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  1. Can confirm these are a decent steer. Mine needs a bit of fettling, mainly.ly a thermostat and the wheels painting silver or grey. Enjoying driving it, though it doesn't seem to be as quick as I'd imagined it might be!
  2. I only got as far as "Jersey," and "off the road for decades" I can only see a world of undiscovered grot, hard to find parts and an end result of a pretty, but undesirable car. Buy it, if you like it, but personally, I can't see any profit at all.
  3. So, lockdown, and not renewing my motor trade insurance, have significantly reduced my shite activity. However a couple of weeks ago, I treated myself. Mrs S said its a hairdressers car and one of my colleagues thinks I'm having a midlife crisis. I like it, though. 225bhp quattro, in good order with a decent wedge of history. Coupke of niggles to sort, and those wherls need to be painted, but otherwise not bad. Bonus green liquid Citroen licker reg number!
  4. I can confirm that de-catted 1*2s are for winners. Remove now, and keep for MOT time. Security and performance!
  5. Both valid points to be fair! It's a bit dull, but could be made better. Tobe honest, though, you'd probably be pushed to get a constant 55mpg unless you drive like Miss Daisy, which sort of defeats the brief somewhat.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1148709412168187/
  7. Every time I come back to this thread, I regret selling my 172. I hope it's being looked after, @DialATune Let me know if you want to sell!
  8. *throws toys out of pram* Seriously, though, I'd be keeping that Mini. Especially for £800.
  9. Finally got round to a brief update. As you may know, I bought the forum bike A3 from Leanycan, for Mrs S to drive. She liked it, but wasn't really feeling it, when conveniently* he messaged me to see if I wanted a deal in the roffle win Alfa. We all love an Alfa at Sporty Towers, so a deal was done.
  10. S, the Scene Whore has gone. Wasn't really getting any use from it, and seeing as I'd got the Audi, I didn't need it. Posted on Caddy and Inca group on Facebook, and it sold same night for full asking. Result. Last picture from fb advert. Looks like my shite activity may slow even further soon. Insurance is due, and my trade renewal is now prohibitively expensive. Still awaiting a couple of quotes, but I can't see it coming down enough to be worthwhile.
  11. So something popped up, and I thought it would be nice to own. We now have the VAG trio of one VW (Bora), one Seat (Inca) and one Audi. The van will be up for sale soon, but I think I'll try it on Facebook Caddy page for maximum scene exposure! Stress free delivery this morning, and now on the drive at SPORTY TOWERS whilst we decide who will have it. Me or Mrs. S.
  12. Right, time to post a few more. First off, a snap of the house I stayed in on a German exchange trip in 1984. Bonus VAG street furniture. Next up, a trip to Southport in FATHA SPORTYS Oldsmobile Starfire, when the exchange student came to us. And finally, for now, late 70s caravan holiday with FATHA SPORTYS Celeste.
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