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  1. Between the 4 of us in our household we own 12 cars of which 7 are currently fully road legal and all get used most weeks, 2 stay on the road, 4 are on the driveway, 3 are garaged whilst the last 3 are stored elsewhere. We had the "change of use to vehicle storage/repairs" allegation thanks to a persistent and vindictive neighbour, the council sent various letters, I offered to send them all my V5's and car club membership cards, they had watched the house, then dropped it all as in their words " if there were repairs being carried out it was not on a level likely to be off interest to t
  2. Jay, I met him on Sunday and he recognised the guy in my pic as the one he dealt with.
  3. No this is what it used to look like .
  4. No all taken away in a Luton van by an enthusiast, and I think they may still be in that area if it's who I think it is.....
  5. My Civic still has it's original dealer plate on the rear and although it is showing it's age I have resisted fitting a new one, ironic I know after all the major changes I have done outside but over these last 4 years I have always said one day I would go back to the garage that supplied it and take a picture in front of their sign. We were at a Jap car meet in Mansfield and I thought its only half an hour out of our way why not..... So I pulled onto the forecourt and wandered into the showroom and asked the salesman if it was OK to take the photo as the car was supplied new from that sit
  6. It was our second trip to this cottage, first time in my Jago, then the Civic, I have already promised them I will fetch something different next time so you will get your wish.
  7. Saw this last Sunday morning when it drove past the RR meet near Ollerton, its fair to say it is a conversation stopper as we all looked in disbelief....
  8. We were stopping at Wainfleet in a cottage for the financial controller's birthday, took her to Boston for some retail therapy and a spot of lunch, gonna be back there for a week next spring. Love the amount of older stuff on the roads and driveways in that area.
  9. Thanks for that, unfortunately they do not list the outer CV joint as a separate part on there either, looks like I am spline counting see if its the same....
  10. I need an outer CV joint for my 1985 Automatic Civic 1.3, I think I have found the correct one on Ebay but in the catalogue I have it doesn't say if it fits both manual and auto.......does anybody have an ADL or AMK catalogue or some way of cross referencing as the only Honda info I can find is that the outer CV is not a serviceable item ! .......TIA.
  11. Sadly not a 2002 turbo it was a one owner 1602 I bought in 1986 for £360, GRP bumper found in Auto Trader and a set of replica arches......bit of work with masking tape and aerosols after I painted it white and we had stripes..... The Mustang 2 was swapped for the Charger and ended up in Newark, the Torino went to Sheffield...
  12. Top left was a 1970 Torino 500 unmarked US Police car imported into the UK at 3 years old, no power steering and originally had a 427 Cobra Jet lump in it, that was the rumour which was confirmed when the truck-like master cylinder failed and the only one that matched was as fitted to the Cobra Jet Mustang....I owned it twice this was the first time around, when I swapped it for a 260Z 18 months later it sat on massive wheels, was jacked up at the back and had twin exhausts.
  13. With me it's seeing stuff at shows that was just cheap transport back in the day but many are now seen as rare, desirable and even valuable.....you know when you could buy a half decent car with tax and test for £50, I actually bought a Hillman Hunter for a mate just so he could go on holiday with us to Weymouth, I spent £80 and got a Magnum 1800 Estate thrown in the deal, the Hillman did 500 miles and never missed a beat.... the Magnum sold in the local paper for £90 when we got back.....those were the days....
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