in it showing every amber message followed by every red one. A speed sensor went on o/s/r……put up abs and transmission fault warnings…… but cheap and easy fix….decent sensor was under £30. A couple of times had epb fault. First couple of times just connections at wiring on rear axle……last one was internal break in wiring over axle which took a bit of finding. For quite a while it had a very slight tremor through the steering……..I checked every joint and bush and found nothing. The cause only came to light when I took the rear suspension control valve off to clean and it couldn’t pick itself up afterwards. The cause was a fucked compressor ……it could supply enough air to keep the warning off when all it had to do was maintain a height but couldn’t start from nothing. With hindsight it also caused the tremour on a slightly rough road it would get out of breath. Fair to say the compressor transformed it. lovely cars though
  2. Nice looking thing…..proper old car
  3. I think the bornite account has been hacked….
  4. White smoke on a diesel is indicative of too much air surely? Black is too much fuel…
  5. Are you sure the noise is not from the handbrake? Test by pulling it on very lightly…….similarly test if noise on foot brake by touching brakes while it is noisey
  6. Oi! I’d just like to point out my bits of welding were not pigeon shit…… lumps were much bigger…..more like eagle
  7. Moving the Toyota on! I take it the new owner is an eccentric multi millionaire who has pledged to carry out a nut and bolt restoration and then sell it back to you in 20 years time for the price he paid you?? or is it some cunt off here who will paint it pink and drop in a golf engine?
  8. That didn’t happen weeks ago for sure……..maybe consider being more careful with your accusations
  9. LOL…….I crashed my car on your road so it’s your fault. I crashed my car when I fell asleep at the wheel…….I never really thought of the fact it was HA’s fault because that bit of the A1 so boring……I was one my way home from a meeting that had a great buffet lunch and I reckon that was a factor too. The more I think about it the whole thing was someone else’s fault
  10. Nice car! That rear of of sill is time consuming to do……I think it has a brace inside for the jacking point and usually takes a little bit of the inner sill with it. They look like mk4 door strips on it?
  11. Proper job is gas out……leak test……correct weight of gas back in with some lube. Fully automated and it will tell you how much gas was in there. Lack of use can cause loss of gas with time
  12. Yes...it would be more suited to you then
  13. tasteless oik! Good job it’s not yours innit. Mind you this loony will probably throw paint over it.....
  14. RE thrust washers.......aren't they the same as the 1500 ones? Moss do them for the 1500 midget engine up to 30 thou over in increments of 5 thou. Mind you oversize ones shouldn't be used to take up wear.....not wanting to teach egg sucking but machine shop should grind the thrust faces as required and go from there.. If you try to take up wear chances are that the wear pattern on the crank will pretty quick take the new ones down. if thrust faces are fkd you can get it metal sprayed and machined back to standard
  15. I would very much doubt that is an m12 bolt because unlikely it would accommodate that filter gauze so neatly....... on those horns there is a push rod under the points which oscillates as the points make/break.......it tends to stick and just needs taken out and lubricating. I put up with poorly working horns on my rover for over 10 years before having a look!
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