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  1. In the words of the famous Meat Loaf " two outta three ain't bad" Bora: running, full tank of fuel, handling duties beautifully. Inca Scene whore: hasn't been used during lockdown, because the Bora is at the top of the drive, and Mrs S hasn't been out. Astra: in the garage,waiting for me to change the injector seals (injectors are out) then get the fucked turbo off so I can buy the correct replacement, although I don't think I'll be getting any bits till after the lockdown.
  2. I think some black and yellow striped hazard tape would suit the front edge of that bonnet.
  3. I'll bet there's a load of good old car photos at my mum and dads. When we're over the plague, I'll go and get them.
  4. Lightweight! I'm excited to see what's next, to be honest.
  5. Really? I was doing between 75p and £1/mile in 2004. Glad I quit!
  6. Will your GP not do a telephone consultation? If it's a meds review, they should be able to make adjustments without physically seeing you.
  7. So, I've made a start on the Astra. I haven't taken pictures, because my phone was playing music, and I was cracking on with the work! Anyway, the plan was to get the injectors out, and if they came willingly, I'd buy injector seals, replace them, and then replace the turbo. Luckily, the injectors were cooperative, so I've ordered seals and a seat re-cutting tool. They should arrive this week, and I can crack on further. In other news, I wet vacced the seats and carpets on the scene whore. They've come up well, and it also smells a lot more pleasant now. Will probably order some cheap ebay coilovers for the front soon, as the ride is shocking since I cut the springs, which I knew it would be, so I must be getting old. Also discovered that the front seats are from a Polo GTi. MOAR SCENE POINTS.
  8. 2002, and I joined Ebay specifically to bid on a "cheap" Dolomite Sprint. It had a few suspension and engine mods, but had numerous mismatched panels, and was a bit scruffy. It was in Glasgow, but at the time, I had access to a trailer and Land Rover from work. We also had a bodyshop on site, and our boss liked a bit of cash work! Got it back, had it painted and MOT'd. Sold a load of excess parts that it came with, and then punted it on to a guy on Ebay. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures, and I can't even remember the full reg number to look it up for MOT history.
  9. So sorry to read this. My condolences to Robin and all the family.
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