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  1. I've logged quite a few miles driving these. A few bits to add: [*]Design is by a man named Peter Schreyer. Kia poached him from Audi just a few years ago. [*]In the States there's an optional model with a 250bhp turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine. It's shockingly quick. Also, definite futureshite status.
  2. Right price, looks tidy enough. What's not to like? I always liked the look of these. Tried a 106 GTI onceâ€â€really ticked me off we have such restrictive import laws to the States or I'd snap one up.
  3. Thanks! From the look of it, he hasn't had to deal with buying any spares.
  4. I am fanatic for that Talbot Alpine. Would have left a note on the windscreen asking if a sale could be arranged. Or if I might just pop by and bring lunch in exchange for a test drive.
  5. I moved! Now I live in the Boston area. Horrible, just horrible automotive community. Credit bad weather and risk-averse populace. This is a typical sight: That would be Honda, Honda, Toyota, Toyota, Subaru, Honda. So, these pics are from various travels. Locations noted in captions. Enjoy! Daily driver 968 on my street: Lovely Maser QP, rotting away at mechanic's shop in NY: In NY area a few months ago: A mate in Michigan bought a Honda Beat. They were never sold in North America, but this one was imported to Canada (any car can be registered there once it's 15 years old; the rule in the States is that it has to be 25) and he has registered it there. Lunatic nutter I saw in Manhattan with a blue Citroen CX has gone and bought this, as well: Nissan NX, spotted in Boston. Hadn't seen one in ages: Bit of a classic, really. Seen in Boston: Also in Boston. Less of a classic: Pity this didn't come out so well. It's a Laforza SUV. Designed in 1980s, based on a Yank truck, """"""""Italian"""""""" interior, designed by the guy who did the Detomaso Pantera. In California, unlike most of the rest of the U.S., lovely old things like these are still daily drivers. BMW 8-series cabrio was never sold. Aftermarket conversion. Dreadful. So I like it. ur-Sprinter. Spotted in Austria: 100000000% guaranteed futureshite. Fisker Karma. The Bay Bridge in San Francisco is long and very dangerous, by bridge standards. High speeds, many curves. Futureshite. Originally sold in the States as a Saturn Vue, it's the car you know as the Vauxhall Antara. Saturn was shuttered, and this was just relaunched here under its international name, Chevrolet Captiva. Bonus: It's only sold to fleets. We don't have fleets like the UK does where every repman gets a repmobile. Here, fleet means government and rental companies and electric companies etc. I really loathe hybrids: Hello, Chevette! (Michigan): Michigan airport carpark: Here in Boston. I love that the side mirror is collapsing. Must go back and take a pic without the snow. These are uber rare in the States now. Like, I see one every few years. I don't even know what to say: And last of all, my lass's shite! 10-year old Volvo. TURBO five for the loss. Guzzles petrol, electronics on the fritz. Did I mention unnecessary AWD? Transmission is going, also. But hey, it's got the most comfortable leather seats.
  6. Your 345 is seriously cool. Welcome!
  7. Top spots! Thanks!
  8. I penned two articles on cars from North Korea and Iran, and thought you blokes might enjoy having a look through. Plenty o' shite. http://www.caranddriver.com/features/10 ... ea-feature http://www.caranddriver.com/features/10 ... an-feature
  9. I suppose it's a bit obvious for me that there are loads of Euro cars I'd love to own but never will, because they can't be imported to the States. But I want an Alfa 166 something fierce. Anyway, of what's for sale in the States: Mk III Golf 5-door. They're not actually very common here, and finding one that's clean enough is nigh on impossible. MkIV Jetta with the VR6. I really like these but they're all over 100k miles now and the repair costs for the electronics have scared me off. Volvo 850R First gen Acura Legend. Nice V-6 power, not a big behemoth like later Legends, available manual trans Cadillac Eldorado. Because a front-drive 275-hp V-8 is so sensible. Nice cushy interior though. A first-gen Mazda MX-5 1.8. Lovely top-down motoring but just too boring. Eagle Vision TSi. These are surprisingly good to drive, and they are clones of the first Dodge Intrepid/Chrysler Concorde. But the Eagle has an optional 214-bhp V-6 and a manumatic gearbox. Cool backstory on these, as the LH platform they used had a longitudinally mounted engine but they were front drive. The origin goes to Renault's ownership of American Motors Corporation, when it provided AMC with the platform from the Renault 21. 1997-2001 Honda Prelude. Razor-sharp steering and handling, and SH was quick, too. But they've all been modded to death, or if you find a clean stock one, too expensive.
  10. I meant to mention that the pickup is a Lincoln Mark LT, a rebadged Ford F-150 sold very, very briefly. It was adequate as a truck (it's just a Ford with a different logo) but they were obscenely expensive and are quite rare. By Yank standards, it's unquestionable futureshite.
  11. Chrysler Crossfire SRT6 - that means Merc AMG engine We only got the 190E with the actual 1.9-liter engine very briefly here My mate Mark bought this '72 Grand Prix. It's vile up close. And from afar.
  12. I'll find you one if you like. Even put it in a shipping crate. Of course, there'd have to be some kind of wire transfer ...
  13. Thanks so much, Watanabe! Citroens were imported here into the 80s, by individual importers. In the late 1980s, the grey market became much tighter, and a particular company was bringing XMs up to federal standards for importation. After that, the rules closed up completely and bringing a car into the U.S. that's 24 years old or younger is basically impossible. As for the Yank tanks, ugh. You've ever driven any? Just awful to pilot, and impossible to live with. Not to mention, our petrol is now up to 72p/l. I know this would be laughably cheap for you guys, but when a GM land yacht is getting 10 UK mpg, it's still obscene. Now that winter is beginning to recede here, there will be lots more tat on the streets. I'll do my best to update regularly!
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