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  1. She is lovely and rather remarkably I saw someone very much like her yesterday, over six feet tall; I estimate 6' 6", beautiful face and hair, very slim with legs a mile long.
  2. Includes the time needed to copy all the porn to a drive of their own.
  3. Sad that I don't know who most of those people are, even with the name added to the photo.
  4. There was someone had a load of dog food delivered by Amazon, that should have been a laptop.
  5. Zel's posts reminded me that it is a long time since I last saw my (my dad's) feeler gauges. Probably last used in 1983/4 on the GS.
  6. Remember that although it is years since I was up that way.
  7. My youngest daughter's employers father was killed in a road accident in December. Funeral in two weeks from now. Daughter works for a funeral director but the funeral is being done by another company as the father lived 250 miles away.
  8. Oddly enough, mine got cheaper year on year. Perhaps as my son is on it too. My grandson's reduced considerably when he put me on his insurance.
  9. Several variations on Amazon Some of them quite expensive compared to the Norwegian ones.
  10. Is there anywhere doing second hand tyres near you? They also repair tyres. I have used a local one several times, they are far quicker than the well known ones and far less expensive too.
  11. Alternative GP perhaps? I changed GPs three times in relatively short order and it was one of the easiest things done. There was nothing actually wrong with the GPs other than the reception area and the other patients, who had been smoking (even smoking in the entrance, turn around and go home) and had perfumes/deodorant/aftershave etc. on them, one the waiting room had air fresheners. The doctor had to come out and sit in my car to talk to me. Hospitals have the same problem, i.e. it is me rather than them that is the problem. Current GP seems fine although I have only been in there for Covid and pneumonia jabs in the three or more years I have been with them. Haven't seen an actual doctor in six~seven years.
  12. SIL has an Audi A5 that he is no longer happy with, many expensive repairs. It was hit by a bin wagon five weeks ago. He was hoping to have it written off as he wants rid of it. Insurance gave him a loan car while a decision was reached whether to repair it or bin it. £240 a day for the loan car. Would have cost less to replace that stupid thing.
  13. My second daughter has three kids. She and my SIL have bought a C1 for each of the kids to learn to drive in, the eldest has had hers for five years and it is ready for the bin now. Her younger brother has had his for two years and it is OK. The youngest has the best and newest one. She passed her test about a month after her 17th birthday, hadn't even got her provisional until a fortnight after her birthday. She loves it, college every day plus work two evenings and Saturdays. I don't envy her or her brother having to drive it into Middlesbrough every day. At least they are easy to park.
  14. Will be visiting them later, when I get my car back.
  15. He does sometimes use American terminology. He has spent a lot of time in the US and was married to one of their females for a while.
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