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  1. 20 hours ago, GMcD said:

    Thing is people have no ability to come and go. Or even think of others. Defence's come right up with even small things. How dare you ask such a reasonable request. 

    I don't think it's much to ask to drag the dog a few metres away from an entrance to do a pish. 

    I get dogs can sometimes go where they want to, but simply a 2 second deviation from them (walk on the other side of the street, drag the dog or walk in the kerb at that spot) and problem solved.

    I don't own a dog but regular look after my friends. I would never let the thing pish outside someone's drive or path. I think it's rude. But maybe I'm out of touch. 

    My brother in law often had to remonstrate with Dame Edith Evans for allowing her dog to piss on the doorstep of the restaurant he worked in.

  2. 11 hours ago, richardmorris said:

    My mums dad ( who died 40years ago), was stationed in Canada in ww2. He used to tell us about having to dig their way out of the barrack dormitory in the morning as the snow was 8ft deep. There’s a photo somewhere my mum has. Always told us as children who got excited when the snow was deeper than wellies, that we didn’t know what deep snow was.

    When I got off the ferry to Sweden, having followed an icebreaker into port, I got on a bus for my destination 30 miles away and was staggered by the snow piled up fifteen feet deep at the sides of the road.

    Also, I knew a French girl who had lived in Chicago when little who told of her dad having to go out in a morning with a long pole to probe the snow to find their car.

  3. Chucked out of my doctors I signed up for another.  The one we were in from 1978 to 1985.

    Went for the 'health check' yesterday and they had no record of me.  Fixed that but have to wait another week for an appointment.

    Went to Sunderland police station to get my certificate of life signed and stamped the dropped in on a mate that lives there.

    He was just on his way out, which was fortunate as I was ringing the bell of the house next door.

    Accompanied him to the chemist where he was going to collect a prescription, they offered him a Covid jab so I asked for one too, all done and dusted in no time flat.

  4. 3 hours ago, EyesWeldedShut said:

    My parcel grump this morning:
    Yesterday (Thursday) lunchtime order up a front pad set from online factor with 'free' three day delivery. I'd like these yesterday (don't we all?) so I fork out £8.99 for 24 hour courier.
    Just now I decide to check - ring them up and they answer (so pukka factors that open early - plus one)
    "sorry mate, it's just been collected, 24 hour - be with you Monday" (minus one)
    "Who with?"
    "Parcel Force" (minus hundreds)
    "They don't deliver on Saturdays, have you another you can Royal Mail 24 for me?"
    "No - we've none on the shelf"
    "Monday's not 24 hours"
    "No - but it is next working day"
    "From Thursday?"
    I gave up cos we're talking around in circles -  I can wait  but FFS 

    My stuff always seems to be delivered earlier than estimated, sometimes very much so.  Could it be because the couple over the road are both posties and looks as though one of their sons is too.

    The Evry man is very good too.

    I ordered a hole saw arbor last Monday, £3 for second class post, £6 for next day delivery with DPD.

    Opted for the three quid deliver, dropped through the door at 9 a.m. the following morning.


    Less satisfying is that I spent ages removing an old, broken outside PIR light and fitting a new one, along with a waterproof junction box.  Turned the MCB back on at the consumer unit and it is dead.  Not the light but the wiring from the attic.  No wonder the old one didn't work.

  5. 16 hours ago, richardmorris said:

    My sister has an illogical approach to spiders. Black or brown ones that seem to materialise in the bath she can’t cope with, but the ones she comes across in Belize and Borneo as a rainforest entomologist are apparently fine - large, green or red kneed. 
    The Australian huntsman are in another league though - I’ve seen videos of them fighting rats!



    My youngest son had a 'tarantula', forget the proper name but it was dubbed Rosie.  Never a problem until he had it out one day and a friend of my eldest daughter called in.

    The spider started rubbing its back with a pair of legs and the friend rushed out screaming.

    Apparently the spider took a dislike to something and the rubbing with the legs release hairs into the air, its defence mechanism, the hairs were like nettle stings and caused an asthma attack.

  6. 8 hours ago, cobblers said:

    You know the film "The quiet earth" where Bruno Lawrence wakes up and every other person on the planet has disappeared? they make it out to be post-apocalyptic in the film, he's dead sad driving around the place trying to find some other people etc (and he scuttles that pretty ginger lass eventually), but lately I'm quite frequently wishing that it'd happen to me. Mainly the people disappearing part, but I wouldn't say no to 1980s Alison Routledge. 

    Bought a DVD of that a few years ago.  May even watch it one day.

  7. I have dozens of fuses of all values here, all recovered from the plugs of broken appliances.

    Also car fuses, bought to be prepared.  The only one I have fitted I had to buy specially, a 40A Maxi fuse for the electric seats I put in the C5.  Never used any of the others.  I can't recall ever having to fit a fuse in a car.  Rarely at home either.  The only one in recent years was to my daughter's washing machine about three months ago.

  8. Just passed a SAAB 96 in a motorway underpass roundabout, pulled onto the footpath, ambulance in front, police car behind so a bottleneck for traffic, two very worried looking women talking to a copper.  A bit chaotic as there are lights on the roundabout and anyone on it can't see what the holdup is.

  9. 2 hours ago, somewhatfoolish said:

    To be fair a ditch will fill up with 'nature' fairly quickly, especially if seeded with appropriate things. Not sure I'd want it 6' from my front door though.

    There is one near me and they built a load of houses around it.  Longer, wider and deeper than that.

    The first year it was a sea of poppies of many different varieties.  Just grass now :(

  10. One of my Google accounts won't let me in.  Given the option of sending a code to my phone, it won't and says that that is not the number on record, then ten minutes later sends a message to that phone to say I have been locked out.

    The other two accounts, that use the same phone, have no problems and do send alerts and codes.


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