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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I have used Al before , he was brilliant. Very tidy job he did. I miss having a Rover to drive. I've had one since passing in 2003 when i was 18. I just don't get the same feeling driving other more competent cars !
  2. Well it's nearly July and it's still sat there. I've been working during lockdown so haven't had time to do anything. Having been browsing eBay etc... For a road going replacement , nothing has come up. Like someone said , taking it off the road was the worst thing to do. Both inner arches need welding it seems too. That said , the external bodywork is pretty much immaculate, it's a gorgeous car . Now things are up and running , I ought to get a few quotes. Anyone in or near Leicester fancy the work ?
  3. A friend of mine bought a 30,000 example and that needed welding too. Had the 25 been outside?
  4. Thanks for the replies. My gold 45 has been sat for 2 years outside and has covered 125,000 miles. Smells abit mouldy now too .
  5. Please don't get me sectioned .... I'd pay around £1500 if it was mint . It is 60iles away mind so not sure I can be bothered. I do love 45's though. My current one is decomposing on in laws drive , needs lots of work though.
  6. Thanks for the replies. It's £2100 ! So over odds . I paid £1200 for a 65,000 mile example 10 years ago .
  7. Morning all , I thinking of buying a low mileage Rover 45 that has covered 14,000 . It's a 2003 model that has a FSH. Mot'd every year so has been left standing. Can buying a low mileage car be a bad idea ? I'm intending on using as a daily driver. I bought a 27,000 mile R8 214 once that 13 years old at the time which threw up no issues other than needing a new back box and lamba sensor.
  8. Difficult to do yourself ? never done one before.
  9. Decided to have ago at getting it back on the road myself . I will need to get it trailerd to.my place first and start in the brakes. Then I'll look at getting it welded somewhere. Hopefully it's not s brake line.
  10. Once I get I trailered to my house i can diagnose the brake issue and attempt to fix it. That way it's then in a better state to get it welded up if it trailed elsewhere. Washer pump has stopped working so I'll need to see to that too - a garage will charge silly money to fix such things.
  11. Thanks for the replies. The car was my pride and joy for 7 years , owned from 65,000. I agree taking it off the road was the worst thing to do . Now stranded at in-laws it is! If it was on my drive I'd have a better chance of getting it sorted . I love driving it , especially with the extra soundproofing added. My daily is a trusty Mazda 6 , but there's no emotion. My priority needs to be getting the brakes looked at or having ago myself. How fuc**d do things get when left standing for 16 months?
  12. My 45 has been sat idle for 16 months since the brakes failed causing total fluid loss I recently discovered some additional corrosion - the sills also need welding near the jacking points. Mileage is 124,500 and the cambelt is due too. New tyres all round too needed. Externally it's in lovely condition and had lots of extras fitted . Beautiful car to drive when it was working. I've been quoted around £900-1100 to get it order.
  13. My 2.0 petrol 2007 Mazda 6 is on a 146,000. Feels like it will do 200,000 easily. Original clutch and exhaust. How long can clutches last on these sorts of cars ?
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