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  1. What could possibly go wrong ? Gulp
  2. Hello everyone , Iv just started a new job over in Castleford and at the mo im living in Wakefield (Horbury) . The problem is its costing me £50 - £60 in petrol a week in the Pugalo just to get there and back !!I dont wanna sell the pug as its needed for carting the family about and being used as a pick-up truck too, So i thought about getting a little moped just for getting to work and stuff ? Iv been on direct gov site and they reckon if i got my car licence before 2001 i dont need to do a CBT test for a 50cc so assuming thats right i wanna buy a ped .Iv looked ont ebay and you can pick one up for about 2-300 quid but tbh they`re all far easten imports and are prob death traps ? So does anyone here have some kind of two wheeled contraption for sale cheap ? prefere somert 80`s - 90`s kind of thing with a bit of something about it ( what happened to all the billy wizs and kawasaki AR 50`s ect ) and what are those ones that look like a ZX Spectrum on wheels iv seen on here ?? Any ideas people ?? Cheers James.
  3. Im not even sure myself but i like it !
  4. That is seriously nice, iv never seen one before either. could almost be lancia/alfa from the front ?. Good work mate
  5. Always wanted one of these, when i was growing up our neighbour had a white one and i used to sneak down there drive to have a look at it .Shame iv been told im not allowed any more cars on the inlaws garden
  6. If it was a Vauxhall it`d be dead by now !!
  7. Oh rubbish, if id known id av come over in the Pug !! Where was the meet at?
  8. TFR is Amarzin stuff for interiors just soak a rag with it and rub away, then wipe down with a clean cloth. Job jobbed.
  9. You keep a can of easy start in the drivers door pocket.you keep the jump leads in the boot.The battery isnt bolted down and the terminals are "push fit" for quick release.Failing that you park facing down hill for one man bump starts.when your pasenger gets out you shout "DOOR" as you dont have CLwhen stuck in traffic you wish it was a cold day.when filling with petrol you cant squeeze the trigger to max flow because it will end in a human fireball or at least your trousers will stink of petrol all day.You arrive at work with oily fingers.
  10. OOH thats nice and only 20 miles from me but ive already had a warning from the inlaws about getting their drive back now the Midgets gone !!
  11. Very nice one, i always wanted one but somehow ended up with a 5 gtl/x ? the five door with the 1.7. But it was a bit slow for a 1.7 tbh so it went.Also would like an mk1 Uno turbo
  12. We have an 08 Fiesta 1.25 but i dont drive it because its boring, but to be fair its now done 16,000 miles without its first service and hasnt broken yet !To be honest we`re hoping someone pinches it or sets it on fire, not easy paying for it now im only working part time !!Ill stick to my 205
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