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  1. This raises a couple of questions. Was John Wayne really a talented enough driver to chuck a RHD manual Capri around that rooftop? Did they use the Capri as a camera car for the chase scene?
  2. TRIGGER WARNING. Pic also features Prince Andrew
  3. What was the deal with servicing these back in the 70s anyway? Did the end user have to take them to a specialist garage and wait or did the garage collect and return them?
  4. Have you not thought to research which garage in your area maintained them when they were current? If it's a long established business then there may be a giffer spannerman still there who's got experience with them?
  5. 32 years on and I'm scratching my head as to why I wanted an Espada in the first place? They were never my dream car as a kid. IIRC, I was negotiating over a 6 cylinder Aston DBS first with a guy in Oldham but the deal fell through.
  6. The irony is that I spunked the money on a cottage on a piece of land in one of the most desirable areas and after making a six figure profit I used the money to donate to the Warren T Claim Benevolent Fund For Ex Wives and ended up with fuck all.
  7. Back in 1986 a young W.T.C was sitting through a maths lesson when Sweaty Seymour, the teacher, was explaining depreciation to the class stating that depreciation is the % lost against purchace price. My reply of stating that a new Range Rover that cost £2000 back in 1970 is still worth £2000 in 1986 therefore the owner could, by his theory, swap it for a new one didn't make him happy.
  8. I agree that it's his thread and he can post whatever he wants here but myself and others are just trying to play devil's advocate and offer a counterpoint that our life experiences have taught us.
  9. I wonder how long that Capri lasted for?
  10. I must admit that rocking up in it to a job interview probably wouldn't create a good impression, especially if the boss ever had disabled family. These things are never going to be more than a specialist nice interest vehicle so it's not as if they'll ever rocket in value, you MAY be able to make a few quid hiring it out to film makers who need to create a period correct 70s/80s street scene, if only Fred Transit was still here, so if you sold it you could always buy another back when you've got a more sound financial footing. If you love REV then set her free and if she comes back to you...
  11. The appearing and disappearing front number plate spoils that for me. Wasn't there a scene where an SD1 does a handbrake turn on the platform of a train station? EDIT. Found it.
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