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  1. Looks great , nice wheels as well , they are great when they work
  2. What a top read , i thought my W203 Merc was complicated - this is like a spaceship in its complexity - hat doffed at your skills Sir
  3. Im a 60s or 70s car lover , easy to fix and generally reliable , no unfixable computer problems , however the downside is galloping rot . I currently have two Imps - a 65 Singer Chamois and a 66 Imp van . For ten years or so my daily was an 86 E30 318i , reliable but that galloping rot ate it alive and by the time i sold it it needed every panel replacing and a full respray. So i bought a rot free Merc - an 06 C180K with no history whatsoever, so now theres no grot to worry about , It seems these have hit bottom dollar so i thought lets see what posh people use . So now all ive
  4. And is this trying to suck the planet in through the front grill
  5. Renault 12 wanky offset rear plate to accommodate the fuel filler
  6. Not car tyres but Bicycle . Surely DAE YUNG ( I read as die young ) takes a prize
  7. Fitted , dead easy and took 35 minutes to do both , in typical Autoshite fashion i used the top parts of the old ones with still decent bushes as exhaust pipe hangers for my Imps > PS coolant leak is no more 😃
  8. Ive spend 3000 pennies on a pair of these - bet the old ones put up a fight though
  9. Ive had an annoying clunk clunk from the NSR for about a year and today i found it , drop link is toast . Weird how it passed two MOTs like it
  10. I think shes died , Connie something or other
  11. Still working although twice its changed the time to some meaningless one , goes back a few hours , date changes to 2003 as well - weird
  12. Well its still alive , failed MOT on CO which turned out to be the back box falling off , Merc wanted two kidneys and a lung but got a pattern part for £150 . Then we had a coolant leak which took forever to trace to a crappy plastic pipe on the back of the head , its one bolt , one clip , one hose and an O ring fit , with access its a 10 minute job - took me three feekin hours and a very scratched hand come the finish . Still it seems to be leak free at long last Next !!!!!!!!!! Suppose to look like this Mine was a tad knackered , and what is it with these spring
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