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  1. After owning numerous cars it seems to me that a high number of owners usually signals its a rather shite unloved motor . Poked from pillar to post with no love in between . So do we have any high owner heaps on there . For example This is on 7 separate owners in 8 locations
  2. Have fun with that , same model as mine , mine was built in S Africa !!!
  3. WOW , Didnt think something that old looking was still available in 1992
  4. Daimler built and registered in 1990 ?? , did they make these this late ??
  5. Ive got two - and yes pathetic in the light giving department , popular with the Scooter crowd which is why they is expensive
  6. https://www.hagerty.co.uk/articles/maintenance-and-gear/dvlas-dos-and-donts-the-risks-of-modifying-your-classic-car/?fbclid=IwAR1hC7RlY1TFb3F0QOAlVEke-PTyt0k4AgVSJftVxYzgHQIA3MIyqcd-HKQ#comment-40544
  7. Wellers are great wheels , got these later style ones on this . Top job on the welding
  8. My first car was a Stiletto , bought for £60 in 1980
  9. Thats terrible news at any time let alone now , life can be brutal
  10. Il need a sex change - then I can be Beyonce
  11. Well this has got another years ticket but not without a fair list of advisories , rear tyres are Monarch and only 3 years old , not worried about these however the rusty bits are a worry . Think this its last year , run it til the MOT runs oot then its scrap time
  12. Commer Cob name was used on the Minx based ones , it was dropped on the Imp , just called a Commer Imp van , late ones were Hillman Imp van
  13. I can tell you its not mine , I do know Its a Commer Imp van that someone cut side windows into , then the panels which were kept were refitted using rubber screen seals . Mine is also a Commer Imp van and has had the side windows added sometime before 1974 which are still there
  14. Uber rare van on the left , uber posh car and plate on the right
  15. Well I knew about Studebaker Larks - and the Wagonair estate version - what I didnt know was the roof at the rear retracts into the front half to make a pick up . How feckin cool is that
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