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  1. Glad you like it. You will have fun, no doubt about that!
  2. https://images.app.goo.gl/gwCbuVjNSa8ZpEus8[\img]
  3. Where did you end up getting juice? I don't recognise this one!!
  4. That looks nice. These suit Gen 7 alloys, which can usually be bought cheap, but inevitably need a coat of paint. Also, they need their own bolts. Well bought.
  5. Watching with interest. Love a Celica.
  6. Option 1. If you can afford to buy the Perodua outright, it'll give you time to sort the Rover. Then, you can punt it on or whatever, for a little bonus, and go back to a car you like, the Rover. Then, just keep the Rover maintained, and put a few quid aside for some premium shite in the new year
  7. Obviously, I'm a massive fan boy, but if you'd consider a manual, get an Alfa. The 1.9jtd 16v will go more than well enough, and if you want more, a 20v in a 156 will still be reasonable money to buy. Loads of room in a 156 sport wagon, 147 is a decent sized hatch, and the GT has a massive boot. I've just done 240+ miles in 4 hours in the raffle win 147, without missing a beat, and that's done 166k, so you cant say they wont do the miles. Cheap enough that you wont care about getting it dirty, and still a bit of fun.
  8. Nah. More than worth it to annoy that goatee bearded fucknugget. Anyway, your Explorer looks decent.
  9. Junior Sporty made me fo into the ri g with the convertibles and sports car. The MX5 was acknowledged, but I could taste the resentment in his voice. Same time next year.
  10. I'd have 59 randoms at that money 😁
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