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  1. YAY Another C180K waftmobile on here , stored codes arnt important AFAIK , Its the current ones you need to look at , often a right good ragging clears things up , mine had a sticky rattly lifter , read up on horror stories and nigh on shat myself then a mate said rag it one and it will sort itself out - sure enough it did . you can buy proper MAF cleaner so that might be a shout . Also read up on the chain issue and felt like i needed therapy afterwards - its been fine though . poor idle or pulsing idle is deffo an air leak , had that too
  2. Its a dying art but not dead , I work for an electrical rewinders and we do tonnes of stuff for the military , plus old car stuff going right back to the 20s , yeh we rewind almost zero mains motors nowadays ( cheap Chinese inports killed that off ) but anything rare / not available new or just plain obsolete still gets done . Plus I rewind all the bits for my 60s cars - starter , wiper motor plus upgrade alternators --- we are still about
  3. Dad had one of these - Datson 180B bluebird - DYA 845T IIRC , Learnt to drive in it
  4. Well i sorted it by sawing the head off the bolts , took an hour a side with just a blade and a proper handle for it , A right bastard to get the nuts on tother side but it does prove its do able without dropping the subframe . Like an idiot i forgot to take a pic with the wheel off so just poked the camera in the general direction . Also a pic of the lower one ive changed
  5. Back on it . The advisories did say " all rear suspension components corroded " so thought id take a peak . Sure enough its all a bucket of rot , subframes not bad just surface rust but all the control arms , camber arms and all the other arms are rotten looking with nasty lookin bushes fitted - heck its got more arms than Shiva . So you can get the kits cheapish enough so ive ordered some bits . There is a massive issue on fitting one though ( well two if you count both sides ) . You see MB decided to fit one bolt tother way around so said bolt wont come out as it hits the bodywork. Apparently its a subframe drop job --- All for ONE bolt 🤔 No feekin way am i doing that - il hatch a plan - hopefully involving a hacksaw Pic isnt the one on my car but it shows the " issue "
  6. Well in utter madness ive had yet another MOT done 5 months early so my stepson can use it and i know its safe for him . Needed two lower control arm thingies and 4 tyres . still it will live another 12 months at least ( unless said stepson borks it one )
  7. My 86 E30 318i did ten years with almost zero care towards it on my part , only sold as every panel was rotten , it is being fully restored by its new owner , So go 80s for BMW if you want a totally reliable rot box
  8. OOOF , Another C180K - Il be watching
  9. Cheap old Merc - possibly the most expensive car you will ever buy Especially with no service history whatsoever and tinternet bringing up tails of woe by the tonne for petrol 4 pots Still i dived in and was rewarded with a host of issues among which were Crank sensor , can magnets leaking oil , dash that half failed , leaking gearbox oil cooler pipes which resulted in the need for a rad as well , some other random pipes , serpentine belt tensioner exploded and the last MOT saying it needs more bushes than Kew Gardens . Is it a joy to drive - YES Has it been reliable - well now it is until the next grenading bit of plastic that is Pros - absolute luxury - well for me anyhoo Conns - expensive if bits go tits up , early ones are water soluble so facelift on only are the better ones
  10. I know i really shouldnt but i like that
  11. On mine the actual plug was iffy and needed a wiggle to get it working , same symptom , gauge cluster just vanished
  12. Why thank you , strangely its been the most reliable car weve ever had , who said buying a car from a scrapyard was a bad idea , done about 200,000 miles in it since 91 - best £50 I ever spent
  13. It was a Commer Imp van , i never put the side windows or rear seat in though as that was done in the 70s , fronts off a scrapped orange Stiletto as the original was rotten . Colour now is original - Bermuda Blue although some dough head troweled on Caribbean blue wiv a white roof back in the day
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