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  1. @loserone Finally! I know it's sharing space with the Petrolblog plug in "Sticker Corner" - but I felt "Banger Kenny Likes This" would be at home on the bottom right hand side corner of the screen..
  2. I. Like. This. Congratulations on a fantastic job - this probably isn't the best Mk1 Granada in the country. It's the best one in the world. Thankyou for sharing here. Looking forward to seeing you looking awkward next to it in a glossy car mag in the future.
  3. I Like This! These arrived today - the star that is @loserone (hereby known as Winnaone) wouldn't take any payment, so I dropped some shilling to a charatee of his choc ice. Merry Christmas Everybody.
  4. Fame at Last! And they all thought I was mad when I proclaimed that "One day, you will see my name on the back of a Peugeot 205" - Not so smug now, Roland Garros.
  5. Southport is sadly just out of justifiable towrope range for me as is £4295 share price. Which is a shame as it has 2 Wetherspoon's and an ace sweetshop conveniently located. I have no problems with the flag. Or the Rover. Can I be the one who leaves something parked there and never visits like all these places have? Dibs on the Mini.
  6. Might be a bit out of your way, but Village Autos in Whiston Village are decent - charge £40 - unlike some places in the area that charge £25-30* a test. (*plus £300 quids worth of work to get a pass certificate)
  7. Tow-A-Frame Hammer-A Sockets Volvo Owners Club of Scotland 20p Handbrake Systems The National Roffle Board
  8. I had a go in that actual one on a Renault driving day I managed to blag myself onto when it was new. I have never driven anything that attracted so much attention (even Police vehicles or when I've driven stood up) Japanese tourists going into the Albert Dock started taking photographs and laughing more than normal. It was great fun, but it sadly lacked little things like doors, heater, radio or suspension. At 40MPH it felt like the antarctic despite it being late June and having the Renault Guide sat right behind me legs akimbo. I still want one. (The Twizy not an akimbo guide - he was a nice enough bloke tho)
  9. I Like This!!! Congratulations 'Stool for a job well done. Next Stop, the classic car mags "Readers Restos" I reckon!
  10. "Major Gav" from the brilliant* "Petrolblog" is selling this badermatic beauty. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121975740407?ul_noapp=true *It's like a funny "Sniff Petrol"
  11. If this car doesn't feature in one of the classic car mags (with you posing awkwardly in background in a suspiciously clean shirt ) when it's finished there is something wrong in the world.
  12. Just the two ⬇ (till I get around to buying a third)
  13. If the stock doesn't get you, the mudpits and rats will.. I keep a special pair of designated "Mally Boots" in the car at all times in case I have to visit - the terrain is the same all year round, it never dries out.
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