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  1. I didn't lock the bottom end when I did the one i did. Carefully put a bit of welding rod or a short screwdriver into no.1 pot, and turn the crank until it "peaks" markup the pulleys, and there you have TDC. Once you've locked the top end, slacken the cam pulleys whilst you fit and tension thr belt, then torque everything up. Don't rely on the timing having been right, use the tools to reset it. The cam pulleys are an interference fit so you can get exact cam timing. Youll need to Google to see which cam tool to use, and on which lobe. One set of tools is for the 1.6 and the other for
  2. Don't scrap it. There's good money in the trim and wherls if you don't repair it. If you do change the water pump, I have a set of timing tools you can borrow. Let me know and I'll post them down to you.
  3. Fucks sake. I feel bad now. It never missed a beat for us, and it did a few long journeys, too. Genuinely gutted.
  4. It did. 1.6 in Ti trim. Good to meet you @djoptix have a safe trip home.
  5. It was this stuff. Bought from the local bodyshop suppliers. Went one easy and covered all four wheels with less than one tin. Finish is a bit matt, and itsa bit blighter than I would have liked, but all in all, I'm pleased how they've come out.
  6. So I've been saying since I got the TT that I was going to get rid of the black wheels. Now, I've finally done it , and also treated it to a polish. Now I've got it something like how I wanted it, I'll probably end up selling it, mainly because I'm a bit of a dick like that!
  7. Still no choice buying activity, but a little bit of tinkering. After getting the Astra out of the garage, I decided to tackle that annoying eml on the TT. It scanned as post cat o2 sensor, so I thought I'd do that and five it a service. Ended up having to re tap the sensor insert but it's turned the light off, which is nice. Seems a bit better in fuel now, too .
  8. My guess (and it is a guess) is MAF sensor. 406 coupe i had was slow as shit until that was changed, then it went like a scalded cat. Bought a replacement from dieselspates (i think) on ebay. Wasn't too expensive either. Might be worth a shout. Edit: these guys. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Volkswagen-TDI-Mass-Air-Flow-Meter-Sensor-0281002531-038906461B-/303387758141?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  9. I had the horn for that BM until you said it was a four pot. AAHHHHMM OOT.
  10. Good to see you back, man. And also good to see you making a living from something you enjoy.
  11. Thread resurrection for 2021! I've finally sorted the turbo on the Astra, and should have it booked for test in the next few days. Treated it to a wash and vac to get rid of the dust it's accumulated whilst sitting in my garage. If the Astra passes easily, Mrs S is having it back and we'll probably sell the Alfa. So I gave that a quick clean. Thank you to whoever suggested elbow grease for the wheels as they've come up really well. After finding this thread, andlooking at the dates, I realised I haven't bought a car in nearly six months.
  12. So sorry to read this, Ken.
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