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  1. Here hare some from today.....all from around North Devon... Escort was superb.... The old geezer in the Polo was lovely and had owned it from new...
  2. What with the animalistic attitude of the over militarised filth and the media frenzy, its no wonder he shot himself. Those Germanic looking population-lice helmets freak me out. Also could'nt help noticing on the news the coppers milling about in the background trying to look hard just looked thick as pigshit.....
  3. The black car is a Riley IIRC.... Heres a couple more... This Escort has been left outside on an industrial estate for a couple of weeks now, I'm staggered it has'nt been stolen..... Taken from Leboncoin, love the Ford sticker on this Pug... Some more.... Mad Max style Capri looked awful, but sounded fab... Super tidy Fiesta at five in the morning....
  4. God they're wringing out this negotiation malarkey, how do you negotiate with a man like that...."Fancy a pint....?...Cup of tea....? Fresh shells...?" Fucked if I know.... Richard that avatar is class
  5. And he's got Minty from Eastenders next to him....
  6. Been watching it on the news and they've released some still photos of the rozzers in action......is it me or does the picture of the copper with the tazer making an overtly aggressive face look like a bit of a tit....?
  7. With bits of broken jetwash trailing from the open rear door.....?
  8. We have some breaking news live from Wakefield where a man believed to be Dan Hirst has gone berserk with what is thought to be a jet-wash gun. Un confirmed reports suggest he has a variety of resources at his disposal including several old Japanese cars in various states of dis-repair. The authorities are warning residents to stay indoors and on no account should they approach him as he is believed to be reeking of Brut, and is in a slightly bad mood. We'll have more on this story as it unfolds, now for the weather....
  9. Warren Ts avatar has had me chuckling every time it scrolls past....brilliant
  10. Great news about the Datsun, hope its ok. Dont some banger tracks offer awards for the rarest car etc....? I cant help thinking that might have been mateys angle.....cant we all pile into a minibus and go round his house and jump-lead his testicles....just for the crack like...
  11. Two that spring to mind if you have a sore bum.... ....red tea towel holder... or... "I've got a bum like a Japanese flag" or for a lady who might have been around the block a bit... "pissflaps like two day old kebab meat" My mate at work who is Irish said he was snogging a hoooor and she had breath like Kit-e-kat....
  12. Justread through this thread and my piss is boiling.....bastards
  13. Cracking pics I'll take the Capri in the first shot please.....
  14. Will do AR....heres the rest.... Thats all for now folks
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