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  1. Very impressed! Same colour combo as my much missed W124.
  2. I hate to say it but I'm pretty sure that print media is a dying format. Long gone are the days when I'd buy at least two or three a month. Readly, forums and FB pages have largely replaced them. Maybe the aspirational glossy mags have a future but they'll rely on online subscriptions.
  3. Car mags are something I read in the supermarket while my lady is shopping.
  4. For some bizarre reason for too complicated to explain here I ran a 1969 Traveller as some sort of company car back in 1998. They're actually OK to drive if you can cope the non synchro 1st. They do handle surprisingly well and can keep up with modern traffic. Brakes can be iffy and are a twat to bleed.
  5. Any interest in period conversions to regular cars? I used to have old copies of Autocar that had adverts for them done by a company called Wilsons IIRC.
  6. Sad to say that I honestly couldn't put a year on the last time I bought a car mag.
  7. Such a shame as PPC tried to rekindle the spirit of C&CC.
  8. I've owned cars that I sold before seeing, let alone driven!
  9. Anyone else feeling nostalgic for the waggy speedo on the 405?
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