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  1. Difficult to do yourself ? never done one before.
  2. Decided to have ago at getting it back on the road myself . I will need to get it trailerd to.my place first and start in the brakes. Then I'll look at getting it welded somewhere. Hopefully it's not s brake line.
  3. Once I get I trailered to my house i can diagnose the brake issue and attempt to fix it. That way it's then in a better state to get it welded up if it trailed elsewhere. Washer pump has stopped working so I'll need to see to that too - a garage will charge silly money to fix such things.
  4. Thanks for the replies. The car was my pride and joy for 7 years , owned from 65,000. I agree taking it off the road was the worst thing to do . Now stranded at in-laws it is! If it was on my drive I'd have a better chance of getting it sorted . I love driving it , especially with the extra soundproofing added. My daily is a trusty Mazda 6 , but there's no emotion. My priority needs to be getting the brakes looked at or having ago myself. How fuc**d do things get when left standing for 16 months?
  5. My 45 has been sat idle for 16 months since the brakes failed causing total fluid loss I recently discovered some additional corrosion - the sills also need welding near the jacking points. Mileage is 124,500 and the cambelt is due too. New tyres all round too needed. Externally it's in lovely condition and had lots of extras fitted . Beautiful car to drive when it was working. I've been quoted around £900-1100 to get it order.
  6. My 2.0 petrol 2007 Mazda 6 is on a 146,000. Feels like it will do 200,000 easily. Original clutch and exhaust. How long can clutches last on these sorts of cars ?
  7. I'm starting to feel that way. It's been a lovely car for the last 8 years , but our 207 Mazda 6 2.0 petrol feels like safer more capable car , it still feels tight after 140,000. Eventually it'll need replacing so I'm probably best to save the money for that , rather than throw it at the 45.
  8. Maybe I should just scrap it . There's a long list of jobs that need doing. Caliper , discs , pads , CV joint , sill welding , rear silencer , 2 tyres , air con regas , cambelt and failed caliper I suspect. 125,000 miles . Cosmetically the body work is excellent for a 18 year old car. I've been quoted around £900 for the work. Ideally also needs clutch slave and master but I have those in the garage. Time is an issue for me now , work , kids etc... Head gasket was done at 55,000 miles.
  9. My Rover 45 has been sat outside for 6 months , with little or no brake fluid in it after suffering a brake failure. What likely damage will the cause , if any ?
  10. My 45 is 18 years old and has covered 124,000 miles . If I spent 800 quid getting it back on the road perhaps it could give me another 50,000 miles . It has already been welded though and needs more - thus puts me off slightly. Is it worth spending the money? My Mazda 6 is 12 years old , covered 140,000 and feels like it would do 200,000 easily. It will also need welding soon. I'm quite happy to spend a few hundred a year to keep it going rather than spend 5000-8000 on somethung newer .
  11. Can do if you want. I have a lot of parts that need fitting before it needs stitching up. Nothing too much for a mobile mechanic I suppose. I need to diagnose the break failure first .
  12. I think Al is mobile too. Car is currently at parents but I would get it transported to my own house to do the work or a garage .
  13. I've used Al before . I can highly recommend him.
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