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  1. Have you outed the Jag already? Thought that might have ben a bit of a longer term thing.
  2. I've noticed a few bits like this in ECP. Got a set of rear pads for Mrs S's Astra for £3 over the weekend!
  3. *your Thought better of you, Lord Cav. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  4. Seven.large seems a bit strong. Is he just trying his luck? If you had them ey, maybe bid him £4-4500 for it. That should give you a decent wedge to throw at it.
  5. I couldn't see one. To be honest, I'm not as bothered about the airbag as I am about the horn, although I'd rather it was all there. On looking again, it may have a phase 1 indicator stalk, as then end has a push button. However, this doesn't do anything either! I'll have to do a bit more tracing when I'm next off work.
  6. I couldn't see any chopped wires anywhere. There's a strong chance that all the bags have been coded out, as the seats aren't connected up either. Either that or the bulb has been taken out of the clocks!
  7. After doing a bit of googling, I wonder if I have quite a big part missing. I have this... Google shows me this.... Obviously the airbag and horn wiring are missing, but it's the other part on the front of the column. II this what holds the wiring? I can't see anything that may have ben chopped, so where does it all come from? I feel like it'll only make sense if I see another car with everything "as it should be" Anyone with more knowledge than me?
  8. That's what I thought. My problem is I have a 182 box in a 172 with 172 clocks.
  9. A bit more tinkering occurred today. I wasn't really happy with how loud and low this thing was, so I procured some standard bits from the tame Clio fettler known as Stu. With good weather and a day off, I began. First off, I got rid of the nasty big chav cannon. Also replaced my cable tied centre mount with a good second hand one from the large parcel of goodies that had found their way south of the border. From then, it was onto the suspension. Everything was easy as Stu had told me he'd swapped the suspension onto this car, so there were no seized bolts etc. Rear standard spring..... Front back to standard And now at a decent height although I think it needs a run out to get those front springs to settle. And the lowered springs, in anticipation of selling to recoup a quid or two. Chav cannon and home made straight through centre pipe. Also to be sold... Then onto the steering wheel. The car had a standard (non-172) steering wheel. A proper 172 wheel was bought along with the other bits. However, with the wheel off, I discovered some wiring missing for the horn and airbag. I'll investigate this and get the bits as necessary along with an indicator stalk, as this one doesn't self cancel, which is mildly annoying. Cleaned up the wheel and fitted it for now. That's all for now, but I'm sure more fettling will occur. I need to sort the horn, get a boot mat, parcel shelf, spare wheel and toolkit, and if there's no way to sort the speedo, I'll have to hard wire some sort of GPS gadget.
  10. Arrived home with minimal drama. Indicators stopped flashing on the way home, but I'm sure that'll be an easy fix. (EDIT: just googled, and it's a common fault, fixable with a it of relay cleaning.) Properly sorted car. Really pleased with it. Anyway, for the sake of tradition.......... Here ends boring collection thread.
  11. Bugger. I fancied this, but I'm now in THE_SOUTH collecting a roffle win. Maybe next time. Have a blast, geezers.
  12. So, the raffle win had to be collected. I'd told Mrs S about it, and she suggested we should all go, and have a night away. So, rooms were booked, and family Sporty embarked on a trip. It was a dull trip, aside from me spilling water in my lap, and arriving to check in, looking like I'd pissed myself. The family workhorse Astra performed well, and gave a frankly magnificent average mpg..... We're now having a cheeky jar in Reading listening g to a pair of wannabee roadmen at the next table talking absolute shit.
  13. You're dangerously close to me now! Interesting to see where you're headed out of Wallgate.
  14. Done a bit more messing today. The small jobs are sometimes the best, like changing the battery in the fob to make the central locking work. Strip of batteries from the pound shop, and we're away! However, the speedo issue is a bit more complicated. I found a mystery wire, and twigged that the car had an electronic speedo. So, I gambled on buying a sensor, seeing as I'd found a sensor-shaped hole in the box. The sensor arrived today, so I thought I'd stick it on the car. Easy. So I thought. Anyway, connected the sensor. Spun it, and the speedo needle shot up. Promising. Now to put it into it's little hole. Nope. Doesn't fit. After a bit of googling, it appears that the JC5-130 box that this car has, doesn't have a speedo drive. Apparently, the 182s that this box comes from has the speedo driven from the ear ABS sensor. The general consensus is that you can either have the box modified to accept a speedo drive or can just use a sat nav/app etc. I really wanted to get it back on a speedo, so I'm a bit disappointed. However, I started thinking whether it would be possible to somehow splice a signal from the ABS, and run it to the speedo pickup. I thought maybe our resident electronics expert @cobblersmay have an idea about this. Otherwise, I've had a message back from Stu, @320touring's tame Clio fettler, who I bought the car off. He's got a set of standard springs, standard exhaust and 172 steering wheel. Just waiting back for prices. Hopefully, it won't be a fortune and I can get it a bit more comfortable.
  15. Had quite a few, so I'll try to summarise here.... Two Golf GTi s and one Clipper. One GTi was swapped for a 5 Turbo, one sold to an RR member, and the Clipper went to a friend of @Pete-M Alfa Spider S3 rescued, MOTd and later sold to a local MP Dutton Phaeton. Bought on a whim, never turned a wheel in my ownership and was sold when I realised I'd never get it on the road. Mercedes SLK Raffle win. Enjoyed it briefly, then swapped for a Mini Cooper, for Mrs S. MX5. Another raffle win. Liked it , but obviously not practical for a family. Sold on here. MGF. Yet another raffle win! Flame me here, but I really didn't like it. Felt like I was sat on, rather than in, it. Again sold on here, and when I last heard, was in the custody of @scaryoldcortina (where is he now?) Finally, Saab 9-3, which I bought to take the kids through Blackpool illuminations. Decent thing, which did it's job well.
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