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  1. This lot need an adult to watch over them.
  2. Nope. I may get around to butchering the sink unit and repairing it, one day. Did have to put a new floorcovering in for her, pulled the ruined 'hardwood' floor up and replaced with vinyl.
  3. Daughter's cat bit through the flexi hose for the outside tap. It was fitted before the kitchen units and only a cat or rat can get in there. An absolute bugger to turn it off, flooded the kitchen. Impossible to get a new flexi fitted without tearing the sink unit to bits.
  4. From the BMJ My ex-DIL is fairly high up in J&J.
  5. Even better, on their front door.
  6. That is covered very well in Gill Paul's "The Secret Wife", fiction heavily fact based and most interesting. I got it free on Amazon Kindl.
  7. Bought a snazzy phone holder so I can see my phone when using it as a satnav. Had a Covid jab appointment. Set off an hour early for a fifteen minute drive. By the time I got to the end of my street the phone had blanked out and was silent. I knew where to go, approximately, it was only the last mile or so I wasn't sure of. Got within a mile and turned the phone back on and Google maps was being an arse. Changed to Waze and it said about six minutes. After stopping for traffic lights, it said to turn left, then the next right. Then the phone blanked out again. It wasn't next right either, off into magical mystery tours land. Tried to get the phone working but only the android logo for ages, rebooted it and tried again. Waze unresponsive, just insisted on me registering. Went back to Google Maps and it was close enough to find my way using ASDA as a landmark. Went in (late, of course) and had to make a rapid exit, poison gas, aka perfume. Stood outside coughing for ten minutes. Nurse came out with offers of water and such. Tried again but with an activated charcoal mask. Registered and stood in a queue but the mask overwhelmed by perfume again. Another session outside and the nurse took me in the back way to a pong-free room where the jab was administered. Sat in the now pongless waiting area for fifteen minutes and a huge bang and commotion outside, most of the medical and admin staff rushed out to see what was up. Bloke had a bit of a turn and crashed into a taxi. He was brought in and seen to. Went out to go home and there were three police cars, lights flashing, attending the crash. Should have been there and back in 45 minutes. Two hours I don't understand what was up with Google maps and Waze, both have been OK previously with Waze generally being better. Probably have to revert to the stone age satnav, never registered or updated. Half the roads round her were nonexistent when it was made.
  8. It was a bit quick for me but GR15LEY
  9. I do if I just drop in but seemingly have a different account when ordering online.
  10. I bought, among other things, a large pair of steps. They were a bit too big, couldn't stand them up. Next time I was there I asked if they would swap them for smaller ones. They looked for them and couldn't find them, until they discovered that I have two accounts. Swapped them with no bother and they refunded the difference. Rarely have anything other than first class service at Screwfix.
  11. Same here but I recently discovered a long forgotten ├ůVIKEN Waffle iron, bought around 1972/3 and has been in the attic for ages, discovered when looking for something else. It would probably do too and make nice waffly patterns in the bread too. Tried to upload a photo but couldn't. No idea why. Still not Although I can now. Only with Firefox, Brave is denied.
  12. Russian delegate ripped down the Ukrainian flag in Ankara and got a smack in the nose for his trouble.
  13. It is, I thought that they had forgotten. Happens. Also, it is taking about ten minutes to post. Included a smiley from another forum that didn't work but the edit time was up so couldn't delete it.
  14. Flat panic as I consulted my spreadsheet and looked at the car sheet to find that it is over a year since I renewed my insurance. I never normally think about it as I get a reminder a couple of weeks in advance of renewal. Looks like I have been driving uninsured for a month http://unaboard.coalgoddess.net/images/smilies/eek.gifAnd then it got worse. Unable to log in to the insurance company site.Looked in saved emails and there was one saying that insurance had been declined and to download the .pdf, but there was no .pdf attached.The only recourse was to phone them, something that I despise having to do. I have a number of calls that I should have made, going back six months, I just can't pick up the phone unless it is a dire emergency, which this was as my son uses my car more than I do.Wound myself up and managed to press the buttons. Got a very pleasant young chap on the phone who looked at my account and said it wasn't due for renewal until June.Panic over but does this mean that I will make those other calls. Probably not. Still have to sort the boiler service, six months overdue, and three doctors appointments and MRI at the UK Biobank. Tried to book a Covid re-jab, all the walk-in centres are over 70 miles away, despite the fact that I can practically see on from my house. Same with pharmacies. There was one five miles away but all booked up and I have lost the link to them, their own website offers nothing.
  15. Note the Danish policeman's name. Unusually appropriate.
  16. What nonsense is this? Best with the sound off.
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