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  1. Thought I might have a go at documenting my shite this year. I'm not sure itll be interesting and maybe there wont be much to see, but here goes. Started January by selling the Alfa on here. Got the Saab back from Mrs S, so needed to get her something. Browsing Facebook, and our very own Cavcraft popped up, with something to fit the bill. So today, I went to the legendary lock ups..... A deal was struck, and we drove away in a slice of Ellesmere Ports finest. Now at Sporty Towers.
  2. On a similar note, and with apologies for the thread hijack, the Cannock massive should do another mystery roffle. I'd definitely be up for a couple of randoms.
  3. I'm thinking I might try to do something similar. My mojo for all things has been pretty low for the past few months, so I need to shake myself up and do something constructive. Potential swaps/deals etc would be most welcome.
  4. That's more like it. I have an irrational dislike towards 307s, though. Perfectly decent car, but I just can't warm to them. Interested to see how it looks low with silly wheels.
  5. You chopped that 540 for a 307? What The Fuck?
  6. Made a few of these, that I sold in very small numbers. Still have a load in the garage.
  7. Bit of a facepalm moment this morning. Guy arranges to view the Saab. Hes coming from Middlesbrough (about a 2hr drive) and says he'll definitely have it, if it's as described. Gets here on time. Great. Looks round car, and seems keen. Great. Starts it up, asks for short test drive. Great. Half way round test drive, asks "is it diesel?" Yes, it is. Oh. I wanted a petrol one. Drives back to Sporty Towers, makes his apologies, acknowledges he hasn't read the advert properly, and leaves. Fucked my post-nightshift lie in right up.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2649411195106920/
  9. I dont have anything interesting to offer: but if anyone want a go in a shonky Alfa:, they're more than welcome.
  10. They're still out there at reasonable money but they are creeping up now, as all the scruffy ones get broken for parts. It's the cambelt change that kills values. If you're willing to DIY or cambelt roulette, your budget may just about get you one.
  11. Obvious choices: Clio 1*2 MX5 Cooper S Left field RX8 Alfa 147/156/GT with a mapped JTd (200bhp) Celica 190 Audi TT 225 All should be obtainable for £700 - £1000, handle well, and are pretty quick.
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