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  1. FATHA SPORTY has one of these Preludes. He bloody loves the thing. Lovely to drive, and does everything he wants it to. Also quite practical for long stuff with the rear seat dropped.
  2. Small but relevant TT update. Small annoying squeak from n/s front turned out to be a wheelbearing. Ended up replacing with second hand hub . Whilst there, noticed two knackered CB boots and a split bush that was advised last year. Did boots with stretchy replacements and put py bushes in the bottom arms on both sides as they were cheaper than replacement arms and easier to press in than standard bushes. It repaid itself by passing test with no advisories which was nice. Still thinking of getting rid, but can't think of anything I really want that I can reasonably afford. As ever, open to suggestions that could be bought with a TT and £500.
  3. This is ace, however, I feel that the money these types of things now command will certainly exclude me from ownership!
  4. Sunflower lanyard is an appropriate metaphor for something which was worthwhile when used as intended, but has now been turned into a useless and derided object due to the actions of incompetents and knuckle draggers.
  5. Can't believe I've only just seen this thread! Unfortunately (for me) I'm working till 10 tomorrow, but I'll try to get to the August one, although I probably won't be in anything interesting.
  6. So sorry to hear this. As others have said, he was a positive guy within AS and will be missed.
  7. Not matt black yet! On a serious note, that does look like value.
  8. I didn't lock the bottom end when I did the one i did. Carefully put a bit of welding rod or a short screwdriver into no.1 pot, and turn the crank until it "peaks" markup the pulleys, and there you have TDC. Once you've locked the top end, slacken the cam pulleys whilst you fit and tension thr belt, then torque everything up. Don't rely on the timing having been right, use the tools to reset it. The cam pulleys are an interference fit so you can get exact cam timing. Youll need to Google to see which cam tool to use, and on which lobe. One set of tools is for the 1.6 and the other for 1.8 and 2.0. There are also four long bolts in there to use to lock them on.
  9. Don't scrap it. There's good money in the trim and wherls if you don't repair it. If you do change the water pump, I have a set of timing tools you can borrow. Let me know and I'll post them down to you.
  10. Fucks sake. I feel bad now. It never missed a beat for us, and it did a few long journeys, too. Genuinely gutted.
  11. It did. 1.6 in Ti trim. Good to meet you @djoptix have a safe trip home.
  12. It was this stuff. Bought from the local bodyshop suppliers. Went one easy and covered all four wheels with less than one tin. Finish is a bit matt, and itsa bit blighter than I would have liked, but all in all, I'm pleased how they've come out.
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